I Swear I Won’t Bother You Again! – Chapter 03

Treasure The Younger Brother

There are only two years remaining until graduation, and Violette has decided to enter monastery afterward.
There are just mountains of things she has to do.
Before, she has been trying hard to answer her mother’s wish and behaved properly like a good daughter. However, her “wish to be loved” was the cause of her regret.
Friends she made with my previous behavior, left her thinking that Violette has gone mad, leaving only 2 people staying as her friends. She is not complaining since it was her own fault. In the first place, her relationships with them are because of family connections, and she does not feel like getting along with them again.
That way, it is much easier for her to achieve her own goal.
She can do anything as she pleases now.
Even going home from school, she can also do it by herself, even it is lonely.
Thing like hanging out with friend is an out, and anything related to friendship is an out for time being.

(……There are too many things have to be done.)

During recess, her classmates did not even try to talk to her, and she also saw them spreading notes one by one.
She has been doing almost everything alone, and she is surprised how many things can be done alone.
People around me her are so desperate in making friends, and she remembers that she used to misunderstand that I needed to make friends as many as possible. Now that she thinks carefully, it is not even necessary to go to the restroom together.
Thus, those are the interesting discoveries for Violette who just planned to live her life without getting along too much with other people.

“I wonder if I should stop by somewhere after school today……”

Ah, but she needs to go home to celebrate Maryjun’s enrollment.
Now that she remembers, her father did not even show his face when she was first enrolled into the academy. Guess her father just loves Maryjun so much. Now that it is obvious, she won’t expect any better treatments.
But previously…… the first time she cursed Maryjun at this very grand celebration, Violette cursed about her table and speech manners.
Even though, her father has given her the minimum education, Maryjun seated herself among commoners. Even though she looked more beautiful compared to them, but for a noble sitting in the middle commoner, it is something distasteful.
The previous Violette understood that. She laughed at Maryjun, who just become a noble recently, would not be able to understand the essence of being a noble.
Right now, Violette is more likely distressed by her previous behavior.

(Then, that means I need to do something……)

She can imagine her father would frown for getting in the way of celebration.
She does not need to report for not showing up during dinner.
Probably only those gullible mother and child will wait for Violette. Her father would only listen to those two.

(……I should ask Marin that I’m going to have dinner in my room.)

It is not something spoken much, but this is a special case. Marin knows that there is a severe wall between Violette and other family members, so other servants also sympathizes.


It seems time has passed while she was writing down her plans. She did not even realize that class has begun. She did hear the bell has rung until she sees her teacher standing on the podium.
She quickly prepares her textbook and opens some blank pages.

Since she is familiar with the lesson’s material, it is not that much of a trouble to understand. She does not remember anything but the surfaces, and there are some parts she does not understand because the previous Violette did not find studying important. But still, she can understand the lessons more quickly because it’s just like reviewing her previous lesson.
This is such a pleasant miscalculation, her father would not even take a look at her even she got a good grad. Even though it is not something new, but she was often compared with Maryjun, who is a prodigy.
Although she is neither a prodigy nor a genius, Violette understands the most important from studying is the result not the process. It is because of Violette’s hardwork that she is capable after receiving tutelage from many people.
She tries to make an excuse, but since it’s useless, she gives up.
She does not like it, but she might to study seriously until the school’s over.


It is time for her to go home, or that is what she thinks as she stands up carrying her bag.



Her shoulders stiffen when someone calls her by her nickname. She is startled, but soon she remembers that there is only one person that would call her “Vio-chan.”

“……Yulan. You’re too loud. Don’t you think you would bother anyone?”


Though, that person behaves like a child despite having a tall stature even he’s lowering his shoulders. Violette thinks that she somehow saw dog ears attached on him, but it might be just a hallucination.
He is Violette’s underclassman, also her childhood friend, Yuran Cugrus.
His golden hair, which reminds of you of brown tabby, matches his golden eyes. Even though he might seem scary because he is so stall and strong, but actually he is well-liked by people around him thanks to his smile.
He is an ideal young man with great personality and appearance.
His family is influential to royal family since his father supports the king as the prime minister of this kingdom. He is a single child without siblings, but compared to Violette’s family circumstances, Yuran grew up loved by his parents.

“You haven’t been attending class for almost 2 years before…… did something happen to you?”

He often talks in loud voice, so it is obvious whether he feels impatient or delighted without caring of his surroundings.
However, he’s usually calm and kind, also does not like to stand out too much. He can charm everyone as long he stands still and behaves accordingly.
He would not rush to an upperclassmen’s classroom and raise his voice like this without reasons.

“I heard some rumors…… about Vio-chan’s father.”

Now she understands why Yuran came to visit her.
She guesses that the rumor about the second wife in Vahan house has spread so fast. Knowing that Yuran is Maryjun’s classmate, it wouldn’t be so strange.
But it is true that the rumor that Violette has gotten a new mother is true.”

“……How about we move somewhere else?”

Even she wants to explain the circumstances; the classroom is too crowded and not suitable for this. It does not need to be particularly hidden as long there are no one would listen around.
Clearing rumors is similar to chain messages. Some messages will be conveyed incorrectly depending how it is delivered.
Previous Violette did not notice such things and continued to spread poison about her step-sister about anything. Later, those poisons eventually contributed into Violette’s destruction. It was her incompetence. Now, she will not taking the same action after knowing how it would end. That is something Violette’s belief in order to stay low-profile.
If that person is not Yuran, that will happen again this time. However, Yuran is just like a younger brother to Violette, so that eliminates her concern.

She pulls Yuran’s arms and left classroom while looking up for a quiet place.

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