You Think It’s Fine to Just Summon Me to Another World? Huh? – Chapter 01

All of You are Unforgivable

The idea of going into a game or manga world, struggling to save it and doing something to that world, sounds irritating and frustating to me.

I have always been like this. Some people might feel empathy to a fiction, but I’m the type that think otherwise. Up until now the world did nothing for me. I wonder why such people exist.

So, anyway..

I, Minafuchi Kaya, Japanese, a high schooler, now can’t understand it anymore.  Whether it’s game world or manga world, it seems like reality.

“Hero from the other world, possessor of strong spirits. Please, protect our God (Tenshi-sama) and the well being of our world”

An old men, who dressed in weird decorative clothing, said that to me who was stunned on some kind of altar. I bit my cheeks and the words came from my lips was obviously.

“Let me tell you this. I don’t care about your world, do it yourself!”

What makes me angrier is that they don’t seem to listen to me. What the hell?

“Well, you seem to be in a bad mood, Guardian of Scarlet Dawn-sama”

A woman said that worriedly to me, who was stuck in a room in a temple on a rocky mountain. I resist the urge to pour the cup that I was holding on the top of her head. I closed my eyes and said

“Ugh.. I think it’s about eight or nine times already but can you PLEASE stop calling me that? Is there something wrong with your memory?”

My words were quite harsh but I ‘m already at my limit. It’s time for this useless conversation topic to end. Anyhow, I had asked her the same thing for about more than seven times already.

“I’m sure I introduced myself properly when we first met. It was right before noon, wasn’t it? Is it that hard to just remember it? I had told you so many times, right? That’s why I beg you please STOP calling me like that. Really, it feels like I am fighting with you. It wouldn’t be weird if I slap you right now”

I speak in a low voice.

It was dusk outside and the birds had gone quiet. Even so, my anger and stress level hasn’t reduced at all. My head hurts and my stress is at it’s peak.

“Umm… but, being Guardian of Scarlet Dawn and to be able to protect Tenshi-sama is very honorable duty”

“I don’t care.  Your god has done nothing to me in the previous world. I have no obligation to protect him. Why should I protect a god like him? I absolutely don’t want to do it”

“But still, it’s a honorable duty. I think it’s worth to serve Tenshi-sama for the rest of your lif-”

“I’m not a slave!”

I cut her words before she could finish. As I clearly had reached my limit, the woman fell silent.

“If you do not want to get beaten up, then get out of my sight. Now!”

The sound of her footstep can be heard as she hurriedly ran away. I finally opened my eyes and grind my teeth in frustation.

I was summoned at that morning.

I was supposed to go for a lunch with my whole family. My independent brother was returning home for holiday so we decided to go to a family restaurant and have some lunch.

It was at that moment. I don’t know what it’s saying but I heard a mysterious voice from somewhere. When I realized, I was transported to this world in a blink of eye.

I was sitting on a kind of altar in a large hall. Ten people were kneeling in front of me for unknown reasons. One of them stood up and speaks to me, who was dumbfounded by the completely unfamiliar sights.

“Human from another world, the priestess of the Blue World, the one who came from the dawn, thank you for coming to us ”

Another world? No, such thing is impossible. Priestess of… what? Dawn? What?

“Our god reigned over this Scarlet World, the world where you lived is called the Blue World. Since this Scarlet World lies next to the Blue World, there may be a little differences from yours.”

Perhaps, at this time my brain had processed the situation at a frightening speed. I managed to understand their words at tremendous momentum.

“The Scarlet world, has finally reached peace thanks to Tenshi-sama’s reign. We thank you for coming here and would like to ask you to protect our God as the Guardian of Scarlet Dawn”

I think my knowledge from manga and anime helped a lot. Whether I believe them or not, at least I managed to understand the story. It seems that I was summoned here to protect their God, which kept this world at peace.

People who spoke before knelled again, then the old man in the middle stood up. These people looked old but this old man looks much older, like the ones you’d find in local retirement home.

“Hero from the other world, possessor of strong spirits. Please, protect our God (Tenshi-sama) and the well being of our world”

The old man approached me, probably pleading sincerely. The voice that he makes sounds extremely painful.

Well, I refused him

“What do I care? It’s your world so do it yourself. I’m not that kind to help you. If you can’t do it yourself then give it up and accept the results”

I coldly spat those words at them.

“That… But-”

“I refuse. There’s nothing to talk anymore. Please ask another person!”

The old men raised their heads and plead to me

“… No please… Please reconsider!”

“No, I won’t do it even if you beg to me.  I have my own circumstances too. Is this a sick joke? This is basically an abduction. A kidnapping. And you still dare to ask for my help? Besides, how long do I have to keep this up? One hour? Two hour? I don’t have the time especially if I have to guard for days. Even if I have the time, I’d still refuse. It’s a guarding job, isn’t it? That job is dangerous. Why do I have to protect an unknown god in an unknown world? I absolutely refuse”

I got angry. Well, since I was kidnapped there’s no need to be polite to the kidnapper, no? Hearing my words, the old men’s faces went pale. I wonder if they realized their wrongdoings.

“It can’t be helped.. Everyone, capture the Guardian of Scarlet Dawn!”

… eh?

By the old man’s signal, tens of people came at once. Of course, I punched, kicked, scratched, and bit my pursuers. But as the number of pursuers keep increasing.

Eventually I was beaten by the sheer number and something hot is pressed on my forehead.

“For now just put a curse on her. Don’t leave a scar. We’ll take her to the Scarlet Dawn Palace”

The burn on my forehead hurts like hell. To me who was living in modern society, it was the most pain I have ever experienced. I screamed to the top of my throat.

Then an emotion boil inside me and escaped my throat

“You bastards are- UNFORGIVABLE!!”

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