The Lazy Dragon Is Working Hard – Chapter 08

I was reincarnated in different world, Gaia . It is a world of sword and magic . I am reincarnated as a dragon . However everytime I think of this RPG like world, it was always about the demon lord .
Actually in this world, there is the hero and the demon lord .
The demon lord is still a bad person that want to invade the world . He lives in Makai . Makai is an underground world about 100km below the ground and connected by a void space . The void was big enough for demons to come out and invade the world .
By the way, Gaia is like planet Earth . There is a law of gravity . There is atmosphere covering it . Maybe thks place is thousands light years away from Earth . Like a speck of star in the night sky . There is also stars in the night sky . Maybe one of them is Earth .
So, these demon is building an army . The reason is for resources . In Makai army, there is even lieutenant and commander position . They already built an outpost for future invasion . As I said that we have mana stream running underground, Makai people under the influence of mana is having more robust evolution and mutation . It is resulting in strong demon .
The demon invasion also send despair to human . The existence of demon lord . I wonder if he is a messenger of Satan . If there is a God, so there is Satan right?
However to deal with the demon, I couldn’t get involved directly .
Humanity hope is not on me but on a hero . Makai is invading human world, that said, it was humans problem not mine .
So, returning to the story of the hero . Actually I was the father . No, I didn’t rape anyone . The hero is a kind of golem or homunculus . It was created from mana stream . He have enormous amount of mana which makes him able to grow and become strong .

Sever thousands years ago, when the Satan dispatched the demon, the only way to stop it is by defeating the demon lord .
I then become the producer . A child which have his home destroyed by demon army . He appear and cooperate with other blessed children . By the way, my hero is inspired from a lot of RPG .
He have the emblem of dragon engraved on his head . Thus with the cooperation of countries, hero and his companion, we had defeated the demon king .
Hip hip huuraaah!
It was the birth of hero directed by me . I named the story “brave” . Well anyway, the invasion didn’t stop so I need to make stronger hero . Haaah . . It increased my work . .
I was thinking while overlooking a visitor .
“I am the hero, Ars funnel! Guardian Dragon God of Sloth, I’m here to receive your blessing . ”
” How brave of you to come here . You need to prepare yourself . ”
Haaah . . It just give me more work . I don’t want to do it! I absolutely don’t want to work . ”

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