The Redo of a Healing Magician – Volume 06 – Prologue

We succeeded in defeating the demon king and making Eve the demon king.
However, the moment we let our guard down, the hero of the【Gun】, Bullet, stole the demon king’s heart, the【Philosopher’s Stone】.

The【Philosopher’s Stone】is a disposable magic tool that tremendously increases the user’s mana.
Its power is terrific, and if I use it, I can use【Recovery Heal】on the world itself, making it possible to turn back time.

I will take it back no matter what. I was supposed to have it as insurance in case I fail, so that I can redo.
The hero of the【Gun】, Bullet, must have some nerve to steal treasure from me.
That’s not his only sin. He killed the iron hog tribe. He stole my treasure, and killed my friends.
I definitely can’t forgive him. I’ll mercilessly and cruelly take revenge.
Once again, I swore that.

“Kearuga, you’re making a grim face again.” (Eve)
“Sorry, I was just thinking about something.” (Kearuga)

Currently, I’m alone with Eve in the demon king’s room inside the demon king castle.
A whole day has already passed since our battle with demon king Hakuou.
There’s a reason to why we have still remained in the demon king castle, even though I need to head to the Dioral Kingdom as soon as possible.

“Geez, make me work as well. I can’t stand being alone and doing nothing!” (Eve)
“Sorry, I’ll be careful… also, how long do you think it will take to prepare that?” (Kearuga)

The reason why I have still remained in the demon king castle, is to secure legs to head to the Dioral Kingdom. There is too much of a distance between here and the Dioral Kingdom.
Even if I make the raptor run at full power, it would probably take more than half a month to get to the Dioral Kingdom.
I can’t accept that.

“According to the report from some time ago, I would say around two or three hours.” (Eve)
“Well done. With the speed of that, we can arrive at the Dioral Kingdom before Bullet.” (Kearuga)

I can’t let him hand the【Philosopher’s Stone】to the Dioral King. Before the hero of the【Gun 】, Bullet, returns to the Dioral Kingdom, I’ll assault the Dioral castle, murder the Dioral king and also destroy their magic ritual device.

And then, I’ll lie in wait for an ambush, killing Bullet as he returns.
With a normal method, our arrival will be late and even catching up to him would be impossible. As expected of someone who led an intelligence force, Bullet understands the importance of moving speed, and will return to the Dioral Kingdom at the fasted speed he can think of.

However, we can borrow the power of this monster. In the demon king army, there was a branch called the dragon knights.
By using dragons as their legs, they could reach overwhelming speeds.
If we ride a dragon and fly in the sky, we can reach Buranikka, where humans and demons co-exist in one day, Ranalitta in the next day, and can even reach the Dioral Kingdom in the third day.
For that sake, Eve was preparing the dragon knights with her authority as a demon king.

“Are you doing fine with having control over them?” (Kearuga)
“Mostly, yeah. I was saved since the people that came back first were all of the commandant class.” (Eve)

A demon king can make orders of absolute compliance to demons and monsters.
With that power, Eve made the enemy commandant recognize that she’s their master, and using their loyalty, she ordered them to summon the demons in key positions that she can’t control.

By doing this, she steadily grasped real power.
Of course, it’s not like all demons have responded to her summons.
There are many that ignored the order and escaped far away.
… To the end, Eve’s power as a demon king is only her own overwhelming power and her orders of absolute compliance after all.
Eve’s position is extremely unstable. To harden that unstable foothold by even a bit, Eve and the persecuted tribes are taking action.

“Kearuga, what’s everyone else doing?” (Eve)

By everyone, she probably means Setsuna and the others.

“Setsuna and the others are resting in a random open room. They were quite exhausted from the demon king battle after all.” (Kearuga)

I healed their injuries with【Recovery Heal】and gave them stamina recovery potions, but I preserved the mana recovery potions that are expensive and hard to obtain.
However, their mental fatigue cannot be dealt with by using magic or medicine, so they are resting to fix their state of health as well.

“You must be tired too, Kearuga. I heard you also worked a lot while I was unconscious, and even after I woke up, you’ve been helping me. You worked yourself quite hard in the battle against demon king Hakuou as well, but are you fine with not resting?” (Eve)
“I’m okay. Our ways of training ourselves are different.” (Kearuga)

I am tired, but it’s not that difficult that I can’t endure it. It’s a dangerous time as Eve just became the demon king. Not only that, Eve would be anxious without having someone next to her.
At least until I leave the demon king castle, I want to protect her and stay by her side. Therefore, I am slightly pushing myself too much.

“Hey, Kearuga. Is it really no good for me to go to the Dioral Kingdom as well? Since I became a lot stronger after becoming the demon king, I’ll definitely be more helpful than before.” (Eve)
“You can’t. For now, you should be preparing the stronghold as fast as possible.” (Kearuga)

This time, all the members except Eve will be going to the Dioral Kingdom.
There are several reasons.
Eve only just became the demon king, so she can’t leave the castle at a time like that. She has to get control over as many demons as possible, and needs to establish her way of ruling as the new demon king. Getting back after failing in the earliest stages will be extremely difficult.
Eve should be pouring her all into her duties as a demon king.

“I understand. … Kearuga, come back no matter what. I definitely won’t forgive you if you go to a human country and stay there without coming back.” (Eve)
“I can promise you. I’ll definitely come back. So, you do your work as well.” (Kearuga)
“Yeah, I’ll try my best. By the time you come back, I will have the demon king territory perfectly managed!” (Eve)

That’s a good reply.
After a while, as I was giving advice to Eve, demons came into the demon king’s room one after the other.
The village where the persecuted tribes gathered, the ones who took leadership there, and the chiefs of every tribe from their original countries.
In that group, there were also people from the kokuyoku tribe who had scattered to various places.

They are going to manage the demon king territory from now.
Eve is smart, and she has received education to some extent.
However, she doesn’t have enough experience. So, they will be deciding meetings about ruling. As expected of the representatives from each tribe, they are experienced and are quick to catch on. Within them, there are people who served the previous, previous demon king as well.

They entered the room, kneeled, and reported to Eve in front of the throne.
Eve, the demon king, isn’t participating in the meeting, and is receiving reports about their investigation results, making the ultimate decision.
After listening to each investigation result, she nods, and accepts.
Afterwards, she received an explanation about the current situation and dissolved the meeting, making the group leave.
Once the door shut, Eve let out a big sigh.

“Fuu, it really does make me nervous. The people that lowered their heads to me are people that are a lot smarter and distinguished people after all.” (Eve)
“I’ll just give you a warning, but you should only accept after properly thinking about it in your mind. If you let your guard down even a little, you will just become a puppet and will let them do as they please.” (Kearuga)
“Uu, but even if they do as they please, it’s a result that smart people came up with after desperately thinking, right? They should be able to come up with a better result than me.” (Eve)

A naive response.
She has mistaken one prerequisite.

“That’s only if everyone’s objective is the same. Your objective is to “save the persecuted tribes and also make a peaceful world,” right? But you know, even if they declare that, their real objective is to “only make my own tribe prosper, and thoroughly exploit the guys who made fun of me until now.” I can even bet on it.” (Kearuga)

I was originally concerned about it, but it turned into conviction after seeing the guys that flew to the demon king castle once they heard Eve actually became the demon king.
Thankfully, they know they can’t achieve their objectives until after demon king Eve arranges a government system, so there’s no problem for now. Rather, they are doing well. However, once the government system starts stabilising, they will immediately start moving to grant their own objectives.

“Okay, I’ll take care. … I can understand their feelings of wanting to get revenge at the guys who persecuted us, but then they would become the same as them, and this time I would be resented by the other demons that weren’t given favourable treatment, so the same thing will happen again. I will stop that. I will ban all of those things while I’m the demon king.” (Eve)
“I see. You’re admirable, Eve.” (Kearuga)

That’s an option I couldn’t chose.
I don’t plan to make fun of her just because she’s different to me, and I even think that kind of option is noble. This is Eve’s kindness and strength.
Rather, I think I’m taking revenge because of my own weakness. … I just had to pick revenge no matter what.
If not, I would have gone mad and died.

In a novel I read in the past, revenge was lifeless. Even if you accomplish it, it was written that nothing remains.
However, I don’t think so. If I hadn’t taken revenge, my life would consist of burning in hatred, withering from tears, and being a living corpse.
And, I certainly haven’t obtained anything that has a physical form through revenge, but I can trample on the people I hate, steal everything from them, and make them beg for their lives. The pleasure in that moment is beyond imagination. It feels so good, that no alcohol nor woman could compare.
I can taste the greatest pleasure. Just from that, there is plenty of meaning to taking revenge. There is no greater amusement than that.
Everyone who tormented me, oppressed me, and stole from me, are all disposable toys that offer me pleasure.

“I am entering, demon king Eve-sama.” (?)

There’s a new visitor in the demon king’s room.
It’s a lizardman that’s wearing knight armour.

“As you requested, we have prepared two of the best flying dragons. There are no flying dragons that have better stamina nor speed than them.” (Lizardman Knight)
“Thank you. Arrange it so that they can fly immediately.” (Eve)
“Yes, certainly.” (Lizardman Knight)

Finally, the thing I wished for came.
Well then, I’ll go call Setsuna and the others.
We can finally depart now.
We’ll reach Buranikka by today, and Ranalitta by tomorrow. And then, the day after that, we will at last enter the Dioral castle.

As I was about to leave the demon king’s room, my sleeve was pulled on.
When I turned around, Eve kissed me.

“Kearuga, I still hadn’t thanked you even after you saved me so many times. I want to thank you a lot more, so you definitely have to come back. I’ll be waiting!” (Eve)

Eve said that with wet eyes and a flushed face.
Even after she became the demon king, Eve will stay as Eve.
And, I want her to stay like that from now.

“I’m looking forward to it. Oh yeah, before I come back, make a subjugation force that’s under the demon king’s direct control… or something like that. It’s convenient if I have a position.” (Kearuga)
“Yeah, I’ll make something like that. … It will probably be a big deal if I give you political power though. But you’re kind, so you will surely become of my assistance.” (Eve)
“Well yeah. Putting it simply, it will be a special agency that can purge without having to do any bothersome procedures. I’ll erase a lot of guys that might become hindrances with my prejudice. Of course, for your sake.” (Kearuga)
“… I can only imagine a future where a lot of amazing things are going to happen.” (Eve)

Eve and I laugh with each other.
Once I defeat Bullet, my revenge will be over.
After that, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to live a peaceful life together with Eve.
It will probably stay as a bloody life for a while, but at the end of that, a gentle daily life is waiting.
The days I’ll spend with Eve, Setsuna, and the others in that gentle daily life are charming.
Parting from Eve, I think about that while heading to the room Setsuna and the others are waiting.

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