The Redo of a Healing Magician – Volume 03 – Prologue

After exiting the national border, we continued our trip while aiming for Buranikka. Since Setsuna said it will rain, we better make our camp ahead of time.

“Kearuga-sama, I have a matter I want to consult with you. When we arrive at the new town, could you buy me a staff?” (Freya)
“Sure. There should be good staves being sold in Buranikka, but did your staff break or something?” (Kearuga)
“It seems my staff gets damaged when I use my full power, so my current staff is at the limit.” (Freya)
“Well that’s no good. If your magic went out of control, a disaster would happen.” (Kearuga)

The fact that a normal staff is being used for the hero of magic’s power itself is a problem. I want to get my hands on a good staff one way or another. I will buy the best one without being stingy, and then improve it with my alchemist knowledge and ability. Although it will take too long to make it from scratch, it won’t take too long if I’m just improving it.

“Could you pass your current staff to me? I should at least be able to give it some temporary repairs.” (Kearuga)
“As expected of Kearuga-sama!” (Freya)

Receiving Freya’s staff, I confirm it. It certainly is in a poor condition; I should quickly give it some simple repairs. Since Freya started talking about her staff, I remembered something.

I want【Divine Arms】.【Divine Arms】is the strongest weapon that only heroes can handle. (TL Note: Arms meaning weapon arms, not literal arms)

The word ‘divine’ in there is not just for show, as it is not something made by a human. Similarly to how there can only be 10 heroes in the world, only ten of these【Divine Arms】exists in the world. Since ancient times, it has been inherited and valuably stored away.

The appearance is that of a jewel, but the moment a hero equips it, a contract is formed and it changes to a suitable form for that hero. In the first world, the【Divine Arms】was provided to the 3 heroes, sword, gun and magic, but I wasn’t given one. This was not harassment, but it was because the Dioral Kingdom and the countries it controls had only retained 3.

The 2-handed sword decorated with jewels, divine sword Ragnarok. Turning mana into bullets, it spits them out. The silver cannon, divine gun Tathlum. The divine staff created from the world tree, Vanargand. They are all extraordinarily strong weapons. If I equip the【Divine Arms】jewel, I wonder exactly what type of weapon it would become.

“Freya, Setsuna, what weapon do you think would suit me?” (Kearuga)

On a whim, I decided to ask them. Since I couldn’t quite think of a weapon that would suit me, I wanted to hear the opinion from the people close to me.

“I think a sword suits Kearuga-sama.” (Setsuna)
“Yes, I think that a light, single edged sword that places importance in sharpness and is easy to rotate would suit Kearuga-sama.” (Freya)

Their responses weren’t interesting at all. Since I copied the【Sword Saint】’s abilities, I mainly used a sword, which is probably why the impression of a sword is strong. However, that is a borrowed technique; my true nature is actually far off. Normally, a healing magician should actually be holding a staff.

Even without a staff, magic is still able to be used, but gathering mana to use magic without a staff is difficult and the magic formula can easily be strained. As a result, the deployment speed, magic accuracy and magic efficiency remarkably fall.

“Thanks. I’ll use it for reference.” (Kearuga)

For the time being, I say my thanks. As someone who copies other people’s abilities with an out of the norm【Recovery Heal】, there is no point in thinking like a proper healing magician. For this reason, I am unnecessarily curious about what the【Divine Arms】will turn into when I equip it.

Now I want to get my hands on it no matter what. I can only think of 2 methods to obtain it.

The first one is to sneak into the Dioral Kingdom castle and steal it from the treasury. I know that the Dioral Kingdom only has one【Divine Arms】jewel, so if princess Flare had already made a contract with it, it would be useless.

And the second one is to steal it from another hero. In that situation, I would have to kill the owner.

As long as the owner is alive, the【Divine Arms】does not revert back to a jewel. If princess Flare had made a contract with it, the reason why I said there’s no point is because I don’t want a new toy so badly that I’m fine with losing Freya. I don’t know if the hero of the gun already owns his【Divine Arms】, but the hero of the sword definitely owns one. If an opportunity to take revenge comes, then I will quickly kill her and steal it. Please, I wish that that shitty lesbian has ended as a human in this world too.

“Kearuga-sama, you’re making a face that’s thinking of something bad.” (Setsuna)
“It’s not something bad, it’s something I love.” (Kearuga)

It would be boring just to take revenge The hero of the sword might actually be quite a good person; not only will she let me take revenge on her, to think she would even offer the best weapon to me. Once I have finished gathering information in Buranikka, I will seriously go and meet her. That shitty lesbian is probably pretending to be the gender she loathes, male, and fishing for woman somewhere.

Once we finished setting up our tent in an open area in the forest, the rain almost simultaneously started to fall.

“Great work Setsuna. If you didn’t tell me, it would have been bad.” (Kearuga)
“Nn. The ice wolf race’s intuition is perceptive. This much is a piece of cake.” (Setsuna)

Setsuna triumphantly snorts with her nose. When I stroke her head, her eyes delightfully narrow.

“At any rate, this is some terrific rain. We won’t be able to leave our tent like this.” (Freya)
“True, it’s harsh that we can’t use fire either.” (Kearuga)

Even though I work hard to eat delicious things, we can’t light a fire inside the tent. I chew on the tough baked bread and dried meat.

“Freya, give me some water.” (Kearuga)
“Yes, here you go.” (Freya)

After pouring the water she made with water magic into her flask, Freya poured it into a cup and gave it to me. Thanks to Freya, who can use all attributes, being with us on this trip, it had been quite easy. Clean water can be prepared whenever, and starting a fire is also easy. It’s unexpectedly quite hard to gain clean water without magic.

“Kearuga-sama, there’s one thing I’m curious about. The Dioral Kingdom should be the most southern country which faces the demon’s territory. And yet, why is there a foreign town further south than the Dioral Kingdom?” (Setsuna)

Setsuna question is natural. Normally, something like that shouldn’t exist.

“To say the truth, Buranikka is actually a town that was abandoned a long time ago.” (Kearuga)
“Abandoned?” (Setsuna)
“In the olden days, the southern part and the Dioral Kingdom wasn’t actually unified. There were many small countries and there were many demi-human countries too. At that time, there was a demon offensive movement and the humans made a line of defense. That was the previous position of the Dioral Kingdom’s national border.” (Kearuga)
“So they didn’t plan on protecting the towns outside the defensive line” (Setsuna)
“That’s right. Well, by preparing that defensive line, they were able to repel the demons invasion. After that, the Dioral Kingdom absorbed all the countries crowding together by force and the southern part became part of the Dioral Kingdom. However, Buranikka, which is on the other side of the wall, was actually safe and the Dioral Kingdom learnt that they were coexisting with the demons. In front of the southern unity, Buranikka declared they were not part of the Dioral Kingdom, but instead in the Buranta Empire colony, and as a result, the Buranta Empire colony still exists like scattered landholdings.” (Kearuga)

Various miracles had piled up on top of each other. If Buranikka had been inside the defensive line, it would have been dragged into the Dioral Kingdom’s southern unity. The fact that they were abandoned, and yet were able to coexist with the demons by themselves can’t be called anything but a miracle.

“It’s a bit complicated.” (Setsuna)
“That makes it all the more interesting though. There’s too much I don’t know about demons, so if I go there, I think I will learn various things.” (Kearuga)

I especially want to know how the demon king is chosen. Meeting the silver haired fallen angel is also one of my objectives. I want to chase after that trace, and although I only have faint hope, there’s no place more suitable than there.

“Setsuna’s a bit excited. Besides, apparently there are many strong monsters in the demon’s territory. Setsuna will defeat a lot and raise my level. Setsuna will become stronger. So that Setsuna can stand next to Kearuga-sama.” (Setsuna)

Setsuna put power into her fist; that positive attitude gives me a good impression of her.

“Of course, I also plan to do that! After all, for the sake of Kearuga-sama’s trip of justice, you need us to work hard!” (Freya)

It seems like Freya also has plenty of eagerness.

“I’ll rely on you two. Although there are many dangers in the demon territory, we can become overwhelmingly strong.” (Kearuga)

As Setsuna said, the number and quality of monsters is completely different to the monsters inside the national border. Above all, there is a large variety. For us who can raise our talent values by【Purifying】monsters to eat, the chance of meeting a variety of different monsters is high. By defeating a lot to raise our levels, we will eat a lot to become stronger. That being said, we’re in this rain; monster hunting will have to start from tomorrow.

“Kearuga-sama, we can’t go outside in this rain. So… please make love to me.” (Setsuna)

Setsuna leans coquettishly against me.

“Ahh, Setsuna-chan, getting a head start is unfair. I also want it.” (Freya)

Freya also grabs my hand.

“I’ve got no choice. Today I’ll make love to you guys for the whole day.” (Kearuga)

They are my cute pets. I will give them love to my heart’s content.

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