Starting Over – Chapter 04

Now, around this point you might be begging to know . How was I suddenly sent back in time at the age of twenty? And what about time paradoxes? And all that sort of science fiction nonsense .
Well, to be honest with you, I don’t have a lick of interest in that stuff . See, you could make all these theories, but I’d have no means of proving or disproving them .
As far as logistics goes, what happened to me was, well, something that would never ever happen . It was like two plus two coming out to five . Like your ruler itself was out of whack, I guess .
One possibility was that I’d gone nuts – basically, that ten-year-old me suddenly started hallucinating he’d gotten the wisdom of his twenty-year- old counterpart, as a result of twenty-year-old me being sent back in time . But honestly, I was very much sane . I mean, what’s the point of wondering whether you’ve gone nuts, anyway? Really crazy people never notice that they’re crazy .
The only thing that needed my attention was “what to do next,” and nothing else .
Could I live a happy life out of this situation? That was all I needed to consider .

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