I Swear I Won’t Bother You Again! – Chapter 06

Painful Memories Will Turn Into Dark Past

“Onee-sama, how are you feeling?”

“……I’m fine, I’m sorry that I didn’t come last night.”

“No, onee-sama’s health is the priority!”

Her smile is as bright just like a gentle ray of sunshine. It can be said if someone that her unclouded can soothe anyone who see.
For her to be worried for her step-sister coming to her celebration, she is indeed a girl with beautiful heart.
However, Violette cannot actually receive her kindness so easily since her twisted personality runs deep inside her. Looking from the big picture, it’s like a straight line, but there are small twists entangling each other.
She honestly doesn’t want to get involve herself with her family members, so she can just leave the house without any worries.

“We were talking about it last night, but Mary will be joining in the next tea party.”

“……Is that so?”

As expected, it is as she remembered. After knowing about last night’s celebration, she seems to notice that the future would not change that easily even though she avoided it. It is no surprise to her.
Either because of noble’s habit or nature, tea parties are held occasionally within fixed cycles.
These parties are essential for nobles in the “society.” It is one of important duties as nobles to show how prosperous and courteous they are. There is no exception even they are children, and usually children are the cause of most problems.

To be honest, she thinks it is not good to attend tea parties right now considering the rumors about her family are still flying around whether they are good or bad.
Perhaps her father pays no mind to such things. However, she does not know how indifferent her father is.

Knowing her father has gained a lot of allies with his talent and appearance, he is an idealistic person who keeps on dreaming.
He would not even think that others’ negative emotions will be directed to his beloved daughter. Either it is due the difference between adults and children, or it is due to the difference of concubine’s status between father’s generation and our generation…… Either way, it’s not going to change anything.
Even though he can make any impartial judgments seriously in his work, he seemed always to be blind about his daughter when he interacted with Violette. His indifference and blindness are just like moon and stones, and he seemed to be treating Violette harshly.
In addition, since the center of the tea party will be Maryjun, she thinks it would not end up really well.

She did not even have the time…… to prepare countermeasures.

Spending days fighting her bad feelings, she keeps planning out multiple countermeasures, but that do not seem to be successful.
Perhaps it was because her absence the other day, or because of someone else…… she cannot help but to accept the possibility of the latter one.
Violette does not want repeat what she ended up with previously, she thinks of getting closer to Maryjun this time. In case something bad befalls to Maryjun, Violette might be able to do something and prevent it to save herself.

“Mary, it looks good on you!”

“Yeah, truly beautiful.”

“Thank you! Mother, Father!”

Maryjun is surrounded by her parents. Looking at her blossoming flowers, she does not seem to understand her circumstances that Violette’s worrying about.
To Violette, Maryjun’s kindness is her flaw covered in sweetness and affection. It is not only her charm but also her weakness. It’s clear she would be taken advantages of.
Looking at her playing happily with her dress and praised by her parents, it cannot be helped that it looks like a scene of an ideal blessed family.


“……Would you like to stay in your room until departure?”

That would be the best choice for ignored person who should have been there.
Naturally, for people who have no idea about the circumstances, it looks like parents doting their precious and adorable daughter so much.
In addition to that they ignore the existence of the eldest daughter, now they are only a “family gathering” that she won’t have feeling toward to.
It was stupid of her for getting hurt of this.

“Then, I shall prepare your tea.”

“Even though we’ll be going to the party soon?”

“Violette-sama is known for not eating and drinking anything in tea parties.”

“Huhu, Marin surely knows everything, huh?”

“Everything related to Violette-sama that is.”

Marin started serving Violette since seven years ago, and they have spent more times together rather than with their parents. They are very close that they know each other’s personality and preferences more than those who are related by blood. Even weakness, strength, troubles, and complexes.
Even during the time when Violette chose sin, Marin’s existence had been her saving her who was abandoned by her own family.

“Then, I’m counting on you.”

“Understood…… Violette-sama.”


Turning her back toward the door, Violette can see Maryjun fluttering her dress in a delightful voice. Although the hem makes the skirt looks stunning, but it actually restricts her movement than it seems. Perhaps Maryjun does not notice her sister watching her dancing in delight from the beautiful dress, and it seems no one has taught her yet. Her father knows nothing, and this pair of mother and daughter is newcomers in tea parties.
It might be necessary for Violette to teach them, but she does not feel like it since she just leaves the group.
It is already a mystery for Vahan family who should have been grieving after a member have died, but they are putting family gatherings like this.
Till the end, Violette’s position is getting further from the family.

“Even today, you’re really beautiful. Your matching clothes suits you very well.”

“……Thank you, Marin.”

Bright red dress matches her gray eyes and hair. Even though she looks mature, the dress was designed to be cuter instead of more elegant. She decides her own hairstyles and accessories, and lets Marin arranging it.
Violette understands that everything included with Marin’s compliment are sincere and honest. They are not in the relationship based on flattery and politeness anymore.
Although she understands that clearly, but to Violette thinks Marin is a family member who filled the hole inside Violette whose family has turned their back to.
Marin won’t hurt her, and she won’t make Violette worry.
Even though Violette has no attachment to her desire and attachment, it is still the one thing she has noticed.

(Now that I think about it…… I did not receive praises at all.)

Such things like being praised, she did not even receive praises from her father despite dressing nicely today, not even once.
Even though we’re family, even though we live together…… She has never been praised, and their eyes barely meet each other whenever they talk.

(It’s worthless, the more I think about it.)

The more she recalls her painful memories, her dark past. She had never been praise, but she wished to be loved. It’s just hilarious.

(Let’s make use of this in the future……)

Although she doesn’t like hitting bullets to unexpected places, but it cannot be helped in order to prevent the situations from worsening.
Right after she entered the room, Violette has been shaking her head and making various expressions while waiting for Marin’s tea.

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