The Lazy Dragon Is Working Hard – Chapter 04

With my three pairs of wings, I move at a speed that can be considered top class even among the seven guardians .
By using one pair of wings, I can fly at 100km/h, 200km/h if using two pairs . If I use all three, I can fly at the speed of sound .
For my divine body, the wall of air (created by traveling at the speed of sound) means nothing . I continue to fly while tearing through the clouds .
From the corners of my eyes I noticed that the power from the sonic boom was even able to mince a griffon flying nearby .
Thus, when I fly, I have to be careful as to not cause too much damage . Even so, I arrived in a matter of minutes .
The monsters in the nearby area run like frightened children when they see me . Even the Frost Dragon and Ice Golem, considered as mighty boss-level monsters by the humans, cannot help but run away at full speed . Pathetic .
However, it is expected . In front of me, a guardian, the correct answer is to escape .
So, this is the Snow Troll camp? I can see white hair yeti-like creatures looking up at me . They stare with hostility .
Don’t the Trolls worry that I might wipe them out if they offend me? Maybe they think they have a chance due to sheer numbers . They also seem to value their mana source very highly as they need the mana to evolve .
“Geez… What a troublesome thing . ”
A group of Snow Trolls is coming to attack me . All they have is a higher than normal mana density . Killing them is not even worth the effort .
“For now, just cool you head . ”

I flap my wings and blew away the entire flock of Snow Trolls . They flew into the lake and sank into the icy water . Maybe some of them will die swimming in such low temperatures but at least it reduced their numbers .
Okay then, no more pesky bugs . Time to get to work .
With my divine eyes, I can easily see through the snow and the ground . Tracing the mana leakage downwards, I found a torrent of such leakage caused by a jam . The mana stream is also jammed at multiple places, and completely clogged at the Snow Troll encampment . The Snow Trolls built a graveyard in the shape of a pyramid that, purely by luck, was located on top of the mana stream, causing a leakage of high purity mana .
Anyways, let’s finish the job . I use exploration magic to check if there are any other leakages in a 100km radius .
Hmm… There are several areas that concern me. Whatever . I’ll just change the terrain to create a new mana passage and clean the clogged one.

I pierce the ground with my mana and use magic to create a layer that will stop future mana leakages from this place again .
By increasing the amount of mana I use, my mana is able to reach the mana stream and the clogged section .
Just like flushing a toilet, I made the mana stream start flowing and the clog disappeared .
Now that the mana stream has been fixed, I fill the crack so that the Snow Trolls can use it as a garbage dump again .
“Ah… Good work me… I feel as if I almost died from overworking” I need a nap .
I fly quickly above the clouds, taking merely minutes before arriving back at my lair .

“I’m back…”
“Guardian-sama, welcome back . Have you settled it?” I am greeted by Runamiria gracefully bowing at a 45-degree angle .
“Yes . The bones discarded by a group of Snow Trolls were the cause . I’ve cleaned it, so it will no longer be a problem . ”
“Thank you for your hard work”
After I reporting to Runamiria, I felt tired and wanted to take a nap – a 20- year long nap .
I go to my bed, made with the image of a RPG boss in mind . It is in actuality a throne, but it isn’t so high that I can’t lie down comfortably .
“Now, guardian-sama . Although you have just completed a task, another issue has appeared”
“What? So suddenly? I was going to take a nap . ” I asked her lazily .
“Guardian-sama . Just now, a lot of mana has begun to leak throughout the Assurado continent . It will result in multiple cases of mana eruptions soon . ”
“Eh? How come?”
“There is an abnormal acceleration of the mana streams . It is being pushed out of the continent and thus small cracks have appeared . It can’t hold out for much longer . ”
“Let’s reconsider . I just finished solving a mana problem . There’s got to be some time to sleep right?”
“Guardian-sama, it seems we need you again . ” Hahaha… What is Runamiria saying? It’s naptime .

“By the way, abnormal occurrences of monsters have been sighted . Even plants are being mutated . We need to take care of it now . ”
That day, on the Assurado continent, mana leakages occurred everywhere . There was even an extremely loud unknown roar heard all over the continent . The humans, out of fear, cowered in their homes and prayed to the God they believed in .

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