The Lazy Dragon Is Working Hard – Chapter 01

“Ichiro, get up!”
Mother comes inside the room while shouting . It’s a violation of privacy you know .
“No Mom… 5 more minutes …”
“You need to wake up or you will be late!”
I’m sitting on the bed lazily while my mother forces a uniform through my head . In a half-awaken state I correct it and put it on properly .
“What about breakfast?”
“It’s your fault for waking up late . Just take a slice of bread and eat it on the way . ”
“No . That kind of things is only allowed for two-dimensional woman . Eating bread on the way to school is reserved for them . ”
“Just hurry up . ”
Just when I was about to leave, a slice of bread comes flying towards my mouth and sticks in my mouth . Of course it was mother .
“Haaah… . So troublesome . ”
I drag my heavy legs and head off to school . If only a meteor could crash into the school .
When I crossed the crosswalk while rubbing my sleepy eyes, I suddenly notice a truck coming my way .
I turn my head towards the traffic light and saw that the pedestrian signal is green . The truck should have lowered its speed . Maybe the brake is broken?

It will be a nuisance to avoid it . But if I don’t it will probably hurt a lot . Will I die if I get hit? If I came out disabled maybe I don’t need to go to school? Whatever . I’m sleepy…
I became lost in my thoughts and forgot to dodge . I flew in the sky like a complete idiot, accompanied by a sound that should not have come from a human body .
Ugh… It’s dark… I’m… Sleepy… .
Then I suddenly wake up . Was it a dream? Yeah, it was a dream . A dream of my past life before being reincarnated into this world, Gaia . A dream about a lazy high school student of Earth . It brings a sense of nostalgia . Mother, are you doing fine? I don’t even remember her face anymore .
“… . -sama… What happened?” “Nothing… It was just… Five years…” “May I ask what happened five years ago?” I have a feeling of deja vu .
I open my eyes slowly and a woman with white statue-like skin appear in front of me . The white skin contrasts sharply with her black hair, which is long enough to reach the ground . In a contest of beauty, out of 100 women, she will come out as the winner every time . Her name is Runamiria . She is under my control at the cost of my mana .
“Good morning Guardian-sama . ”
“Good morning . Runamiria, how long did I sleep?”
“Exactly 20 months 37 days 15 hours 21 minutes and 11 seconds . ”
Aaah… No wonder I’m still sleepy . I didn’t get enough sleep . I wanted to sleep for at least 3 years . I yawn and stretch my body .
“Huaaa . . ”

The wall trembles from my yawn . As I rise from the ground, I can feel strength returning to my body . I move my limbs and tails, and spread my three pairs of wings . Runamiria has a smile plastered to her face, a smile like mothers . In fact, you can even be call her my aunt in this world .
Let me introduce myself . I’m one of the seven world guardians, Ryuuga, the God of sloth . 560 million years ago I was reincarnated into this world of sword and magic as a dragon .
Yup, the lazy high school student is now a dragon .

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