You Think It’s Fine to Just Summon Me to Another World? Huh? – Chapter 09

Local Food doesn’t Agree with Me

As I explore the building with the weird soldier following me, my surrounding seems to be… less luxurious.

「A, are you going there? It’s just the servant working area」

I ignore him as I walked there. I turned a corner and I was met with a quite lively hallway.
A lot of people with simple brown clothes are busy working here and there. Some people doing repairing, cleaning, etc.
When someone with a strange face appeared, all of them stopped doing their work and knelt in a hurry. Perhaps this is indeed the working area for low class servants.

Since the soldier didn’t say anything, I don’t know if I can walk through this area… I mean, it was uncomfortable to see some random people make way for you to pass in an exaggerated movements.
The difference in our culture is clear. For me, who didn’t understand and didn’t want to understand, the sight is just unpleasant.

「I think it’s a bad idea ne」

The soldier behind me spoke to himself without worrying about being ignored while making the most stupid smile in the current human existence. It’s quite annoying but it’s not very intrusive.
It may be because I’m feeling the same thing.

「………. I don’t think I can laugh until I can get back home」

The soldier stopped walking. I ignored him and continue to advance.

As I walked further, I felt damp heat from the entrance nearby I tried to look what that room was. Apparently, it’s a kitchen. I could see both men and women in brown clothes struggling with tremendous amount meat and vegetables.

Oh right, I haven’t eaten anything yet.
I instinctively tried to enter the room but my hands were grabbed and stopped me.
It was the soldier who caught me.


「It’s dangerous. You can’t just enter a room where people carrying boiled pot and knives running around.」

… Of course they’re running around.
What should they do then? Crawling around?
Should they crawl like those people in that hallway.
Of course it’s dangerous! Thank god you stopped me.

He just gave me a warm look and his expression said「Aren’t I such a nice guy?」.

「What? I won’t hurt anyone without any reason. All i want is to return to my world」

There’s no way I’m protecting that Tenshi, and I can’t forgive him after he trampled all over my dignity. As a kidnapped victim, I will act accordingly.

「Un. How should I say it… I think you really fit the role as the Guardian of Scarlet Dawn」

「Wha? I don’t understand…」

「Oh that’s right. The word must not get around」


You can’t talk about it? I began to get angry and he tried to change the subject.

「Anyway, do you have any purpose to come to the kitchen?」

「…. I’m not thinking about anything in particular, but I think I’m hungry」

「I think your meal is being prepared in your room already」

「Well, I don’t understand it myself. I think it doesn’t taste good. I’d rather cook my own food.」

「Even though you are prepared the same top-quality dish like Tenshi…」

Even if he said so, I didn’t think the food was that good. I smelled a lot of spices but I didn’t know what was on that meat. It just tasted wrong. Maybe my body is rejecting the unfamiliar food.
I don’t know how many times I said it but I don’t want to be accustomed to this world’s culture. I really don’t want to.

「I just don’t want to eat this world’s cuisine. Especially if I’m eating the same thing as Tenshi」

「Just for that petty matter? I see」

The soldier nodded. The soldier nodded like he was convinced.

「Forgive me, Guardian-sama. You need to continue your exploration alone. Fight on!」

He said that in a loud voice.

Eee…. I can’t get in. I didn’t get to ask him anything before.

Another soldier saw me and quickly came to approach me from inside.
With a nervous face he asked me 「P-please make me some Blue World food」.

Who is this?

The moment I turned around to ignore him, my stomach started to growl. Wow that was embarrassing. It seems that I was more hungry than I expected. Iyaa, it was obvious that I was more hungry than expected.

「…… E-excuse me」

I put my embarrassment and hunger aside and stepped into the kitchen. Many people looked down as they prepare the unreasonable number of vegetables. Are you not even allowed to move your line of sight?

「Uwaa, clay cooking stove…… So primitive……」

「Hou, this is primitive to you? The Blue World is amazing!」

I ignored his remark and observed the cookware that was used. Not only the pizza clay stove, all other cookware were primitive as well.
The soldier shut his mouth. I’m tired of this inconvenient life in this lousy world. I need to explain some basic tool in the original world.

「Well, it’s possible to start fire in instant. The heat can be adjusted with just one finger. Some people didn’t even cook with fire in the first place」

「That is menyou…」

「Men? you? What’s that? But seriously, this world is not convenient at all. Really, I don’t want to live here」

「I see, so one of the reason you don’t want to live here is because the level of the civilization?」

There was no frying pan and instead, I found something like a chinese pot. What kind of oil is this? Surprisingly, it smells like olives.
I can’t find any rice but I found some noodle similar to soba. Should I make some tempura? I think it should be possible.

「Oh, There’s no bath, no shower, no TV, and no game. The bed is hard, the clothes are difficult to move, the toilet is disgusting. This world is dirty. There’s nothing good in this world.」

「I don’t understand even half of what you just said but is it really that inconvenient?」

Yes… Yes… While nodding to the soldier, I prepare some egg and flour like stuff, cut some vegetables, and pour oil into the pot. I tried to find a match to start the fire and suddenly an aunt appeared and start the fire for me.
The aunt crouched in front of the stove for a while, then the fire was started. I thanked the aunt and she was flustered. Then she asked me nervously

「Guardian-sama, are you making a Blue World dish?」

「That’s right. Also, my name is Minafuchi Kaya. Please stop refer me as a Guardian」

「Then, Kaya-sama. Is our cooking didn’t satisfy you?」

「Ee. It’s too different from what I usually eat so I don’t think it’s that good」

Unlike talking with those damn group of old men, I don’t feel any anger when speaking to this aunt. It reminds me, I didn’t feel anger toward this soldier as well.
Maybe because they didn’t use stupid honorifics when talking to me. Unlike some maid who use shit-tier overly polite language. It seems that I’m more stressed than expected.

「But… sono… right now Kaya-sama is cooking with ingredient for lower class people… Are you sure it’s alright for you to eat this?」

「Ha? It’s just regular vegetables. Of course I would eat it」

I think I heard a polite honorific there.
The aunt panicked and shook her head. Jaa, I don’t care.

While speaking, I finished the deep-fried tempura. It’s fast because I’m only cooking for one person.
I borrowed a plate and got some paper to reduce the oil, while I boiled the soba noodles at the same time. I put some seasoning similar to soy sauce and bonito. Then the soba noodle is done.

Now let’s bite the tempura. Because the ingredients were same, it taste exactly the same.
But as expected, the one Mama made is better. Sadly, I can’t make my favorite wiener tempura here.

「waa…… I want to go home」

The thought became stronger and stronger.

The more I speak, the more I realized the tension in the kitchen was increasing, but I ignored them.
All my angers are gone and all that remain is homesickness. I won’t accept this world’s culture. I won’t be called the Guardian of Scarlet Dawn. I will go back to my world.

※Author note: The worst way to insult a culture is telling their clothes is hard to move and complaining about their room and food. Especially after tasting them.

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