You Think It’s Fine to Just Summon Me to Another World? Huh? – Chapter 11

Conversations that Don’t Advance are Unpleasant

I was following the jade clothed soldier along an unknown hallway. The idea of walking through an unknown place doesn’t scare me at all. It didn’t change the fact that I don’t know anything anyway.
How should I call this Lord? Tenkan? If you write the letter, is it written as『Moon Priest』? Was it because they patrol when the moon is up?

Iya, they must be dressed like that because they’re on night duty. Then, are Moon Priests specialized in night duty?

The man stopped in front of a door. It’s a huge black door as big as the one in Tenshi’s room.

Both jade clothed soldiers on each side of the door looked a bit surprised when they saw me.

Somehow their thin reaction is within the normal range. It seemed that people in this world can have stress too. I felt a bit relieved.

「Please come in…」

A man opened a door without showing expression.

「…. If you wearing those clothes, are you part of the night watch?」

I tilted my head a little as I asked him.

「After going such a long way to visit this place. You should meet our Lord for more satisfying answer. Please not worry about it.」

「Hmph, I will be the judge for that.」

The man could only give a bitter smile when I cut him down.

His reaction…
It’s… normal…
It’s a normal adult reaction.

That’s it. Coming here is maybe a good idea.  I wanted to hear the story from people who has normal reactions.

I followed him through the black door.
Somehow I became a bit anxious. Whether he spoke the truth or not, unpleasant thoughts rose to my head.

They said that I fit perfectly as the Guardian of Scarlet Dawn.
It didn’t make any sense.
What’s does it even mean?
I never understood why they called me to this world.

All of them will be answered when I meet this Lord.

For now, I can only move forward.

Maybe these people can help with my imprisonment here.

It’s alright… Go for it..

「I’m here」

「….e? ah?」

A man just popped up and called me out from nowhere. I was so confused that I couldnt’ form a proper response.


The man extended his arm towards me. I walked without thinking much. Suddenly I noticed something resembling a jail on the other side of the room.

It’s a prison?

I resist the urge to do a full power dash after I noticed that there was a humanoid figure in confinement.

「ーA guest? How unusual…」

The figure in prison have brilliant jade colored hair like the clothes worn by the night watch. A woman with pale yet inhumanly beautiful face whispers in a bell like tone.


What the hell was that?! I can almost taste the tempura that I just ate!
Her face looked so beautiful. Seriously, it’s impossible! nowaynowaynoway! Ugh… I felt sick. My stomach can’t hold it.

「Ugh… It was real… The impossible beauty is real」

Even though I almost passed out, the man guiding me seemed happy and unable to hold his laughter. Don’t laugh! I’m suffering here.

「Dame, mou. Guardian of Scarlet Dawn is really interesting!」

Want me to vomit all over your face?

Somehow my nausea won and I vomited. Maids came when I was almost at my limit and offer me some drink to wash my mouth quickly.
I’m bad when looking at beautiful women but not to the extend that I would vomit on the spot.
I sit on a chair facing the woman in black prison.

「Are you alright?」

「Haa… maa. I’m sorry. I made a mess」

「I don’t mind it. I was half expecting it.」

Her tone made it sound like it’s her fault. In my defense, that beautiful CG face is so unreal. For now, I’ll try to communicate.
I came here thinking that they are better than those red clothed people but these guys are making fun of people too. I wonder how many people are actually trying.

「So, who are you?」

I didn’t come here for a chit chat so I quickly go into the main subject.
The bishoujo smiled. What? You think it’s funny? Say something!

「So straightforward. But I don’t dislike it」

「Is that so? But I can’t say the same about you」

「Antsy are we? Because I can grant your wishes?」

「Then talk quickly. Who are you?」

She dodged all my remark like a drunkard. The girl giggled before finally answered my question.

「My name is Touran. I failed to become the Tenshi」

Wait a second.
WAIT a second….


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