The Redo of a Healing Magician – Volume 05 – Epilogue

I defeated demon king Hakuou and read through his memories.
Thinking back on it now, I never understood what kind of existence a demon king is.
Humans only know that a demon king is a person that control demons and monsters, and endangers humans with evil influence.

The demon side shouldn’t be that different either.
They have the surface information of how you gain outrageous strength and the ability to control all demons the moment you turn into a demon king, but no one knows anything further than that.

No, I guess I should be saying it was hidden on purpose.
Who is the source of the demon king’s strength? And, why does that existence give the demon king strength?

Once you start doubting it, it feels suspicious.
Though for suspiciousness, the existence of【Heroes】is the same.
Demon king Hakuou came into contact with this secret.

The Dioral king was not given strength due to the demon king’s power, but through the power of the existence that gives the demon king power.
And then…

Sensing a tremendous swell of mana, I immediately jump to the side.
A mana bullet pierces the place I was at.
After I evaded that, many more followed after me in succession. I continue running, and continue dodging.
As I am now at level 200, I don’t feel the need to even dodge any ordinary attacks, but… I can’t let this attack directly hit me.
I search for the figure of the enemy.
There’s only one person in the world that can【Bombard】with this much power and rapid-fire.

“Hahaha, as expected of my Kearu. Well done defeating the demon king. However, I did tell you that an interference would come.” (Bullet)

The hero of the【Gun】, Bullet, appeared in the demon king’s room while taking along many knights. A dark skinned, skinhead giant.
… Since the black miasma can only give immortality, he shouldn’t have become stronger. And yet, what is this absurd destructive power!?
It can’t even compare to Bullet in the battle against the demon king in the first world.

While dodging the【Gun’s】rain, I look at Setsuna and Kureha. Both of them are being attacked by black knights, and have their hands filled with protecting Freya – who used up all her mana – so they have no room to support me.
I solely continue avoiding.

“What’s wrong, are you just going to run? How boring, Kearu.” (Bullet)

His voice strangely coils about. This bastard, his crotch is swelling while shooting.
Kureha is making an amazing face. If she sees the man she idolized in this kind of appearance, of course she would be surprised.
Kureha calls out to Bullet, but Bullet is either ignoring her on purpose, or can only see me, as he isn’t responding.

“I’m finally starting to see the bullets.” (Kearuga)

While evading, I seized an opportunity. I’ll change to counterattacking soon.
It was just at the moment I thought of that.
Bullet broadly grins, stops shooting at me, and points his muzzle towards Eve. A high pitched sound started reverberating. A charge shot. Overwhelming light comes from the divine gun Tathlum.

Defeating Bullet from this position before he shoots is impossible.
Guren, Eve’s guard, can’t block an attack with that much power either.
There’s only one option.

“Shit-.” (Kearuga)

I have no choice but to protect Eve.
I just barely make it. Eve is my lover, so I can’t just abandon her.

As I ran up to Eve, I changed the allotment of my status by using【Transformation Heal】. Sacrificing attack power and speed, I increased defense and magical power to the limit.
A bold, belt of light is spat out of divine gun Tathlum.
I wring out all the mana from my whole body and make a wall, but the wall gets shaved little by little, then gouging my flesh.

While it’s being gouged, the power of【Automatic Recovery】repairs, no, not even that can catch up.
As my arms, that I used to defend myself, turned into ash, the light ceases, as the divine gun Tathlum ran out of charge.
【Automatic Recovery】caught up. My arms come back.

“Bulleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!” (Kearuga)
“Ahh, my Kearu. Don’t call my name so passionately. It’s giving me an erection. Well, I had it since a while ago though.” (Bullet)

Drawing my sword, I charge while changing my status to emphasize on attack and speed.
It’s straight after he fired a bombardment of that extent. He won’t be able to shoot a decent bombardment. I’ll decide it before his next shot.

This sword is a decoy. By turning his attention to the sword, I’ll make him unable to fight with divine arms Georgios, that can fire【Deterioration Heal】. Even if he’s immortal, it doesn’t matter.
He jumps backwards.
Futile; I’m faster.

No, he didn’t just move back; there’s a dark hole between us. From there, black knights gush forth and spring at me.

“Tch,【Deterioration Heal】.” (Kearuga)

Without caring, I fire【Deterioration Heal】.
To sever transmissions from the nervous system, I crumpled their spinal cords. Even if they’re immortal, they’re helpless if they get cornered in an immobile state.
Although I was able to disable the black knights, Bullet is far in the rear.
He laughs.

“I wanted to play with you for a bit more, Kearu. Our objective has ended, so we are ending here for today. My Kearu. Do you know what this is?” (Bullet)

In his hand, he’s holding a jewel redder than blood.
The demon king’s heart, the【Philosopher’s Stone】.
While Bullet was stalling me with a bombardment, the black knights must have gouged demon king Hakuou’s heart and obtained it.

“Return it, that’s mine!” (Kearuga)

I definitely can’t lose the【Philosopher’s Stone】. I worked this hard to obtain it after all.

“I can’t return it. If you want it no matter what, come to the Dioral castle. Sweet Kearu. I will be waiting for you there.” (Bullet)

Even more black knights get created and rush out, and he also had the divine gun Tathlum at the ready.
It’s not a bombardment. The quality of the light is different. Shit, he’s intending to do ‘that’.

“Everyone, close your eyes and block your ears!” (Kearuga)

I shout.
Setsuna, Kureha, and Freya, who were trying to assist me by repelling the nearby black knights, do as they were told. Guren transformed into her girl form, and blocked Eve’s ears after flattening her kitsune ears.

A bullet of light is fired from divine gun Tathlum, and bursts open.
Loud enough volume to shake the walls, and bright enough light to paint the world white.
It’s a trick he uses often when running.
When I opened my eyes, Bullet and the black knights followers had already disappeared.

“Freya, do you have enough mana to use【Heat Source Detection】?” (Kearuga)
“Yes, just barely. I tried using it. … It was no use. There are no heat sources in the detection range.” (Freya)

He really did it. From the start, their arm was the【Philosopher’s Stone】.
Since they can’t defeat the demon king, they were probably waiting for us to defeat the demon king.

… In the first world, the Dioral king and princess Flare were planning to perform a forbidden spell by using the【Philosopher’s Stone】.
It will be problematic if they use that.
No matter what, I need to take back the【Philosopher’s Stone】.
Once we prepare, we’ll immediately depart towards the Dioral Kingdom.

If what he said at the end about the Dioral castle was a bluff, then it’s quite capable of causing a fatal wound, but I know Bullet’s personality well.
He definitely wouldn’t make such a stupid lie like that.

“For the time being, let’s wait until Eve wakes up.” (Kearuga)

Although few, there are survivors of the demon king, and those guys outside of the city will eventually come back to attack us, so there’s no problem.

Eve became the demon king. As long as Eve wakes up, she can make absolute compliance orders to all demons and monsters.

“Freya, there really aren’t any heat source reactions apart from us in the effective range, right?” (Kearuga)
“I searched all over, but I could not find any.” (Freya)
“I see…” (Kearuga)

… The fact that there are no heat sources apart from us in Freya’s【Heat Source Detection】means that the iron hog tribe that was fighting below was annihilated.
It’s natural to think they were attacked by Bullet and Co while fighting the elite guards. They would be helpless against Bullet.
The people of the iron hog tribe were good people. I might have even been able to call them friends.
However, Bullet killed them.

My heart fills up with hatred.
Even though I already can’t forgive him for stealing the【Philosopher’s Stone】, he even stole my friends’ lives.
I will certainly kill Bullet and the Dioral king, who gave Bullet the order.
Before killing them, I’ll humiliate them and give them the suffering of hell.
Just as he wishes, I will go to the Dioral castle. That is not due to a sense of justice nor a sense of obligation.
… It’s just revenge.

An hour had passed as we rested our bodies in the demon king’s room.
No one has appeared in this room apart from us.
Currently, I’m staring at Eve’s sleeping face.

I treated Eve’s body with【Recovery Heal】, and made her drink a MP recovery potion by mouth to mouth feeding so she can restore her exhausted mana.
It should be about time for her to wake up.
Eve’s eyelids move, and she slowly opens her eyes.

“Kearuga, this place is…” (Eve)
“The demon king’s room. We were waiting for you to wake up here.” (Kearuga)
“Being able to rest in this kind of place means that… we won.” (Eve)
“That’s right. You became the next demon king.” (Kearuga)

Eve slowly looks at the back of her hand.
The demon king crest is engraved on it. Hiding her face with her arms, she sobs.

“We did it. Now the kokuyoku tribe won’t be persecuted anymore. … I can finally gather everyone.” (Eve)

The kokuyoku tribe was persecuted by the demon king, so some made a village, whereas the majority spread up, living while holding their breaths.

Because Eve became the demon king, from the position of being persecuted, they will become a tribe that receives blessings from the demon king.
… Well, there’s a problem with that as well. They will probably spit out all the resentment and hatred they accumulated from living a tough, painful life of being persecuted.

They will probably persecute the tribes that had been persecuting them, and will petition to the demon king, Eve, to do so.

If that isn’t held down, the same thing will just happen again. Next time, a different tribe will kill Eve, who became the demon king, trying to save their comrades.
As a revenger myself, I can understand the feelings of the kokuyoku tribe that wants to clear their resentment, but for Eve’s happiness, I will mercilessly interfere with other people’s revenge.
If not, I would have my hands full with protecting Eve.

“Eve, you better not change.” (Kearuga)
“What is it, all of a sudden.” (Eve)
“It means exactly what I said. Since I like you as you are now, I would be sad if you changed.” (Kearuga)
“You’re being weird, I am myself.” (Eve)

I had read through demon king Hakuou’s memories.
Demon king Hakuou was originally a kind, timid demon that desperately acted strong to protect his own tribe.

However, he sensed himself become more aggressive and cruel by the day. His original self probably wouldn’t have persecuted all of the tribes that received good treatment from the previous demon king.

He became scared of slowly not being himself anymore, and when he started to thoroughly investigate information about demon kings, he ended up learning the truth.

“If you become the demon king, the surroundings and yourself will change. Be careful not to lose sight of yourself.” (Kearuga)
“That’s true. Various people will approach me, so I need to make sure not to get carried along.” (Eve)

Demon king Hakuou’s investigation linked the truth together. An existence called the black god is the source of the demon king’s strength, and the black god wants a soul to become an offering, as well as a body to resurrect itself in the present world.

Pulled by the black god’s conscience, the demon kings become belligerent, become to like ravages of war​, and give souls as offerings to the black god by making countless lives drop.
Not only that, the black god strengthens the demon king so that they can become a vessel for it.
… Once it eventually obtains enough offerings, the black god will descend to the world, occupying the demon king’s body and eats their soul.
That’s the kind of mechanism behind it.

Demon king Hakuou also investigated multiple resisting methods. One of them is to steal an offering the black god collects, and delay its revival.
However, that has an unexpected adverse effect​.
By giving the black god’s polluted offerings to humans and demons, they can turn into immortal monsters. This is the truth behind how the Dioral king makes black knights.
To strongly control demon king Hakuou, who caused a rebellion, it embedded a terminal inside his body. That is the truth behind demon king Hakuou’s immortality; that disgusting fetus.

“Well then, Eve woke up as well, so let’s do it soon.” (Kearuga)

I let out a bright voice. Eve will eventually start being polluted by the black god, and I want to prevent that somehow.
I won’t tell the person herself, and it would only worry her if I told her.

“Do what?” (Eve)
“The demon king’s inauguration greeting.” (Kearuga)

I show a small smile.
I was planning on waiting for the previous demon king’s subordinates, but it’s no use.
There’s a much faster method.
Since this room has no window, I pierce a wall.
And then, I used wind magic. By changing the refractive index of light with wind, I enlarge the target’s appearance in the sky.

Eve darts her eyes about when she sees her appearance showed in the sky.
When I look down, I see the demon king army – that came back from the other towns – pointing their fingers at the sky while shouting something.

“Eve, you have to tell them you became the demon king. I’ll send your voice with wind.” (Kearuga)

Sound is a vibration in the air.
By amplifying it with wind, it can even reach the designated position.

“Eh, wai, wait a minute. Even if you say something like that all of a sudden.” (Eve)
“I’ll start sending your voice in another ten seconds.” (Kearuga)
“Only ten seconds!? Just a bit more.” (Eve)
“Five more seconds.” (Kearuga)

Eve’s appearance that looks likes she’s about to blow a fuse is amusing, so I was about to laugh.
With my fingers, I countdown three, two, one.
Just as I declared, I use magic to send her voice throughout the whole town.

“Eh, umm, I am Eve of the kokuyoku tribe. I defeated the previous demon king, Hakuou. From now on, I am the demon king. Make sure to obey me.” (Eve)

Without any majesty, she’s like Eve from before.
Since she blew her fuse too much, it seems her head couldn’t think of anything other than what she has to say.

I was at the limit of enduring my laughter, so I stop the room projection and amplification.
It was quite amusing.
Looking below, demons are heading to the castle with great haste.
Once they arrive, we’ll inform the whole territory the demon king controls of the birth of a new demon king with a demon king’s absolute compliance order.

“Kearuga, you’re so mean!” (Eve)
“We achieved our objective, so it’s fine. Rather than that, those demons are going to intrude on us in a bit. To flatly reject them, we should start preparing from now.” (Kearuga)

When I say that, she stops complaining to me and desperately thinks with her head.
According to demon king Hakuou’s investigation, the mind corruption pace is faster the weaker your heart is.
Despite her looks, Eve’s heart is strong. She should be fine for a while.
We’ll test various things while we still have time.
I might even be able to restore the changing Eve with【Recovery Heal】.

While Eve is still safe, I will finish my revenge and take back the【Philosopher’s Stone】.
After all, if they try to do the same thing as they were going to do in the first world, even the demons would all be annihilated.

Even without that, this is also my revenge.
Finishing revenge quickly is my policy.
I absolutely can’t forgive people who steal from me.
The hero of the【Gun】, Bullet. Like princess Flare and the hero of the【Sword】, Blade, you injured me even in this world and stole from me.
I’ll make you receive plenty of retribution.

Author’s note: With this, volume five of “Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi” has ended. Next time, it will be volume six, and will move to the Dioral Kingdom.

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