You Think It’s Fine to Just Summon Me to Another World? Huh? – Chapter 10

I Don’t Feel Like Talking to Him Anymore

I continued my exploration after finishing the meal and I found a room with a lot of paper, brush, and ink-like-things. Inside, there are 3 people organizing things and moving boxes here and there.

「Are paper and ink expensive?」


「Does it cost a lot of money?」

「Ma-nii? …… Anyone who works in this department can use as many paper and ink as they need」

Didn’t they have money in this world? By the way, I have been told to protect Tenshi but I didn’t hear anything similar to paycheck.

Is this a world without economy? A society without economy? Maa, this world had Tenshi as someone with absolute existence so maybe it’s the reason no money is needed.

「Jaa, may I use them too?」

「Of course. There’s nothing in this place that you can’t use. That includes Tenshi’s bed」

Eww… That’s a bad example. I imagined getting into Tenshi’s bed and felt sick . Oy! Rude…
The staff squint his eyes like he just seen something funny. I don’t like guy. He just disgust me. For now, I will ignore his eyes.

「Do you need to write something?」

「Yes. I’m making assassination plan to kill some kuso jiji who summoned me」

「I will be in a lot of trouble if someone get assassinated ne」

The staff laughed for amoment.
I didn’t think this man thinks I’m serious. It seems that just by being near the maids and robed jiji made all jokes seems dead and they must not talk much in the first place.

Anyway, I took a lot of paper, ink, and brush and stuff them into a box. Meanwhile, I ignored the people who knelt to me in this room.
I got some writing tools and now I can write down any information on this. Should I go back? Or maybe I should go exploring a bit? When I was thinking about what I should do, I saw a soldier yawn from the end of my eyesight.

I guess he’s in the night shift. He must be sleepy.

「You there. How long have you been awake?」

Apparantly, he’s not monitoring me. The soldier tilted his head and looked confused.

「At first, I thought that you would return to the Temple of Dawn immediately, but… 」

「At first?」

「But it seems that you did many things that didn’t suit the role of Guardian of Scarlet Dawn. To the point where you can’t be called Guardian of Scarlet Dawn ne」

I don’t know what he’s talking about. I think I got more wrinkles between my eyebrows. The man laughed and his expression clearly said 『I wonder what I should do』

Well, how about you ‘get lost’?
I think it’s time to get out of here.

Suddenly, a horribly disfigured woman appeared from the corner of an aisle. The woman covered her nose with a sleeve and rushed over to me while yelling 「Minafuchi-sama」.

「Aaa, I was looking for you. But why are you in such a horrible place?」

Well this place is certainly not the best place. But I didn’t have any intention to follow any of your rule.

「Besides… Why are you talking with the Moon Priest?」

No, why do you care who I was talking to? Who the hell are you? Even though I want to throw a tsukomi here, I’d rather not argue with this absurd woman.
Wait, she was catching up. The soldier came along while grinning. She ran hurried to my front and knelt in a praying pose.

「Minafuchi-sama, please. Please address Tenshi-sama’s invitation」 『Let’s have some lunch together』 「Douka, please dress up and in order to go to ascend the Akaten Shrine」


Why did that kuso ikemen call me? Is he picking on me? I can’t even eat rice in the same room with him. My vomit will pour like niagara
Because I glared, the woman shivers uncontrollably.

「I just had breakfast so I don’t want to. Tell him I refused」

「N-no way……」

「Aー, tell him to call me only if he decided to return me to my own world. Other than that, tell that useless man to strip naked and roll around on a pile of shit」

The woman opened and closed her mouth with a pale face. What’s with this woman? Stop looking at me with that stupid face.

I passed by her. Then, I heard someone shrieked from my back. I looked back in bad mood.

Why did you yell?
It will be troublesome if someone gets the wrong idea.

The soldier tried to hold his laughter while holding his sides. Do you really want to laugh that badly?
Besides, when I think about it, both of then didn’t seem to respect Tenshi that much.

「……Guardian of Scarlet Dawn… really… AMAZING!!」

what the…
After that, she left the speechless me with the soldier.

「……. Nee, Guardian of Scarlet Dawn-sama. Are you really not going to meet Tenshi-sama?」

「I don’t feel like talking with him again. So I won’t go」

It’s useless to talk to someone who don’t even listen to you, I know that since that conversation we had yesterday. I don’t know how this world can stand that vomit inducing face.

「Can you please say it once more? One more time」

「It’s just waste of time. He’s the first person that I truly hate from the bottom of my heart. I don’t respect that person」

「………..I see…」

The male solder took a deep breath, preparing to confess.

「Minafuchi Kaya-sama, I beg you please meet our lord. Our Lord will certainly be able to help you」

What should I say to make this guy understand. Who the hell is your 『Lord』?


Wasn’t the only 『Lord』 in this place is Tenshi?

But… will he really help me?
If this soldier didn’t lie, I’d better meet his『Lord』.
Since I literally can’t be hurt, it can’t be bad to meet him.

The problem is, I don’t know who is it.

There’s not enough information. I don’t know how I should answer him.

「Can I assume that it will help me return to my world?」


「Your Lord… is not Tenshi?」

「No, he is not」

Without pause or hesitation.

Was there any other faction besides Tenshi in this place?
Even when Tenshi protects the well-being of this world?

「I understand. I will go」

「……Thank you very much…」

Even if I got lucky, there’s no way I could grab some useful information alone.
I couldn’t believe anything even if I heard it from a maids or the kuso jiji who summoned me.
That’s why, hearing the story from another side seems quite interesting…

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