You Think It’s Fine to Just Summon Me to Another World? Huh? – Chapter 03

Stop with Your Nosy Attitude

I am really amazed people who took care of people around them. I wonder would happen if those people are on the verge of breaking.

For example, when they cant’ take those stress anymore.

A few maids came and cleaned up the room, then a woman approached me.

“I am sorry for the loud voice, Minafuchi-sama. We had shown disgrace before you. We humbly ask you to forgive our rudeness”

Ah, a smart person. I can’t think any other word for this woman.

Actually, she was not that eye-catching, but she’s still a beautiful woman. She has a nice face. Her long hair was tied up with three beautiful hairpins, the bigger hairpin was reflecting the faint sunlight.

She was wearing red clothes, it was clearly brighter than everyone’s dirt brown clothes and in addition to silver threads, her sleeves was engraved with gold threads creating a delicate pattern that can not be compared to the previous girls.

Given how luxurious this woman looks and the decorations on her hair, I think she’s one of the higher position staff. I just don’t know how high her position is.

For her to call me with my family name instead of the title, have one of them dropped a food tray and the other one attacked me, and apologize for the commotion to smoothly and easily gather information. It’s actually a well-thought plan.

There’s no honesty in that. I can’t understand this world’s people. *shrug*. I don’t want to get involved.

Maa, let’s give her positive answer for now.

“Ah yes, I don’t really mind actually”

I responded politely. The woman smiled and bowed without worry. I sort of like her personality for not speaking needlessly.

“We prepared some meals as hospitality for our God’s guest”

“I am planning to return to my world so don’t bother with the hospitality thingy”

“Yes, but we are supposed to serve you while you are in our God’s temple, Minafuchi-sama. That’s why until you return, we will do our best to treat you well”

Oh nice, not only she didn’t touch the subject about restraining me here, she had observed me and really tried to not anger me.

Not that it works though. On the other hand

“Isn’t it too late to say that?”

As I expected, her smile was not even waning when hearing those spiteful words. .

“You know, I’m pretty disgusted by your flattery. I myself, even if I like being in such a place, it doesn’t mean it’s in within . Treating me as a guest? Just imagine being your guest makes my intestines boil all over again. Why? Because it seems that you guys just kill off 3 random people just to observe my reaction! Do you know that?”

I don’t know what kind of mistakes the girl and soldier’s did before I came to this world, but it certainly adds my irritation. What I don’t know is how the resident of this world would act based on their crime, but it certainly unrelated with my anger.

Even though I told her not to, the little girl who was still shouting that damn title while she was dragged out of the room. Of course she was taken because of her own fault. The soldier who blame me for it increased my anger to the extend that I want to crush his eyeballs.

So, in front of these troublesome situation, the presence of this woman only adds fuel to the fire. If only I was a bit calmer, maybe I won’t mind her attitude. But right now, I was so irritated to the point the point that my vein nearly explodes. Under this condition, such things are impossible.

“I apologize but my humble self can not comprehend your thoughts, Minafuchi-sama”

The woman gave me a perfect elegant smile as she lowered her head.

When I saw her smiling expression, I lost my reasons . All my emotion and stress came out.

“You see, I hate every second of existing in this world. I really want to beat up the one who pulled me into this world without consent nor agreement. This is abduction! I was taken away from my family and friends and abruptly brought to this world”

Surprised, the woman retract her smile. The maids behind her stopped their movement and stare towards me.

“I don’t need anything from this world. Compared to my world, such things are worth less than garbage!!  All your hospitality and your things are worth less than garbage, do you understand?! Such worthless thoughts, if you really have consideration, then return me to my former world! Why can’t you understand that?!”

No sound can be heard except my short breath and the rustling of the women’s clothes for a while.

I have never been so emotional in my life, it probably the first time ever since I was born. I can even feel the rough impulse that swirling inside my stomach. I was that desperate that I might throw every table and chair in that room but I’d rather not do it. I was trying not to touch anything from this world if possible. Not breaking the chair, not touching anyone physically, not leaving traces of myself in this world.

Not forgiving any actions that this world had done to me.

When the woman finally realized, she bowed to me who was breathing heavily and took the other maids in panic and pulled them out of the room. It seemed that she ran away.

It was a correct judgement. It was probably the best decision she ever made because my vein were really going to explode. Who knows if I really threw a chair right into her beautiful face.

I drank the minimum amount of water to moist my throat and to relieve some acid in my stomach. Then I went to the empty spot in the corner of the room and rest there. All the stress, anger, and frustration made me tired. I need a rest.

There was a fine bed in the center of the room but I refuse to use it because of my hatred. I took some breath several times to calm my pulsating heart and resist the urge to vomit. The truth is, I don’t even want to send this world’s air into my lungs but perhaps this Crimson World is not really that bad, so I endured it for the time being.

The ones at fault are the humans of this world. It’s their fault that this world had to call a person from another world and impose a role like a slave without permission.

The kidnapping, the slavery, the violation of human rights, the worst barbaric unreasonable selfish nosy attitude are those damn human’s fault!!!

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