The Redo of a Healing Magician – Volume 03 – Epilogue

Five people are inside an extravagant carriage that’s equipped with soundproofing. One of them is me, another is【Hawk Eye】, who is strong enough to be called one of the three great men, and two others are elite guard knights. And then, the last person is the Dioral Kingdom’s second princess, princess Norn.

However,【Hawk Eye】and the guard knights have stopped breathing, and thanks to the poison needle that I drove inside of princess Norn’s throat, she can’t call for help. In short, from here on out I can do as I please. Now, there’s no longer any need to disguise as the messenger soldier. Releasing the【Transformation Heal】, I take Kearu’s appearance.

“Well, I guess I should once again introduce myself. I am the hero of【Healing】, Kearu. The person who had everything stolen by you guys.” (Kearuga)

I smile at her. Since I’m going to be together with princess Norn for a long time, the first impression is important. I made the best smiling face I could. Despite that, princess Norn shows a frightened face. How rude.

“With what purpose did you do such things!” (Norn)

The volume is small because of the poison needle, but I somehow caught her words by enhancing my sense of hearing.

“I had a friend in Buranikka. He’s a demon merchant called Caruman, and he was a good guy. He drank a lot of alcohol, and we talked about our dreams together. He was laughing while saying his dream was to someday open a shop in a bigger human town, and I was also rooting for his dream to come true.” (Kearuga)

This town is a town where humans and demons coexist. Even among them, Caruman firmly believed that humans and demons can become one with the bond called profit. And he was also the demon that loved humans more than anyone else.

“I-, I don’t understand the meaning.” (Norn)
“That Caruman was killed.” (Kearuga)

Caruman died. Without being able to fulfil his dream, his life ended as the owner of a small shop in Buranikka.

“That’s right! Princess Norn, it’s because of the war that you caused!!” (Kearuga)

Saying that, I threaten her. Princess Norn stands up from the splendid throne that has been prepared in the carriage and tries to run away in a panic, but she gets thrown off balance and falls. As she is, she advances on all fours, but I’m not so stupid to let her escape. Making her face up by grabbing the scruff of her neck, I straddle her body.

“Hey, tell me. Why did my close friend have to die?” (Kearuga)
“N-, no way, you, are you doing such an outrageous thing for just one demon?” (Norn) (TL Note: She uses the measuring word for animals when she says ‘just one demon’.)

Norn says that with an astonished voice. Just one demon you say!?

“Don’t fuck with me! What do you think people’s lives are!” (Kearuga)

I unintentionally smacked her. Training is necessary for this young girl that doesn’t understand the importance of life.

“Each person has dreams, hopes and a future. Life is a treasure that’s more important than anything else! And you said ‘just one’!? Despite killing my close friend, you’re even going to make fun of it! I absolutely can’t forgive you!” (Kearuga)

Probably because it was her first time being shouted at, tears were floating on princess Norn’s eyes. No matter how much of a strategical genius she is, if she’s held down by a man like this, she’s just a brat.

“S-, sorry. I will apologize, I will apologize. Forgive me, I will give you anything. So please, don’t kill me.” (Norn)
“Is it scary!? Is unreasonable violence scary!? The demons who were attacked because of you surely felt like how you’re feeling right now. But you mercilessly killed them. Of course there’s no way I could forgive you.” (Kearuga)
“Hi-, sorry, sorry, sorry.” (Norn)

So all she’s going to do is apologize huh. This is why children are troublesome. Does she really think she will be forgiven if she cries?

Well, it’s fine. For now, I’ll just give her a light punishment. I slowly place my hands on princess Norn’s neck. This is just the appetizer. I’ll have her taste the fear of death. I tighten her air duct.

“A-, a-, a-.” (Norn)

Princess Norn struggles, but as a powerless young girl, she can’t do anything.Her expression warps from the despair of her death approaching. That’s quite a lovely expression; I unintentionally got an erection. And then, her consciousness falls with her resistance in vain. Here, the appetizer has finished. The real thing will slowly happen after I kidnap her.

“It’s about time another messenger should come. I guess I should quickly go home.” (Kearuga)

I use【Transformation Heal】to change into【Hawk Eye’s】appearance, and even pack princess Norn into a jute bag I had brought in to kidnap her. All that’s left is to escape. Before that though.

“【Imitation Heal】.” (Kearuga)

I used【Imitation Heal】to obtain princess Norn’s abilities and memories. Hou, she unexpectedly possesses a rare ability. That’s not all. I also found out that she assaulted my village and gave the suggestion to kill my first love.

“As I thought, she was Anna-san’s enemy. I definitely can’t forgive her.” (Kearuga)

A double revenge bonus has been decided. I can’t even forgive her about Caruman, but she even did that to Anna-san. … I guess I have no choice but to make her atone for it by showing her hell, and then making her my toy (pet) for the rest of her life. And then…

“I see, so you liked Flare huh.” (Kearuga)

In Flare’s memories, princess Norn was always harassing her. However, that was no more than reverse goodwill. She wanted her to care for her because she loves her.

Princess Norn learnt strategy and political strength because that’s all she had. Unlike her elder sister, as someone who didn’t have anything, she had no choice but to polish something with great effort to enter her sister’s field of vision. For princess Norn who is a powerless girl without any talent in magic to make that come true, she continued painfully putting endeavouring because she thought that’s all she has.

She even begged her father to bring the best teachers there are, and that was possible because of her tenacity. … However, in the end, she was hated by Flare. How pitiful.

“Be relieved, princess Norn. If you are by my side, you can get along with Flare; as an obedient meat slave though. Ahyahyahyahya.” (Kearuga)

Yeah, what a good guy I am for mediating the sisters’ relationship.

After that, the war ended in Buranikka’s one-sided victory. For the Dioral Kingdom troops whose morale plummeted because of princess Flare’s speech, had their physical condition disordered by the poison I prepared and even had their highest commanding officer kidnaped in the middle of the battle, there was no way they could decently continue fighting.

There were a great number of injured people, so they retreated. From this time’s expedition, the Dioral Kingdom has received a large loss, so they should be quiet for a while.

Of course, their princess Norn search unit is probably being formed, but that kind of thing is still cute. The battle has finished, so the residents of Buranikka have changed into a victory celebration mode.

The humans and demons who fought together embrace each other and put up beer mugs. Their scars are big, but those scars will someday recover. And if you ask what I’m doing…

“Freya, that appearance also suits you.” (Kearuga)
“Woof!” (Freya)

After returning Setsuna and Eve to the inn, Freya and I have come to the basement I made for today’s sake. Of course, it’s to take revenge on princess Norn. I have to dispel Caruman and Anna-san’s regret.

Both of princess Norn’s hands have been bounded by a chain and she is hanging from the heavens. She’s at a height where she can just barely touch the ground if she stretches her toes. And then, Freya is in her underwear while having princess Flare’s appearance and has attached toy dog ears and tail to herself. It’s quite laughable and cute.

I want to regularly do it, but Setsuna gets angry while saying it’s unpleasant because it seems like she’s being made fun of, so I don’t use them except for chances like this. Well then, it’s about time princess Norn should wake up. Princess Norn moves her body, and then opens her eyes.

“Th-, this is.” (Norn)
“Good morning, princess Norn. Since it’s a bother, I’ll teach you from the start. You were kidnapped by me. This is a basement where your voice won’t reach anywhere else. Because you were kidnapped, the Dioral Kingdom troops had a crushing defeat and retreated. No one will come to help you.” (Kearuga)
“No way, that’s a lie.” (Norn)
“It’s the truth. And for me, this is my revenge. My friend was killed, and my birthplace was stolen because of you. I’ll be straight. After this, I’m going to play with you by tormenting you. Be pleased not just because it hurts but because it feels good as well.” (Kearuga)

I make an indecent smile. By nature, sadistic expressions don’t suit me because of my lovely smiling face, but I’m trying hard to make that kind of smile. It seems the effect is outstanding on princess Norn. Her face is visibly turning pale.

“That’s a lie. That kind of thing is a lie.” (Norn)
“It’s not a lie. But you know, because I’m kind, I’m thinking of making it a game. I’ll let you escape if you win the game, and I could still let you out even if you don’t take the game. Well you would be naked then and greatly appeal that you’re this time’s ringleader in front of the demons, so you are going to be thrown in anyways. It seems like it will be more brutal and enjoyable than my revenge.” (Kearuga)

That’s fine as well, since I feel it might be bad to monopolize the woman that is hated by many people.

“Decide within ten seconds. Whether you will accept the game here, or be presented to the demons.” (Kearuga)

Princess Norn opens her eyes widely, and her body trembles. Well either way, she must know that it won’t be anything decent. She is quite agitated. She hasn’t even noticed the dog Flare that’s right in front of her eyes. I unaffectedly continue the countdown.

“Three, two, one…” (Kearuga)
“I accept it! I accept that game.” (Norn)

Well, it’s the answer I expected. Okay, I’ll explain the game.

“Ku~n, ku~n.” (Freya)

However, there is a hindrance. It’s dog Flare. Since before, she has been rubbing her cheeks on my crotch and my butt. Although there’s no helping it because I made her drink a specially made potion that makes her sexually excited, it’s a bit irritating. Furthermore, I also made her drink a potion that clouds her consciousness. When she wakes up, Freya will probably think that what happened today is a dream or something.

“Flare-anesama! Exactly what are you!” (Norn)
“Ku~n, ku~n.” (Freya)

She continues making a miserable animal cry. Her younger sister’s voice doesn’t reach Flare. She doesn’t have the time for that since she’s engrossed with begging me, and in the first place, princess Norn has been erased from Flare’s memories. While letting her do what she wants, I somehow start the explanation of the game.

“The rule of the game is simple.” (Kearuga)

Saying that, I tear up princess Norn’s dress. She’s immature, but white skin that shows promise is exposed. Princess Norn glares at me with teary eyes. I undo the chains of the heavens with magic, and princess Norn sits down with a thump. I don’t undo her handcuffs, but she can move to a certain extent.

“I’ll have you play with dog Flare from now. Dog Flare is a lewd female dog, so it’s difficult to keep her company.” (Kearuga)

When I stroke dog Flare’s head, she narrows her eyes. Yes, good good.

“Therefore, I’m thinking of having her play with you. Flare, if you want me that much, make that woman cum. Just use your tongue, like a dog. If you properly make her orgasm, I’ll give you plenty of love.” (Kearuga)
“Woof!” (Freya)

Dog Flare hangs over Norn.

“Kyaaa, Flare-anesama, stop, recover your sanity.” (Norn)
“Woof woof!” (Freya)

Flare will attack princess Norn anytime soon. Even though I haven’t finished explaining the game rules.

“Wait! Not yet. Good girl. … The game’s contents are simple. If you don’t cum until the morning, it’s your win. If you do cum though, I’ll give dog Flare plenty of love on top of you and show it to you. After that, I’ll also give you love. You’re happy right? After all, you’re going to be licked by your elder sister that you love and given love together!!” (Kearuga)

By just imagining it, I’m getting aroused. A younger sister that’s violated by her elder sister whose then shown here elder sister showing her foolishness in front of her eyes, and she will then be deflowered by the same man her elder sister was. That’s quite romantic.

“No way, that’s cruel.” (Norn)
“And once everything finishes, you will forget everything like that dog Flare and become my pet. It will be fun, since tomorrow you will put on dog ears and rub your cheeks against me like an idiot while begging. Now, if you don’t want that to happen, you’ll have to desperately endure. Unlike you guys, I’m a man who keeps his promises. If you endure it, I’ll let you escape. Now then, the explanation is over. Flare!” (Kearuga)
“Woof!” (Freya)

Now, I said until the morning, but she won’t last that long. I’ll be inspecting their sisterly love plenty. Flare and Norn. Since they are the most beautiful sisters in the world for their appearance…

Ahh, I feel refreshed. As I thought, a sister donburi is great. It has a unique sense of immorality. Both of them raised lovely voices many times. The hearts of the sisters that had disagreed became one. Well, it wasn’t just their hearts that became one.

“Ahh, I’ve done such a good thing.” (Kearuga)

Flare fainted on top of princess Norn from being teased too much, and princess Norn’s eyes are blank.

“Now, it will be your last moment being called princess Norn. I’m going to erase your memories from now. When you awaken, you will just be my slave that can’t remember anything. Do you have any last words to say?” (Kearuga)

As a kind person, I began talking to her in her final moments. Light dwells within princess Norn’s eyes that were blank. And then, she averts her face and lets out a tiny voice.

“Go to hell.” (Norn)
“Ahyahyahyahyahyahyahya, that’s ni~ce. Onii-san loves that kind of bravado.” (Kearuga)

Ahh, that’s interesting. Oh yeah, I’ll brainwash her into a meek younger sister that calls me onii-sama the next time she wakes up. That seems the most enjoyable.

“Good night, princess Norn. For eternity.” (Kearuga)

Putting my hand on princess Norn’s head, I use【Transformation Heal】. Due to the holy light I’m bestowing to her, the wicked and self-centered princess Norn disappears, being reborn as a pure and friendly younger sister. From now on, these sisters can live happily together.

While chanting【Transformation Heal】, I laugh loudly. I can’t help my anticipation to the reborn Norn.

With this, I will have a new toy (pet). Caruman and Anna-san who are in heaven are surely pleased by this. While holding the fainted Freya and Norn in my arms, I return to the inn. I should also introduce her to Setsuna and Eve as a new comrade. We will have a welcome party tonight, so it will be a feast. By the time I realize, my steps have become lighter. Yeah, I feel really good after doing nice things. It seems like today’s meal will be much tastier.

Author’s Note: This concludes the third volume. I  am very happy to receive this much ratings! The paperback book will be released by Kadokawa Sneaker on the first of July! The reservations have already started.

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