You Think It’s Fine to Just Summon Me to Another World? Huh? – Chapter 06

Anything You Said is Not Important


Tenshi’s sharp tone was flying at me. I rubbed my pained stomach and turned around so I can’t look at his face.

Even if I don’t look at him, his ikemen’s aura is just as bad. Just as I expected, I can feel his presence from anywhere. No matter how much I turn my eyes, it feels like he’s right in front of my eyes.

What kind of torture is this? I can’t even defend from it. I can’t even bear the disgust anymore. If it’s the level of celebrity you see on TV, you can still endure it. But this is CG level of beauty!!

“Dakara, please return me to my original world. I don’t like it either, suddenly brought like this without being told anything and forced a role that I don’t want to take”

The woman around Tenshi, well… they seemed to be angered by my voice. Oy, I’m the one who’s angry! It’s difficult to say, but your faces are not helping my nausea.

Those old men couldn’t believe the words I said. Sorry, but I haven’t changed my words even until now. So why do you look so surprised?

“Hoo? Do you want to return to the Blue World?”

“Isn’t that obvious? Why do you think I would choose a world without my family and friends?”

Tenshi started to laugh with a voice like scraping the ground.

It’s an annoying laugh. I can hear my anger flopped.

“Rather than family and friends, serving me should be more worthwhile, is it not?”

Aaa… this is useless. I just can’t understand it anymore.

After hearing his sentence, I just don’t want to understand him anymore.

What the hell are you laughing at?

From those women’s around Tenshi, I can understand that they think every single one of Tenshi’s word is correct. That is surely the ‘common sense’ here.

“No. For you, it might be so. But I don’t want to”

Taking the story up until now, everything is really unpredictable. I felt like I was repeating the same word to an moody alien. My stress value is reaching more than my anger. My stomach began to hurt again.

“It seems that you are different”

“Ha? Of course I will be different”

“Why is that?”

On the other hand, Tenshi began to ask me a weird question. What’s so funny about it? I really don’t understand. I don’t want to understand.

Seriously? You really don’t know why I want to return? Are you seriously don’t know that?

“………………………………………….. Tenshi’s job. It’s to maintain this Scarlet World, is it not?”

After a long silence, those words are finally came out of my mouth.

It seems that I was consuming energy in an amazing rate. I felt more tired than when I was taking the high school entrance interview exam.

“…. … Oh, yes. Yes, that’s right, because you are from the Blue World, I think that something is wrong and that Scarlet World can do something. That is what I believe.”

Ugh.. It’s useless to talk anymore. He talks about it so easily. He just talks like that and laugh without realizing what’s wrong.

I don’t even have any motivation to be angry anymore.

I don’t understand why he laughs, and I understand that I will not understand why he laughs, even if someone explains it to me.

To be honest, I don’t know what should I do to return to my own world. My common sense is didn’t match this world’s common sense at all and I have noticed that they don’t realize the difference too.

If it’s different from the start, then there’s no meaning even if you get angry to every single one of them.

“…………….. You ungrateful kid!!”

I was surprised at first because a woman sitting beside Tenshi was suddenly screaming like that.


what is this woman talking about? I pretty much understand that I was being called ungrateful, and then anger began to boil down at the bottom of my gut.

“I don’t think you understand the situation. Aren’t you the one who forcibly brought me to this world?”

“Sorya, of course I’m feeling a bit of sympathy for being separated from your family, but shouldn’t you just abandon them for the sake of people in this Scarlet World? ”

what? What do you mean by ‘abandon’?!? Seriously this baba!

“…… Anything you said is not important”

My eyes turned red because of anger. Right now I’m seriously angry.

“Well, I know mutual respect is important in society, but what you are asking from me is a help, is it not? To me, whose life was taken forcibly, this is a very unreasonable demand.

Yesterday I told the same thing to your servants. I am NOT a slave! I want to decide how I want to live properly by myself and I decided that my families and friends are important. That’s why, if I threw those people away and became a member of this damn world, it will be a betrayal for those people.

But that’s something you will never understand, right?”

“That’s right. Why should I care about your circumstances?”

“I guess so. Then, I don’t care about every single one of you. I don’t know if this world will disappear if I returned to my world, I don’t care about it. If you telling me to give my life to you, then I tell to disappear and so I CAN RETURN TO MY WORLD.”

I think I squeezed out all of my voice. I was too angry so I lost my own control. Even when talking, I can feel every single bit of my feeling gushing out. My hands were trembling and my fingers clenched shut. This is the worst. My head hurts. My teeth grind against each other and made *gachigachi* sounds.

There was a moment of silence in the room but someone said.

“Wonderful. You are suitable as The Guardian of Scarlet Dawn.”

Something beeps behind my ear.

When I woke up, I was on the bed in the room assigned to me. With a worrisome expression, a maid was standing near a morning stands. My heads hurts badly. It’s a dull pain like when you spinning too much.

“Guardian-sama, have you awoken?”

“…….. nn?”

I fell down on the pillow to wipe off my forehead for a while and raised a groaned voice in response to the maid. The maid rocked my shoulder gently and passed me a glass of cold water. I received it with a blurry mind and swallowed a couple of gulps. I can recognize some sweet and refreshing citrus flavor like mandarin orange.

“Although is is said that you blacked out in the presence of Tenshi-sama… how do you feel?”


“Is it hurt in any place? Shall I call a healer?”

“…..… j-just go away…”

It doesn’t make any sense. Why did my head hurt so much? Is something wrong?

I could feel the maid leaving the bed. I have no energy to fuss about it. I pulled a thing like a thick blanket and wrapped it around me like an insect.

Only the futon didn’t change. I suddenly felt melancholic.

(Why did this happened to me?)

I had that thought so many times already but I was not angry. It was my first time to be this sad.

I was sad because somewhere in my mind, I thought that I might not be able to return to my world

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