The Lazy Dragon Is Working Hard – Chapter 15

“All personnel, annihilate the enemy . The target is unknown life form in front of us . ”
Countless flying disk is coming out of the round sphere . It is impossible to count the total number .
In Gaia, a guardian god is the strongest existence . In fact I’m one of them because we can use mana freely . Humans can manipulate mana but only a part of it . It is impossible for them to go against me .
Guardian God like is like an absolute being because there is no limit in the amount of mana I can manipulate . However if I overused it, it will caused harm to Gaia . Mana will be depleted and no life form can stay alive . We’re guardian of Gaia and if we do that, we do exactly the opposite of our job .
Therefore I never release my true power .
However in space, mana is always overflowing . Right now my MP is in infinite state and there’s nothing to be afraid off .
Right now I’ll do one of the classic trick .
I inhale mana that is drifting in the space . I compressed it inside my body and spit it out at once .
“Gahooo!! ”
Rays of high density mana released along with the roar . It is [dragon breath] . It wasn’t too bad . If I increase the mana output it will look similar

to a particle cannon from a certain mobile suit anime .
The flying saucer that was hit has gone into dust . I launched another which hit the sphere but it doesn’t took much damage because of the distance . But it was enough to cause the other flying saucer to be moving around . From the sphere a faint lights emerges .
It is troublesome . .
I just gone down from offensive mode to defensive .
I tried to approach the sphere but the saucers around fires a light bullets . It was a form of laser, on par with high rank fire magic and could cause serious burn damage .
I know it was trouble . .
The faint lights from the sphere becomes a long sword shape . It is a kind of “slicer” .
The lights met with my barrier but only in a few seconds it was torn up . “Seriously? ”
I twist my neck to dodge the ” slicer” . It was grazing past my neck and torn off some of my scales .
It wasn’t even a direct contact but the power is enough to break trough my barrier and hard scales .
I look again and it was going to launch another attack . “Hyaa . . Darn it! ”
I go all out in this barrier .
” Hyaaa! ”

This time I tried to deflect the light . It was reflected and bisected the herd of flying saucer .
It killed more than several hundreds of its own kind .
I took this opportunity to take a breath but the remaining saucer didn’t let me .
I was under heavy fire for a few seconds .
“what? ”
I want to dodge but I couldn’t .
I turn my neck and my upper and lower left wings are torn up .
” Darn it . My flight coordination is off by 10 degrees . ”
While I’m still confused, I tried my best to move my remaining four wings .
I barely dodge it . I just dodged a red rays which is shot from the sphere . Then the saucer surrounds me again .
It was a simple but effective tactics . ” Everyone, open fire! ”
This is something I couldn’t dodge . At every direction, all I can see is rays of attack . I already lost two wings so I couldn’t even flee in this condition .
The only thing I could do is erecting a barrier . ” GAAAAA! ”
the flying saucers attack couldn’t break trough but the main sphere attack, it even causing deep scorching burn . My left leg is only half remaining .
Did I survive? It is surprising .

” Indeed, as a Guardian you’re hard to kill . ”
I feel annoyed hearing the mechanical voice coming from the main sphere . ” Well, this much of force isn’t enough to kill me . ”
” Are you insane? I could easily kill you now . ”
” If that’s what you think , then let’s do the second round . ”
” what? ”
” You didn’t hear me? Let’s start the second round . ”
” You have gone mad Sloth . Continue fighting isn’t a wise choice . ”
They were at a loss for words . Of you look at my rag like body state, it isn’t weird . However as I said before, this dragon form is something I made by manipulating mana .
Out here on the space, the universe is supplying me with unlimited amount of mana . It doesn’t matter how badly I’m hurt, I could recreate my body .
“Incomprehensible Incomprehensible! ”
At once, my body is repaired . Then I gathered high density of mana in my claw . On my five sharp nails, a golden lights is emitted . It is the technique that the hero-kun use .
My attack reaches the sphere and disintegrate anything on the path . I also send out light bullets for the flying saucer . I can create unlimited amount of light bullets and can even manipulate it . Bend it, sending it in a zigzag, making a turn, anyway I want to kill the enemy . After the saucers taken numerous damage, I proceed by sending barrage to the main sphere .
“Inexplicable! All cannon, shoot at full power! ” Myriad of rays emitted from the sphere .

I only countered by focusing the dense mana of the universe on my barrier .
The rays couldn’t break through my defence . Now I turn the barrier shape into a cone and proceed forward inside the rays .
However I am moving like a drill . I dig through their lights cannon and entered the sphere .
Honestly it was too wide and the wall made completely out of metal .
There are lots of rays coming out of it . But it wasn’t an attack rays like before, it was a barrier .
“You can’t stop me! ”
I dive into the wall aiming for the middle of the sphere .
However I finally found the sphere crew . They are about the size of a human and wearing sailor’s clothes . Their appearance is a mix of crustaceans and reptiles . Ugly, and more importantly they smelled like rotten fish . How can they claimed to be of higher species?
I easily crushed them under my feet and, Yuck! Their body fluid is splattered anywhere .
After rampaging and damaging a lot of the ship insides, I get out again . I saw some explosion occurred and the sphere is crumbling .
“Danger! Ship condition is critical . All weapon is damaged except the main cannon . Preparing the main cannon . ”
The sphere then looks like reorganizing itself to prevent it collapsing . With that, another oversized muzzle emerged from within .
It seemed to be their trump card . Yes, this is nearing the climax .
I started to gathered the mana around me . I inhaled a lot of them . I inhaled and compressed them as much as my body could handle . The mana in my

body is now high on purity and density .
Coincidentally when I finished, the sphere also finished charging . “Main gun, FIREEEE! ”
Oversized light rays emitted from it, the remaining flying saucer was grinded into dust upon contact . The power of that ray is obvious and it is a bad idea to be hit .
But I won’t lose now .
I released the mana I gathered . It is a super oversized dragon breath than can only be used in space . The ray and my dragon breath clashed with each other .
I need to increase the mana output or I will be pushed back .
” Hyaaaa! ”
My breath gradually pushed back the light beam .
” Impossible! ” (the enemy)
I increased my mana output further but the enemy power is also increasing . ” Impossible impossible impossible! ”
Clearly any side that lose will be disappeared without a trace .
” I cannot lose here! ”
Mustering all the mana I could have inside my body, I used it to fuel my dragon breath .
Slowly the dragon breath pushed back the beam and it was returned to the enemy ship .

” Impossible impossible impossible! ”
The moment the beam hit the enemy ship, a second of silence occured .
After that one of the enemy wearing a military suit come out . Is that the commander?
” Impossible! For us to be defeated by a lower species . . Impossible! Kua wkdhsjajf l@#*!!!”
Along with his death scream, the mother ship behind him was glowing and exploded . The explosion caught the enemy in the process . He disappeared without a trace .
The explosion was like the scene in the movie . It was like the sun setting in the sea .
After that the space return to its quietness . I wonder what he is saying at the end . Don’t tell me that he is calling for reinforcement and they are just a scout and not the real threat .
I’m tired . .
My throat also hurt…
The blistering fatigue and sleepiness accompanied me back with a little sense of accomplishment .
I’ll sleep… . Sleep… Definitely sleep . .
I returned to Gaia with my last strength .
“This time I want to sleep for 50 milleniums… ”
In the last breath I might have used too much mana . Seriously I will ask for remuneration from Pride…

Five minutes later, Guardian Dragon God of Sloth, is nowhere to be seen
Author notes: thank you for reading this far . Finally it reached the end . “The lazy dragon is working hard series” is finished . Although we mentioned about the hero project and such, but it was our mind getting ahead of ourselves . This is just a story that was written in a whimp and the plot isn’t worth mentioning .
I don’t even know if there’s a next project or even writing anymore . If you see my name show up with a new series, please support me too . Please don’t expect too much, seriously . There are some typo and other errors but we’re happy you helped us to improve .

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