You Think It’s Fine to Just Summon Me to Another World? Huh? – Chapter 02

Even If You’re a Child

The maid who I chased out didn’t return. Instead, a little girl and a soldier with a sword came in. The girl was carrying a huge food tray, probably my dinner.

“Esku- Excuse me! I have brought dinner”

A girl, maybe about 8 years old, with high pitched voice tried her best to serve me the meal. The girl carried the tray carefully to not spill the content however, it seems the tray is too heavy for her small body. I can see her hands trembling and her expression distorted from her suffering.

As I saw it, her clothes didn’t seem that bad. It looks like a regular everyday cloth to be worn in public. It has simple design with long sleeves and hem, like ancient clothes. It has dark brown color and her sleeves were laced with silver threads. It only looks European on that part while the whole cloth looks like a hakama.

I turned my eyes on the soldier who was standing two steps behind the girl and frown at me.

“Is there anything you want to say?”

I throw the spiteful question at him and taste my food quietly. I will repeat it again, ever since I came to this world my rage meter hasn’t go down at all. In this state even the soldier’s expression is irritating me.

To begin with, wearing that kind of face is the same as picking a fight with me. I am was kidnapped and forced to do unreasonable work with no compensation. I am clearly the victim here.

“… No… but…”

He shut his mouth and glanced at the girl pitifully. I immediately understood his intention.

“You want me to help her because it’s too heavy, right?”

The girl seems surprised at my words and stares at the soldier.

“If you think so then you should help her”

“I can’t… I was ordered like that from the minister”

“So this girl carrying a heavy tray of food is ordered by that minister as well?”

“…  yes… ”

“Well, that would be this child’s job then. Then why should I help her?”

The man fell silent but glared at me angrily. The girl didn’t understand what happened and stood there frightened.

“If you have any complaints then return me to my world. Really, you guys are disgusting”

Hearing my spiteful words the little girl asked

“Anoo, Guardian of Da-”

“A, stop spouting that name. I don’t want to be addressed with that name. My name is Minafuchi Kaya. Next time you call me, you have to use that name”

I repeat the same thing that I said to the previous maid who ran away. The girl looked troubled and lowered her head, then she asked again.

“Minafuchi-sama, do you dislike your role as a guardian?”

“To be honest, I don’t want to be in this world”

“But, our god is kind and we can have peace under his rule”

“Ha? So what?”

I tilted my head. I can’t understand this girl’s words. I can’t understand the previous maid’s words either but it was because she was praising her god and talking about wonderful things if I serve her god, but this girl is a bit different.

The girl looks puzzled and the soldier behind her made an unreadable expression.

“Well, my previous world is peaceful so I lived there without worry. I have friends and family over there so obviously, serving your God doesn’t compare to my life in that world. So, which part of ‘I don’t want to serve your God’ that you did not understand?”

The girl’s face turned blue. Meanwhile the soldier’s face already passed the color blue and turned pale white instead. I wonder if they understand my feelings. If you understand then spread the story and make them return me to my world.

“N-no.. but Tenshi-sama brings peace to our Scarlet World”

“Un, but nobody knows when this Scarlet World is going to be destroyed”

Besides, even if I go the God shouldn’t have gone anywhere After all, I just arrived here so there shouldn’t be a need for the guardian job up until now. Because I hadn’t stay in this world before, there might be a chance that I wasn’t needed anymore. It’s your world so you have to do something about it yourself. If you can’t do anything then shut up and accept your fate. Don’t bother other people.

The girl was shocked by my words and dropped the tray with a loud clang. The food was scattered all over the carpet, which seem to be high quality.

“What’s going on here?!?”

The patrols outside heard the noise and came into the room. He was stationed outside to prevent me from escaping and breaking the furniture. He looked around the room and pales.

“Erin… You-Did you dropped the Guardian-sama’s food??”

I was sitting behind a table that separating me and the girl and the distance between the girl and the soldier is quite far. There’s no way it can be mistaken that the girl dropped the tray.


The word escaped the girl as the patrol grabbed her arm.

“Come Erin! You must be punished by the minister!”

“Wait a moment, Rohen! Erin, Erin is bad … ….”

The girl plead to me.

“Please forgive me.. Please forgive me, Guardian of Scarlet Dawn-sama!”

While pleading, the girl was dragged outside.

Judging from her expression, the punishment must be quite severe.

“_rgive me… Please forgive me, Guardi-Aah.. Aaaaaaaaaah”

I slowly tilt my head, waiting for her to be finally dragged outside. Her cry echoed in the corridor for a while before it disappeared completely. The soldier who came with her stares angrily.

“… Why…”



He raged. While shouting meaningless things, he drew his sword and charged at me. Unfortunately, colorful sparks spreads along with a loud clash as he struck me. Because of that, the soldier was thrown to the floor and his sword was sent flying. I don’t know what’s going on but everyone who attack me experienced the same thing. Even when I’m surrounded by 20 people, I can’t get hurt. Perhaps it’s because my job as a Guardian, nothing in this world can harm me. Sadly, if the attacker doesn’t intend to harm me, then the protection won’t work. That’s the reason I was caught before.

Hearing another noise, another patrol came into the room and stares at the disaster.

“Ouri, you bastard! You dare to point your sword to Guardian of Scarlet Dawn-sama!”

“Wa-wait.. That’s n- that’s not it.. This bitch.. Erin.. ”

“Do you realize what you did?! This is a rebellion!!”

Like the girl, the soldier was dragged away by the patrols while screaming at me.

I tilt my head like usual and muttered

“Why do I have to forgive you?”

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