I Swear I Won’t Bother You Again! – Chapter 02

Extreme Means Fatal

Royal Tanzanite Academy.
It is the most prestigious academy where all young nobles from the age 12 to 18 and only commoners from wealthy family gather to study not only academics, but also manners and etiquette. At the same time, it also covers the knowledge necessary for becoming a successor.
Violette belongs to the second year of the high school division. She needs to spend 2 years before her graduation.
Maryjun, who just became a noble, will also be attending this school. Since she is only one year younger than Violette, she will also enroll into the high school division.

It goes without saying that Maryjun will be the center of attention of other high ranked nobles, knowing that she recently entered Vahan family.

“Ah…… Good day, Violette-sama.”

“Good day.”

Since this morning, Violette has been surrounded by other students more than usual. Even after finishing all her greetings to everyone, she would still get surrounded by those students.
It seems like Maryjun’s presence has become a rumor in a flash, and everyone is curious about her enrollment. Even though she is a concubine’s daughter, it is still a matter of adults, not something for adolescents to mind.
Thanks to those, Violette is reminded how much the previous Violette immersing herself like a tragic heroine.

(I think this should be fine now that it’s the second time.)

She thinks that she better watches out for the classmates that most likely will cross the lines. However, it’s going to be fine, because she is not the type of character that will just follow along and smile.

Violette’s education is behind the standard since she was raised as a boy by her mother.
Though her hard works show how much a Duke’s daughter she is, she is worried that she might get found out. Thanks to her worries, she takes some distances with classmates, and only with few friends of her whom she allows.
There are many who adore Violette thanks to her family background, but she must be careful handling those kinds of people, or she might get used as a stepping stone.
It was something she has learned from experience.


She prepared a book to kill time, but the sight of her reading might be considered as unusual.
Although she does not dislike reading herself, Violette prefers to have fun outside due to her childhood influence.
Back then, she worked hard in order to become the wonderful daughter that everyone’s loved, thus she forced herself to become a good girl.

(……Well, it’s no longer necessary anymore.)

She has abandoned the hope of being loved and treasured. There is no point for her to get hopelessly desperate. If they won’t love her no matter what, then what’s the point of wishing for it?
The previous Violette who clings to the false hope is no longer her. Right now, those attachments are necessary for the current Violette.

This life will be for the sake for my atonement for Maryjun.
I shall live without getting in the way of her happiness, for the greater good.

In other words, she just needs to become a likeable Violette.
As long she acts like a good girl, no one would dare to complain about her.
She does not need to force herself studying or running around even though she is not perfect.
As long she does not get in the way of Maryjun, without bad reputation, Violette will be able to live the way she wants to.

(Besides, no one would even try to care anyway.)

Neither her father or mother love or properly take a look at Violette. That was why Violette tried so hard to the point that even she might sell her soul to the devil, just in order to receive her father’s attention.
However, she is fortunate that this time she does not have anyone watching her. No one would care. Violette will live inconspicuously receiving the modest treatment.

“……Alright, let’s do it like that.”

Listening to Violette’s monologues, someone was staring at her worried, confused, and wondered if she has become crazy all of a sudden.

Luckily that Violette didn’t pay attention toward her surroundings…… She doesn’t need to worry about the stares that were directed at her.

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