The Redo of a Healing Magician – Volume 06 – Epilogue

Shapes and patterns were drawn all over the floor and walls of the room that was prepared to offer the philosopher’s stone.
That room had the ritual device the Dioral king needed to become the supreme ruler of the world.
I destroyed it until there was nothing left of it.
I didn’t even leave behind any dust. Something like this is unnecessary for my world.

“…… So the black power of the small fry disappears after the foundation is defeated, huh.” (Kearuga)
“Guren is actually surprised too! We’re lucky that we don’t have to clean up! Those guys stink!” (Guren)

The inside of the castle was overflowing with black knights, but they had all collapsed and dried up completely.
The black miasma had disappeared from the people that were afflicted by it.
However, it seems it won’t just be a happy end with those guys going back to normal.

Since the miasma had been a part of them for a long time, their bodies couldn’t exist any more without the miasma.
It seems the Dioral king, who was the foundation of the miasma, didn’t die because my【Recovery Heal】turned him back to normal, but normally, he would’ve just become like these mummy knights in front of me.

We wandered around the castle, but there were only mountains of corpses.
There were a few people who weren’t afflicted by the black miasma, and they were trembling in happiness from being released.
It seems they were forcibly made to look after the black knights.
Freya stands next to me.

“Kearuga-sama, why did you make my face look like this?” (Freya)
“It’s to say that princess Flare came back to save her country. I was thinking of making the survivors of the castle burn that image into their eyes.” (Kearuga)

Just as I was planning, every time Freya, who has Flare’s appearance, says『I have come back to save the Dioral Kingdom from my mad father』, the survivors all prostrate themselves and respect her as if a present world goddess descended.
It seems they had been going through quite a tough lifestyle.
With people like them here, it will be easier to make the new Dioral Kingdom.

“Ellen, I’m thinking of leaving the new Dioral Kingdom to you. We’re all going to stay here for a few days, but you stay here for, let’s see, well, around a month. I’ll definitely come back to get you. Stabilize the political situation until then. And raise a successor so they can stand in even while you are absent.” (Kearuga)

In just one month, reorganize the Dioral Kingdom that has become so worn-out and ruined.
Furthermore, it’s in a situation where a countless number of neighbouring towns resent it.
Thinking about it normally, it should be impossible, but Ellen’s identity is princess Norn. Princess Norn has the ability to do at least that much.

“I will show you I can do it if I have enough authority. Being separated from Kearuga-niisama for a whole month will be tough, but I will definitely accomplish it. …. However, please visit the Dioral Kingdom several times during that month. The champions hero of【Healing】Kearuga and hero of【Magic】princess Flare. Using those two existences is required to rebuild the Dioral Kingdom.” (Ellen)
“Yeah, I’ll contact you when I found out my schedule. Flare and I will go to you.” (Kearuga)

Ellen’s words are quite right.
The Dioral Kingdom itself has no more power to grasp the hearts of the citizens.
Without champions, who will be the idols, nothing can happen.

From start to end, we patrolled the whole castle and then wrote a letter to Buranikka about how we defeated the Dioral king and occupied the castle.
I thought there would be soldiers cooperating with the black knights and some arguments, but because of princess Flare’s existence, everyone easily changed sides to us.

… It’s going just as I thought it would, but I made one big blunder.
Because the black miasma all disappeared, there’s a chance the hero of the【Gun】Bullet died.
Even though I wanted to torment and kill him thoroughly with my own hands.
Thinking about it normally, he probably died while he was on the way to the Dioral castle. Because of that, the【Philosopher’s stone】he had is also missing.
Searching for a stone in this wide world is almost impossible.

“Kearuga-sama, why are you smiling?” (Setsuna)

Setsuna asks me that in wonder.
I was smiling, huh.

“No, it’s nothing.” (Kearuga)

I dodged the question but there actually is a reason why I was smiling.
I’m not completely sure, but I feel like Bullet is still alive even in this situation.

I have a premonition that he won’t die until I kill him, and the【Philosopher’s stone】will properly return to me.

I’ll wait for now.
Waiting is my speciality.
The stage for my revenge will probably be prepared in the near future.

It became busy after that.
People delegated to reorganize the Dioral Kingdom immediately came from Ranalitta.
And with Ellen standing at the top, the Dioral Kingdom seriously started getting rebuilt.

As expected, politics, economics and military affairs were out of my expertise, so I just told Ellen my plans and left the rest to her.
It’s what you call putting the right person in the right place.

Nothing good will come out of an amateur speaking up.
However, even though I’m an amateur, the broken Dioral Kingdom seemed like it was coming back together at an amazing pace.

In reality, the citizens who had evacuated to other places, all started coming back one after the other.
I’m glad I left her as Ellen without killing princess Norn.

After the revival of the Dioral Kingdom, I guess I’ll ask her about what we should do with the demon territory too.
Eve only just became the demon king over there, so it’s rough. Ellen’s wisdom should help.
And then…

“Can we finally leave the Dioral Kingdom?” (Kearuga)
“Our last job has finished after all.” (Freya)

Today is exactly ten days after we defeated the Dioral King.
Normally, commoners can’t enter the Dioral castle, but there are commoners clamouring in the courtyard right now.

And, we purposely changed into battle use clothes rather than gaudy clothing, with the【Divine Arms】in our hands. This way is better if we want to show up as champions.
Freya, who has princess Flare’s appearance, and I go out on the balcony.

The fact that the hero of【Healing】and princess Flare defeated the Dioral king and saved this country, is common knowledge.
However, there’s a meaning behind actually showing the people the appearances of the champions and letting them hear our words.
We show ourselves, and the people already start raising cheers because of that.
Then, Freya went out in front.

“Everyone, because I noticed the darkness hidden in the kingdom, my life was aimed at, so I left the country together with the hero of【Healing】. And then, we gathered cooperators throughout our journey and gained power. … With comrades and power, I returned to the country after hearing that my father showed his real nature, to save this country and above all, the people.” (Freya)

Being moved by princess Flare’s words, there were people who shed tears and people who raised war cries. They had various reactions, but they all accepted it with passion.
As expected, being a beautiful girl is an advantage.
Besides, Freya’s voice is good too. Her voice soaks into their hearts easily.

“I will definitely, take back the Dioral Kingdom that I love. For that sake, everyone, please lend me your power.” (Freya)

She lowers her head.
The citizens respond to that.
What a beautiful scene.
Looking at it from the outside, it’s a perfectly moving tale. Above all, the actor is good.

“… And to rebuild the Dioral Kingdom, we need to continue squeezing out more. The sins need to be atoned for, by the king and the nobles.” (Freya)

Together with her words, soldiers clad in full body armour appeared. They were pulling luggage carriers.
On those luggage carriers, multiple pillars had been set upon them, and naked men were fastened to them.

Because they had such deplorable appearances, the citizens didn’t know who they were for a moment.
However, people who realized gradually started appearing.

Those people were the Dioral king and the big nobles of this country.
It’s natural that the Dioral king has to atone for his sins, so we’re having the others that could cause harm to this country disappear along with him.
So, we made the ones that Ellen decided were harmful insects into war criminals.
Harmful insects are unnecessary for the Dioral Kingdom I picture.

“They are the people that destroyed this country. They are the main causes of everyone’s torment. Let us knock our anger, torment and hatred onto them! So that we can face forwards from tomorrow.” (Freya)

… Although it was rebuilt, the deep hatred, anger and sadness remained in the hearts of the people.
That’s also something unnecessary for the new Dioral kingdom.
So, we’re making them spit it out here.
Revenge is an amusement that’s necessary for living healthy days.
We’re giving the people that chance for revenge.

The soldiers start walking while pulling the load carrying.
They’re going to go one lap around the town from now.
Someone throws a rock.

“Ouch, sto, stop it, I am. Higyah!?” (Proum)

It hits the Dioral king’s head, and he raises a scream. I heard the laughter of someone else.
The soldiers don’t stop them. Then, someone else throws a rock.
In the blink of an eye, a rain of rocks started pouring down on them.
Not only the Dioral king, the nobles scream out their names and statuses to threaten the citizens, but they don’t have their dignity when they’re bound naked.

“Sto-, stop, please stop-, reflect, I am reflecting, forgive me.” (Proum)

The threatening finally changed into begging for their lives, no, apologizing.
People who have never lowered their heads before being disgraced in front of commoners is extremely laughable and pleasant.
However, there’s no way they would stop with that apology.

Within a few minutes, while the nobles all fainted or died, the Dioral king hasn’t fainted yet since he was stronger than the others.
… Normally, the Dioral king wouldn’t feel any pain from the stones, but I moderately tampered with his status.

I made his defensive power low, but I strengthened his vitality and regenerative power.
He’ll receive the pain properly, but he won’t die.
… After all, it wouldn’t be fun if he became at ease immediately. I need to make him have his fill of this disgrace and pain.
As the luggage carriers leave the garden, the people chase after it too.
He’s going to take a full lap around the town while basking in stones and jeers.
Today will probably be the longest day in his life for the Dioral king.
We’ve dealt with the cleanup.
Now we have finished all our work in the Dioral Kingdom.
First I’ll return to the demon territory while gathering information about the hero of the【Gun】, Bullet, and the【Philosopher’s Stone】.
I’m worried about Eve, and more than that, I yearn for her. I’ll have to give her plenty of love.

“The ruler of this world is me.” (Kearuga)

The demon territory and the Dioral Kingdom both move at my will.
You could say that I have control over this world.
I’m looking forward to now on.
I’ll live in a way that’s amusing for me.

Author’s Note: Thank you for always supporting me. Volume six has now ended today. Next chapter will be the start of volume seven.

On the first of April, the Kadokawa Sneaker third volume and the first volume of the manga will come out simultaneously! This time’s one has even better art and contents! Please enjoy the paperback version that has erotic scenes and rape that I can’t write on Narou!

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