The Redo of a Healing Magician – Volume 02 – Epilogue

The next day, we left the inn after enjoying our breakfast in the dining room and started heading to the national border. The night before, I had returned Setsuna and Freya to our room first, and continued getting information at the tavern, since it’s easier to mix in by myself. As I thought, the rumor that the Dioral Kingdom was planning an expedition to Buranikka had quite a high degree of accuracy. If a merchant that trades across the country didn’t have good ears, they would immediately fall into ruin. Merchants find out if a rumor is real by checking the flow of goods and the market price; it’s impossible to hide a large-scale expedition against a merchant.

I anew my determination to go to Buranikka. However, there was one piece of information that I couldn’t help but be curious of. It was a story that popped out of some casual chatting, about how the military force lead by the demon king had appeared far in the west. While doing so, they discovered the outward appearance of a demon that called himself the demon king, and he was a demon-type, horned, big man with unbelievably gigantic coated wings. He’s completely different to the demon king I know. The demon king I defeated in the first world should have been a beautiful fallen angel with black wings and silver hair.

No matter how much history has changed because of my actions, there is no way the demon king will turn into an angel from a demon. Possibly… was the position of the demon king taken over somewhere? For the 5 years I fought with the demon king, I can understand it if the demon giant was taken over by the fallen angel at some point in time.

If so, one of my prerequisites has changed. I was under the impression that being a demon king was innate, because unlike human kings, demon kings have absolute power and a characteristic of having their heart turned into a philosopher’s stone that other demons don’t have. If that assumption is correct, it means that demons can transform into the demon king by receiving some kind of reaction. … If I was just talking from that possibility, it also means that it wouldn’t be weird if the already out of the norm demons all changed one day.

“Well, if they were able to do that, mankind would have already been destroyed long ago.” (Kearuga)

And there are other things that are on my mind. Where is the silver haired, fallen angel demon king that I knew? If she actually did take over his position, as an ordinary demon, she has to be somewhere. One of my objectives is to reunite with the demon king, but it should be hard in my current situation.

“You are thinking of difficult things again.” (Freya)

While I was sunk in thought, Freya began talking to me.

“Just a bit. To save the world, there are various things I have to think about after all.” (Kearuga)

Although I don’t take action to save the world, the actions I take to become happy should result in saving the world.

“Thinking about things is important as well, but please relax from time to time. You will become unable to see things you could normally see. Look, we have lovely weather today with a beautiful blue sky. It would be a loss to not see it.” (Freya)
“True, seems we’re being sent a blessing for our new trip.” (Kearuga)

No matter how sugar coated it is, my destination is hell for everyone except me. A lot of blood and tears will probably flow down, and yet, the weather right now feels good.

“Sniff-sniff, it’s the smell of rain. We should hurry, because it will probably begin to rain by the evening. Let’s quickly find a place to camp.” (Setsuna)

Setsuna sniffs with her nose while saying that.

“No way, the weather is this good right now.” (Freya)
“Setsuna’s nose is more accurate than Freya’s eyes.” (Setsuna)

As Freya said, all we can see is a cloudless blue sky; there’s no way we would think rain would fall from now. However…

“Let’s trust Setsuna. We should hurry a bit and try to cover more distance so that we can set up camp ahead of time.” (Kearuga)
“As expected of Kearuga-sama. You are reasonable.” (Setsuna)

It’s because of my trust and her achievements. Using this way of doing things, Setsuna’s predictions have never missed, and besides, I know. I know that human life and weather are both terribly arbitrary. The next moment after you think you’re going well, you drop head first into hell. Because I know that, I am never negligent.

In any case, my body is light. It’s because I refreshed myself after becoming considerably excited yesterday. When I killed the saint inside of me, my sexual desire began to increase. After I fought for my life, I wanted to ascertain the existence of life. The best way to experience that is sex. Because I was too intense, Freya had fainted midway though.

“Well then, let’s go.” (Kearuga)
“Yes!” (Freya)
“Nn.” (Setsuna)

As a 3, we passed through the national border; they easily let us through after we showed them our pass. By tomorrow, a messenger would probably turn up to start the blockade, but the information still hasn’t reached here today. I have now gone outside of the Dioral Kingdom. Starting from today, a new journey is going to begin.

~??? Point of View~

“This time you failed the execution? How incompetent is this country’s army… to think the soldiers and knights would all be massacred, letting Keare, the hero of healing who nonchalantly appeared escape.”

The younger sister princess was receiving a report about the execution of the villagers from the hero of healing’s village from her male subordinate.

That result was the worst of the worse. They escaped after getting in a good hit. That was an intolerable disgrace to the younger sister princess. The tan-skinned big man was in dogeza. She kicked him again and again to relief her stress and cool her head. It was her hobby, as well as a ceremony to calm her fury and make correct judgement.

“Furthermore, that trash had survived and betrayed us. Was she tempted by the hero of healing? Was she brainwashed? Either way, she’s a disgrace to the royal family.” (Imouto Princess)

The younger sister princess sneers. Her elder sister who she thought was trash seemed to have gotten tired of exposing her incompetence and became an enemy.

She was terribly delightful, as she now had an excuse to torture and torment her older sister with her own hands. For the younger sister, that is sweeter than anything else in the world. Because of her elder sister’s misconduct, a rebellion sprung forth in Ranalitta which seemed like it would spread to the other villages and towns. Although troublesome, dealing with it is simple.

By mobilizing the demons she is raising, she can just attack villages and towns with the monsters they control. Once that happens, whether they picked a fight with the kingdom or not, that foolish lot will cling to the kingdom asking to be saved. The first time, she will brush them off saying they will not save rebels. But when they are cornered to the very limit and ask for a negotiation again, she will send soldiers to resolve the problem under the conditions that they swear obedience. After the place has been calmed down, she will make the troops permanently stay there, saying it’s for upholding public order and also use that as an excuse to raise tax. Once that happens, they are hers; she can press them hard as much as she wants. Even though they would have forcibly plucked the sprouts of rebellion, it’s perfect because the situation wouldn’t let them make any complaints.

This is one of her specialty patterns that the younger sister princess had thought of and repeated many times. The demons are convenient, and there are no races more socially undesirably than them. Nevertheless, there are side effects too. The villages and towns temporarily impoverish, leading to lower productivity, and even raising the tax rates is useless. However, livestock that don’t do as they are told have to be knocked off their feet so that they can listen. They better suffer as much as possible.

“Princess. Considering the situation is like this, should we cancel that plan?”

John, the big man with black skin, asked her a question while having his head trampled on. ‘That plan’ is the plan to purify Buranikka, the town where demons, humans and demi-humans live equally. They had prepared various things to utterly destroy that revolting town.

Destroying the town controlled by demons connects to her own fame, and it also serves as a lesson to the people spreading the principle of equality, a way of thinking that is filled with madness. Furthermore, the demons will be massacred, the demi-humans will become pets, and humans also have various effective ways of being used. It was supposed to be a fun hunting game with plenty of profit.

“I will not change the plan. Purging the members of the rebellion with demons has already been put into a manual which means they can do it without me, and if we use her ‘normally’, she should be able to progress if it is left to her. How much troublesome procedures do they think I had to do to make the necessary arrangements for destroying Buranikka, which is in another country?” (Imouto Princess)

When the younger sister princess says normal, it’s one of her greatest compliments. The younger sister princess has someone she can entrust for house-sitting, besides, finally the time has come for harvesting, There’s no way she can stand someone interrupting this fun hunting game.

“However, if your highness is absent, having that holy woman as our opponent is” (John)
“… persistent. In the first place, you are making light of purging Buranikka right?” (Imouto Princess)

The younger sister princess lets out a long sigh. It seems even John who she thought was less of a trash than most seriously thought she was destroying Buranikka for fun.

“Listen, there is no way a successful practice of demons and humans coexisting can be forgiven. By just existing, the moral law of eradicating demons which the Dioral Kingdom put up will be doubted. Demons are such cruel people. Even if I say they are scary, a~ll my arguments will be defeated by『But Buranikka is doing well』. Therefore, that place has to be destroyed at all costs so that I can make it known that『Everyone from the world, look; just as I thought, coexistence with the demons was impossible after all.』After destroying that town, we can brainwash the humans living there and spread rumors of how they were given poor treatment from the demons in Buranikka!” (Imouto Princess)

It was publicly declared that this subjugation towards Buranikka is to save the brainwashed humans from the demons’ control, but the one who is actually going to brainwash them is the Dioral Kingdom. The younger sister princess thinks efficiency is number one; although she likes the jobs that make her feel good, by no means would she work for free.

“My mind did not function that well. My deepest apologies.” (John)
“It is fine. I do not expect anything from you apart from not breaking after being stepped on. At any rate… the hero of healing might not be trash. This time was my complete defeat. Even though I thought he would easily be caught. However, from this incident, I know what kind of person you are. I will not fail anymore.” (Imouto Princess)

The younger sister princess doesn’t trust other people’s words; she only trusts their abilities and behavior. She collected all the information related to the actions that the hero of healing, Keare, took in that incident, and bared her opponent’s character. Her high accuracy when doing so is one of the primary factors as to why she’s called the genius of strategy. Keare comes to her mind.

“A hedonist who does not believe in anyone apart from himself. His personal principle is to always decide on his feelings, not about loss or gain, but he becomes an extreme realist during the implementation phase, taking the opportunity to get profit as well. He thoroughly prepares to do fun things, removing the anxiety factor, chooses what he can do and calmly implements it. The troublesome type. On top of not being able to predict what they will do, when they need to take action, they come at you with a plan with no gaps. At one glance, he looks mad, but he is actually not a lunatic. If he was mad, he would not be able to take such systematic actions. Rather, he may enjoy being conscious that he is mad.” (Imouto Princess)

Her prediction of the man called Keare was quite close to the actual person. However, there is one portion that she cannot understand no matter what. What stimulates him? She arranged all the information of him ever since he was brought along to the castle.

It’s not weird if he resents the royal family. However, just from that, would a naive boy who used to pick apples in the countryside warp that much? Although she got information about him from the villagers, it was all the same; kind, hard worker, indecisive and easygoing. Only those types of words came out. Since he was young, he had an optimistic dream of『saving the world after becoming a worthy hero so that no more children like me get their parents killed and become lonely.』It does not bear the slightest resemblance to him right now who just acts violently. In the first place, why does he possess this much knowledge, judgment and technique? There is no way he could have been born with it.

“If he had continued to act the whole time he was in the village, he would be a genuine psychopath. Well, I guess it would be futile to think about it. After all, we will properly meet straight away anyways.” (Imouto Princess)

If the words my elder sister uttered at the Coliseum – that she is going to seriously fight against the kingdom – is true, then there is no way she would not appear in front of the kingdom’s leader. So that the younger princess can prepare for that battle as well, the younger princess will enjoy this hunting game to release the stress she accumulated for it.

This time, the younger princess will take the hero of the sword with her after skillfully deceiving her. That was what she decided on. Although the opponents are demons, a hero will just become excess war potential, and no matter how well she deceives her and takes her along, it will bring displeasure. It seems better to stop her reasoning, but the back of her neck strangely frizzles when she think about it. The younger sister princess can’t disobey her sixth sense. She reinforces her war potential by believing in her intuition.

“Now, John, we will go hunting. We better thoroughly do it after all.” (Imouto Princess)

It is an easy job. The younger sister princess thinks that she is the hunter, and is on the side which one-sidedly hunts the other side. She still doesn’t know that the genuine psychopath she recognized as an enemy snuck into her hunting grounds.

Authors Note: Today marks the end of volume 2! Volume 3 will start from next time. The stage is set in the town where demons and humans coexist! The vanished demon king, the hero of the sword who drew near unnoticed and the younger sister princess. Please look forward to it!

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