The Path of Perfect Evasion Healer – Volume 01 – Chapter 02

Chapter 2 – Each Role

「What will we gonna do with this useless Healer!」

「Your Majesty was angry, so i will just want to take one shot to this incompetent Healer!」

Two soldiers with a suspicious smile push me into jail. Then, with his fist up trying to punch me.



Miss Miss Miss! Miss !!

Soldiers try to beat me but he can’t land a single hit at all.


Is this because I am throwing all points into the Evasion stat?

These two soldiers couldn’t hit me, every time they attacked nobody was hit.

I laughed at them, then they came out of the jail saying「Disgusting!」

「Haha, it’s not good. Soldier who can’t hit an useless Healer.」

It was in the basement of the royal castle, as if it was a prepared prison. Although it has some mild smell, it is cleaner than I imagined.

There seems to be no lookout nearby, so there is no noise. The prison where I was put in has one door at the entrance. There are no other doorways. There’s only a hard bed and a toilet inside the jail.

「Then, what do i do about this.」

I didn’t think they would called me useless without checking my other status. Of course, there are 100 point on Recovery status!

This shouldn’t happen if only they had checked on my status plate.

–No Wait.

I guess it’s way be better if i kept it hidden, I may be easier to move later.

「I’d better run away from here than I have to obey that King. but if I run away, it will be hard to move freely.」

Come to think of it, i wonder how those two are doing. I’m sure I didn’t want this, I can only say it was a disaster.

But it’s not a problem I can manage.

「For the time being, i will just think about my future plan and my skills?」

I think so, but I can’t do much as a Priest. In order to use [Heal], i must be injured as a major premise.

I don’t want to get hurt, but honestly I don’t like to get hurt so much. That’s one of the reasons I chose to be an evasion Healers. It’s a little painful when you get hit, that’s why i should avoid it with all your might.

Then, skills that can be tried will only be [Regeneration].

This is another orthodox recovery skill. The amount of recovery per time is not large, but it is possible to continue recovery. It would be common to use it on a vanguard that becomes a tank.

「I will just use [Regeneration] on myself then.」

Then, it’s wrapped me in warmth light just like when i use [Heal] earlier. It’s good that the skill has been activated safely. Unfortunately, the recovery effect is not known.

I wonder how many times i can use this skill. Since there are no items such as magic points, it is unclear how much i can use.

Well, i will try it repeatedly …

「[Regeneration] [Regeneration] [Regeneration] [Regeneration] [Regeneration] [Regeneration].」

My whole body is shiny because of excessive skill. It feels like in a sand bath. I have never actually entered it though.

I try to use the skills a few more times, but I can’t see any changes in my physical condition. Probably there is no limit to the number of times. Then i can guess that the amount of magic i have is quite large.

「Because it seems to be a strong class with a status value of 50. Since my recovery value is 100, it is no wonder that it is the strongest class in humanity.」

When thinking so, it was really good that my recovery value wasn’t known by the King.

[Heal] skill, including the number of uses, seems to be fine. Speaking of greed, I’d like to have a little more skill type … but considering that i’m still at level 1, there still have a room for increase.

「… Fooa.」

This warmth is really making me sleepy, guess i’ll wait some more before i escape from here. And i decided to sleep first.

◆ ◆ ◆

「I can’t believe he can sleep well in such places …」

「I think he’s so tired because there were so many things happen.」

「Well, i know, but … he sure is a tough guy…」

There are voices resonates in my mind when I was sleeping comfortably.

It was only after a while that my consciousness was gradually awakening and realized that they were the two who were summoned together.


「Good Morning.」「Good Morning.」

I was looked by Watanabe-kun and Takanashi-san. They had changed into the clothes of this world, not the uniform at the time of being summoned.

Watanabe-kun is in a knight suit because he is the Hero. With deep red color elegant and looks like a real Knight.

Takanashi-san is a Wizard, she is wearing a dress. Even though she was dressed in jail, it seemed that the air was different only around her.

On the other hand, my clothes is still the same with when i was summoned.

「For now. Sakurai-kun got permission to leave the prison, so let’s move around.」



「N-nothing, Thank You.」

Even though they can only leave me for their own sake. Watanabe-kun asked me whether I was in good health or not hungry.

We went to the room where Watanabe-kun had been prepared. Even though this is a room with luxurious ornaments, it’s not quiet somewhere. Too flashy.

「This room has a weird atmosphere」

「To be honest, i kinda doubt the decorator’s sanity now」


Watanabe-kun, who became the room owner, seemed to have the same idea and smiled.

「Now, again. I’m  Ren Watanabe 19 years old.」

「Ruri Takanashi, I’m 18 years old.」

「Thank you for your help from before. I’m Hiroki Sakurai. I’m 19 years old.」

Simply to introduce yourself and they teach me about this world.

This place is called Piznutt Kingdom, one of the countries in the Loquat continent where people live. There are also the Apricot continent where the Demons live and the Tangerine continent where the Beastsman live.

It is adjacent to the Demon Continent, so many monsters have invaded the territory, and the kings are willing to destroy the Demon King to prevent it.

「The most important thing is to return to Japan, and the King said that if we can defeat the Demon King, we will be able to go home.」

「That feels a bit too vague, doesn’t it?.」


Watanabe-kun told us that and Takanashi-san nodded next to him.

「I can’t believe they can live in luxury and leave the important mission to others.」

「Yeah, there’s a chance that even if we defeat the Demon King, they won’t send us back home.」

「That’s what I agree with. Thank Godness I was relieved because I thought what would happen if the Hero Watanabe-kun is a hot-blooded guy who was used by the King.」

He Is laughing when i tell him that, Watanabe-kun laughs while saying 「You did?」

「You can call me Ren. We three are from the same hometown afterall, and I’m tired of being too nervous.」

「… You sure? And please call me Hiroki then.」

「I will be glad if you call me Ruri.」

Shake hands with each other and rest assured that they will do their best. Because I was playing only games, I’m not good at communication with people.

They told me what they thought while i sleeping in prison.

「Anyway even if we can’t trust the people here, it’s not a good idea to leave the country altogether. If they can summoned us from here, there should be a method to return or similar research.」

「There seem to be other races like Demon and Beastman too, there’s also a saying that says ask Demonfolk for magic, Beastman for martial arts and human for wisdom, which i think is the reason why humanity has a great advantage on the knowledge about skills.」

Certainly, I think.

All-purpose magic is fine, but if it is managed by the skill … it will not be very good to leave the place where human lives. Even if there is a King that we doesn’t like.

However, it cannot be said that there is no clue in the Apricot continent where the Demons live and in the Tangerine continent where the Beastman live. Considering magic, Apricot is the right place.

To be honest, the three people move together is inefficient. However, acting alone is also dangerous.

「I’m going to stay here. That’s why for Hiroki …」

Therefore, he rubs his mouth so that Ren cannot just say it.

Apparently, i have the same idea. It makes sense for two people accepted by the King to gather information here. And it’s only natural that I’m the hated one to go to other continents, and there should be no problem.

「I will go looking for information elsewhere.」

「… but there will be many dangers.」

「My aim is to be an Evasion Healer afterall, so no problem.」

「Evasion Healer?」

「You see, incresing your evasion means that. You would be able to avoid all of enemy’s attacks.」

「I see…That makes you practically invisible then.」

It looks like I was running for the high risk information gathering, but in truth I don’t really want to be here.

what can i say, i’m a gamer afterall.

「But I have to get used to this world first, so it’s hard to go to another continent right away.」

「That’s right. I don’t think we’ll quickly find a way to go home…」

The three of us are aware that it will be a long battle.



「Speaking of which, thank you for taking me out of jail. I’m surprised the King allowed me to go out though.」

「Oh…about that.」

I immediately saw Ren anxious face, then he turned his sleeves and showed me the bracelet.

There is no decoration on that bracelet. Then Ren tells me what it is.

「I dont really want to tell you about this and want to keep it secret, but I too don’t want to hide it because we’re a companion … This is a contract bangle. The King promised to let us three move free as long as i wear this.」

「Huh !? No, no, you … that mean you’re not free at all Ren !? What kind of contract is it?」

「It’s not so restrictive. Only that i can’t go to another country without the King’s permission.」


Anything that can be immediately canceled will be fine, but if it is unusual and difficult to cancel the contract, it will be necessary to find a way. What do you think the summoned hero is?

However, I can’t blame Ren for thinking about us.

If I didn’t take ridiculous action, it wouldn’t have happened.

I will find a way to broke the contract, i swear in my heart.

「i wish i could do something.」

「Ruri, dont need to worry about me, because i’m older than you.」

Ruri seems to regret that and he wants to help. Ren calmed her down, but she shook her head and said, 「I will definitely get stronger.」

「I understand the situation for the time being. Well, to say it, my skills are [Heal] and [Regeneration]. Regarding recovery, I have 100 point status on it so it’s okay.」

「I understand about [Heal], but what is [Regeneration]?」

I Explained the effects of [Regeneration] to Ren and asked them about their status. Ren seemed to give bonus points to attack and defense, and Ruri to magic power and defense.

The status values ​​are [Attack] for physical attack power, [Magic] for magic attack power, [Recovery] for recovery, [Defense] for defense power, [Accuracy] for bow and stone hit accuracy, [Evasion] for avoidance of course.

「We need to decide how to contact when we need something, but I don’t know … For now, let’s use our given name to contact each other, i mean the King only knows about our family name.」

「That’s right, we didn’t give our full name back then. Then, every contact that use our family must be a trap, okay?」

「Yes, let’s move carefully for a while.」

Saying so, we looked up face to face.

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