The Redo of a Healing Magician – Volume 04 – Prologue

This morning feels good. After waking up,  I open the curtains to look outside, and the town is still making a clamor.

The victory celebration party that started yesterday after they drove away the Dioral Kingdom troops is still continuing. It’s quite a pleasant spectacle to see. A beautiful girl that’s around twelve or thirteen with white wolf ears and wolf tail is leaning on my body.

“Kearuga-sama, this morning was weak…” (Setsuna)
“Sorry Setsuna. I tried too hard yesterday. I’ll give you enough love later today, so forgive me.” (Kearuga)

Saying that, I embrace and kiss her, making Setsuna’s eyes intoxicated. I became too engrossed with the sister donburi after obtaining princess Norn, so I shot out everything. The idea of piling the beautiful sisters on top of each other was quite good.

“Nn. Excited for it.” (Setsuna)
“Leave it to me.” (Kearuga)

I should eat plenty of meat for breakfast. Freya and Norn feel good, but I think I have the best affinity with Setsuna.

Not only am I seeking pleasure, but I also want to raise Setsuna’s level limit. Right now, Setsuna’s level limit has almost reached thirty.

In proportion to the demihumans’ excellent talent values, they have a characteristic of having low level limits, but even among demi-humans, Setsuna had a considerably low level limit.

Her current level limit of thirty is a bit higher than the standard for demi-humans, and compared to humans, you could say that level is common. Since she had uncommon talent values and a natural intuition from the start, as long as the opponent isn’t exceptional, she shouldn’t lose anymore.

“Kearuga, who’s the girl you brought along yesterday?” (Eve)

After my love affair with Setsuna finished, Eve asks me a question once I finally take my face out of the futon. She’s a black haired beautiful girl with black wings. Her age is around the same as Setsuna. She is a demon king candidate, and is also my employee.

“Ah, that girl is…” (Kearuga)

I had subtly changed Norn’s face. Princess Norn is a celebrity. I can’t just take her with me without change, so I made her cuter to fit my taste while also leaving traces of her old face. Thanks to that, Eve hasn’t noticed she’s the girl that was giving a speech, telling everyone to kill the demons.

“She’s my younger sister that I had been separated from for a long time.” (Kearuga)
“That’s a joke right?” (Eve)
“It’s the truth. I never would have thought I could meet with her again. I coincidentally found her yesterday and picked her up.” (Kearuga)

Since I wanted a younger sister, I told her the setting. I wanted to be called onii-chan at least once.

That sort of play seems like it would fire me up. Eve is looking at me with doubtful eyes, but she more or less believed me. No, she just gave up huh. Incidentally, Setsuna quickly accepted it, since to Setsuna, I am her everything, so whatever I say is the truth to her.

That sleeping pet who is being talked about shakes. Right now, princess Norn is sleeping in the same bed as Freya. I let them sleep in the same bed yesterday after they fainted. What a kind person I am to let the sisters get along with each other. Princess Norn opens her eyes, and raises her body. A beautiful girl with silky, cherry blossom coloured hair and white porcelain-like skin that is still undeveloped, but shows promise.

“Where is this place?” (Norn)

To make her my property (toy), I have completely wiped her memories. Although she has general common knowledge and information to some extent, she can’t remember her own name nor that she was the Dioral Kingdom’s princess. Well then, I should finish up her personality to make it into my liking.

“You woke up! I’m so glad! I’m really glad!” (Kearuga)

Like that, I embrace her.

“Kya-, what are you.” (Norn)
“Do you not remember, I’m your older brother Kearuga.” (Kearuga)
“You are my older brother?” (Norn)
“Yeah. We were separated a long time ago, but I coincidentally found you collapsed in this town. I’m glad you woke up. Oou, my lovely younger sister!” (Kearuga)

Even though I’m saying it myself, I think it’s messy. Well, I’m going to use drugs and brainwashing techniques anyways, so anything works.

“I’m sorry, I can’t remember anything.” (Norn)
“It’s okay. Even from just meeting you again like this… let’s slowly talk over there while drinking tea.” (Kearuga)

Like that, I hold her shoulder. Norn’s shoulder trembles with a start. It seems she’s afraid of me. To think she would take that kind of attitude to her beloved older brother, it seems I need to educate her.

“*Munyamunya, ah, good morning Kearuga-sama.” (Freya) (TL Note: Mumbling.)
“Good morning Freya.” (Kearuga)

Freya has also gotten out of bed. She’s a beautiful girl in her mid teens with pink hair and an erotic figure who is a former princess.

“I have a slight headache.” (Freya)
“No need to push yourself, you can sleep for a bit longer. Various things finished, so it’s fine to take it easy today.” (Kearuga)

The cause of Freya’s headache is the drug I made to turn Freya into dog Flare yesterday. To keep the effect of clouding her memories, I purposely didn’t use【Recovery Heal】. If she properly remembers what happened yesterday, Freya’s loyalty towards me might drop. Freya, who had forgotten herself and became dog Flare from the drug that made her sexually excited, violated her younger sister in plenty. Watching her extremely intense licking made me laugh enough to twist my stomach.

“Well then, I will take you up on your offer and sleep a bit more.” (Freya)
“That will be good. So, let’s talk as just brother and sister.” (Kearuga)
“Yes, I want to remember things about myself.” (Norn)

While tightly squeezing the sheets, princess Norn says that. I smile, guide her to another room and make black tea.

It’s a specially made black tea. I warm up a special potion that uses plenty of dangerous herbs and extract the herb components. Furthermore, I prepare an incense that clouds her awareness. Apart from that, I should also prepare tools for hypnotism. Busy, busy.

And then, we had a worthwhile discussion for two hours. Yeah, I brainwashed her well. It’s quite convenient to be an alchemist in times like this.

Princess Norn ‘remembered’ that her name is Ellen and that I’m her older brother. By mistake, I was caught up in the moment and made her have feeling of love towards her true older brother, so it became that kind of relationship. As a result…

“Onii-sama, does it feel good?” (Ellen)
“Yeah, it feels good. You’re a good girl.” (Kearuga)
“My heart goes *kyun when I’m praised by onii-sama. Ellen will persevere.” (Ellen) (TL Note: Kyun is basically a Japanese equivalent when you say “my heart skipped a beat” but in onomatopoeia form.)

While saying that with blank eyes, she is servicing me with utmost effort. It’s irresistible when I think that this was that princess Norn. My own lust for conquest is satisfied.

Ah, not good. Even though I promised Setsuna to give her plenty of love, it doesn’t seem like I can endure. No, I thought of something good.

First of all, I will endure without letting it out even until the end, and then I’ll give her love together with Setsuna at noon. This isn’t just for my sake. It’s for princess Norn’s education! Although she has regained a pure heart thanks to me, a heart of garbage remains inside her that is trying to kill the demons and demi-humans altogether.

To teach her true equality, I’ll give her love together with Setsuna, a demi-human. If she gasps together with a demi-human, she should be able to realize that demi-humans and humans are comrades that aren’t different to each other. Women are all the same on top of the bed. I’ll make them get along with my ‘that’.

It’s scary, my own saint-like behaviour is scary, my lifework is surely a pastor. I’m thinking of seriously changing my occupation.

Also, I have one more aim to this. It’s about Eve, who indulges in masturbation while peeking at our love affairs every time.

If she’s even surpassed by a newcomer, she will become unable to endure it. I want to quick taste Eve. I’m gradually becoming unable to control myself and I might assault her. As a sincere person with a strong sense of justice, I want to avoid that as much as possible.

While thinking about that, I embrace and kiss former princess Norn, Ellen.

“Onii-samaa. I love you.” (Ellen)
“Me too, Ellen.” (Kearuga)

After being kissed by the man she should hate, she shows an ecstatic smile. That’s fine. For you who killed my close friend, Caruman, burnt down my birthplace and killed Anna-san, it’s fine if I use you for the rest of your life. While showing a dark smile in my mind, I play with Norn in plenty, call Setsuna afterwards and happily give them love.

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