I Swear I Won’t Bother You Again! – Chapter 01

The Second Time I Wish We, Sisters Are Strangers

Auld Roa Vahan of Duke Vahan house politically married to his deceased wife, Bellerose. However, it happened because Bellerose strongly wished for the marriage, that it happened one-sided and rather forcibly.

Still, Duke Auld tried hard to love his wife. No matter it is politically or forcefully, in order to becoming family……

However, the feeling did not last long.
The reasons are Bellerose’s arrogance and strong desire to monopolize.

Smooth light gray hair, unforgettable sharp eyes, and tall well-built stature finishing the beauty that took everyone’s breaths away.
It was understandable to see that Auld did attract a lot of women in the society, and Bellerose was happened to be one of them. Later, she took the seat to become his wife by using all means to defeat others in noble societies.
Nobles can marry without love, so marriages for love has always been targets of envy.

However, Bellerose was not satisfied.

She wanted Auld all for herself. At first, it seemed normal since being together with your beloved all the time is something everyone wishes for.

However, the problem lied in the method she took.

She would not allow a single woman approaching Auld, whether they were servants or business partners.

It became worse bit by bit overtime, and she could not even trust Auld who actually did his best not to cheat anyone, and yet she kept asking this question almost every day.

–Who were you with?
–I was at work.
–Lie, you were actually with a woman!

She knew everything. Why, why won’t he love her back?
Don’t leave me alone. Don’t look at other women, I won’t let you leave me. I won’t let you.
Thinking such, she cursed.

It would not be strange for Auld not to get tired of such a life. Even they are family, the affection soon disappeared, and he started to wish for a woman that can support him.
Having a concubine is not an unusual thing among nobles. It is not even a problem either.
For a person who was not pleased without a successor with his current wife, would take a concubine for a successor.
For those after their political marriage, found a person he truly loved.
For those who are not pleased with only one woman, so they want to love more than one woman at the same time.

Due to various reasons, they might need to live at different houses in order to avoid the wife for their own sake of livelihood.

However, it was the worst case of scenario for Vahan family.

Bellerose’s obsession for Auld kept increasing day by day, and she even forbade Auld to visit his concubine unreasonably, and she accused that Auld would run away with his concubine.

At the worst timing, that time Bellerose was pregnant of a child, whether it was a God’s prank.

That child was Violette Rem Vahan.

She was a beautiful girl with round eyes and pale grey hair. She is obviously Auld’s daughter from any angles.
That time, Bellerose was very pleased with Violette’s birth.
A daughter that looked exactly like the person she loved. As long this girl exists, Auld would come back to Bellerose as long there is a connection between Violette and Auld.
That girl was her only hope. Bellerose cherished her daughter very much even though she had distorted reason.

Bellerose felt a satisfying, yet shameless victory since the only connection that Bellerose shared with Auld is an innocent child.
As long she was a mother, along with the servants, there is no need for the excuse to have the concubine around.
That kind of lifestyle had become something she took for granted, and Violette had it worst.

Due to her husband’s action, Bellerose’s jealousy continued to distort over the years, even until her life was exhausted.

At first, she kept cherishing Violette’s face. She would not allow scratch or sunburn, so she kept Violette on her side all the time. She kept holding on a hope that Auld would come back to her one day since his daughter was the living proof.

In the end, Bellerose could not stand the fact that Auld did not return for a long period of time.
The way she looked at Violette started to change slowly. She cut of all Violette’s clothes and long hair, and she seemed to become a boy in a blink of an eye. Just like the younger Auld in the album.

She supervised her beloved daughter to act like her beloved husband, not just on appearance, but with also actions. Violette must not learn to behave like a girl, but she had to learn handling weapons and self-defense skills, as well seeking knowledge as much as Auld’s, thus she won’t say anything as long Violette obeyed her mother.

Bellerose’s  abnormal behaviors ended when Violette had not been able to hide her feminity.
Regardless how similar she looked with Auld, however that does not change the fact, they have different genders.  As Violette grew, she kept becoming the Violette that Bellerose no longer sought.

Thus, Bellerose lost interest to Violette who cannot become Auld.

Everything started to fade away since.
Bellerose solely needed Violette for her appearance that is so similar to Auld.
She was unable to talk to the servants, and somewhat Violette had become someone Bellerose could not have to be out of her sight.
Violette had not realized that Bellerose’s desire to possess Auld was an illness.
Even on her last breath, Bellerose only had Auld inside her heart.
At first, Violette thought that might be the same for Auld, but she threw that wish away.

Not paying attention to Violette’s helplessness, her father gives a hand of marriage to that concubine with a daughter.

She does not want to remember such things, considering how awful they were.
She detested her step-mother, her step-sister, and even her father who threw her into a prison. She feels bad for harming Maryjun to death. She really wanted to bow down as soon as possible, there were lots of things inside head.

There are no rooms for excuses for the crimes she has committed…… Recalling it again, Violette’s crime was heavier than she thought.

Back then, when her mother was still around, she would not even bother to pay attention to the house’s circumstances, but…… right after her mother’s sudden death, all of her pain surfaced to her conscious mind.

Seems that it was difficult for her to withstand the negative emotion building up inside her, not the feeling of wanting to be loved by her father and mother, instead the hatred toward her step-sister.

Though, it was the correct answer.

“Violette-sama, are you alright?”

“Y-yes…… I’m just a bit exhausted.”

“I’ll prepare you some hot milk, it’ll help you calm down.”

Violette’s maid, Marin looks worried, seeing Violette’s exhausted expression. Of course not only toward Violette, but also toward Violette’s father, who was the cause of the problem.

Since then, after they have a talk face to face with each other, somehow thing has returned to its peaceful self…… or at least it should be.

Marin is worried about Violette’s feeling. Taking accounts that Violette shares the similar facial feature just like her father’s, she also shares his trait of not listening to other. They are supposed to be like two peas in a pod.


Assured that Marin has left the room to prepare some hot milk, Violetta lets out a heavy exasperated sigh.
She cannot act like she doesn’t know the reason, knowing full well the problems approaching from now on.
It might be plausible to say that the sinner, Violette has been given a new chance not to repeat her mistakes. Considering all advantages she has now, it’s more important for her to avoid everything that will push her to pull crimes.

Of course, no one in this world knows about the crime she has committed before, but it will stay engraved deep inside Violette’s heart and will never disappear. That is why she swears to herself not to repeat the same mistake this time.

Now, Violette has decided her resolve.

After graduating from the academy, she will cut off her ties with her family and live in the countryside, taking the opportunity as a nun to dedicate herself to the God who has given her this second chance. It is the ideal future that Violette envisioned.
She does not need to be loved or cherished.
If she ever got too attached, she would not reason herself, and Violette understands that.
With her previous life’s experience engraved inside her mind, she decides to live alone and die normally like a normal person.
In order to do so, she needs to overcome Maryjun who will be in the same school with her near in the future. Her former self took the iniative going to the bad direction, so this time Violette will do the opposite.
She does not want to repeat that choice again.

After repenting in that prison, she seemed to have realized that Maryjun was really kind to the point that she showed compassion to the person who tried to kill her.
However, she won’t get in the way this time, and she also thinks that getting involved with Maryjun would make her happy from the bottom of her heart.

However, whether that does not mean that she will come to like Maryjun, that would be a no.

All her thoughts right now came from her guilt, not love. As long she does not interfere her, she can fulfill her dream to be happy in some place Maryjun doesn’t know about.

“Violette-sama, I’ve returned.”

“Thank you, Marin……Ah, it’s really warm.”

Wrapping the mug with her both hands lets her sense the warmth of the milk inside the mug.
Her shoulders relax, letting her know that she has been very tense all this time.

(There are just too many things all of a sudden……)

When she remembered the time she was imprisoned, the time she lost her mother, then a concubine who was suddenly introduced as her step-mother.
There is a saying that there will be always ups and downs in life, and we have to overcome those. It is something troublesome yet unavoidable.

“…… I’m exhausted. I guess, I’ll just rest for the day.”

“Then, I’ll help you to change your clothes.”

“I’ll do it myself…… Sorry, right now I just want to be alone.”

“…… I understand.”

She wanted to be alone to reconsider what we should do in the future and coming up with measures. Even though she planned not to get involved, but they are still sisters who carry the same last name.
Drinking the hot milk, Violette later disappears into the bedroom, with Marin keeps lowering her head.

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