Starting Over – Chapter 09

There were a lot of causes all linked together which I could point to, but what I would call the most decisive one was how readily the girl who should have become my girlfriend rejected me .
When my confession – which I was a hundred percent sure would succeed – bombed, well, it’s not hard to imagine my dismay .
According to my memories, “that girl” always had sleepy eyes, but it only looked that way because of her long eyelashes .
When she appeared to be spacing out, the gears were in fact always turning in her head… That’s what my “future girlfriend” was like .
Those memories about her were some of the most clear . Maybe memories have a hierarchy, where the highest-priority ones make the most concrete memories . Yeah, I guess that’s memory for you .
At any rate, she seemed like the kind of girl I’d fall for . I’ve never been particularly interested in a girl simply because she’s smart, but I guess I’m
soft for “looks like she’s spacing out, but always has her head on straight . ”
That sort of fondness for abnormality… Well, if you compare it how I choose my friends, it’s a more pure, feeling-based thing, admittedly . Not something I wanna do all the time .
I seemed to recall that in my first life, I confessed to her in spring, my third year of middle school .
And her reply was something like “Thank you, I’ve been waiting so long,” half in tears . And in the five years after that, we were more or less inseparable .
That’s how it should have gone the second time, too . Yes… It should have .

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