I Swear I Won’t Bother You Again! – Chapter 08

Everything Depends On Emotions

Violette is surprised to hear her name, and she instinctively faced to the direction where her name was spoken.
Thinking she might need to check out the situation, it turns out to be hopeless. What a worst development that someone spouted such a rude remark without considering the situation.
It is not good to cause troubles, so don’t do it.

“Do you understand how much you and your parents have hurt her……? How much self-absorbed are you?”

“I saw you before, and it was obvious that you are not well-versed with etiquette and manners. Moreover, you are also a lowborn.”

Objectively speaking, it was such an ugly scene considering how malicious those words are thrown. Violette once did the same, and she feels disgusted on how similar it is between her memory and reality right now.
Violette is standing far away from others since she prefers less crowded areas, but she did not expect that it would be such a convenient location to see everything.
Moreover, there are those who are involved with Maryjun aside from Violette. Even she is not the way she was before, this unexpected situation would still be troublesome for previous Violette who only wished to love and be loved.

(It’s getting problematic……)

To be honestly speaking, she considered those women’s behaviors are just worsening their bad reputations, but she decides not to do anything since it is not for her to get involved for her own sake.
No matter what they do, it is still those women’s freedom to do so. Even though she was mentioned, it is still something unrelated to Violette.
However, she would prefer not to get caught inside other people’s problems.
Still, it is not the place for her to judge since she previously did the same thing. However, she would prefer to judge things calmly and solve the problems maturely without involving other people.
Violette has enough of those painful experiences, but to cause such uproar like this……
Both current Violette and previous Violette have never told them to do such things. However, they always hurt Maryjun for Violette’s sake regardless of Violette’s wishes.

“Vio-chan……  are you alright?”


She nods in response to Yuran’s worried eyes, but she feels exhausted inside.
She presses her forehead, trying not to spill out her thoughts. She thinks that by applying pressure to her forehead using her fingers would just ease the stress.
However, those women’s voices just keep getting louder and louder, and they kept gathering more and more attentions toward them. Violette and Yuran are happened to be one of those.
She wonders who caused this commotion.
When she assesses the situation objectively, it is obvious that those ladies whom Violette does not recognize who started the fight by ganging up on Maryjun. However, Violette does not believe that is the only cause. Still those women are causing trouble not only to Maryjun or other guests, but also to Violettte.
By leaving those women alone, they will notice their surroundings by themselves, or someone will warn them about the commotion they have caused. She thinks it is the most efficient and the best solution for Violette.

“Excuse me, can you perhaps wait for a bit?”


Leaving her belongings to Yuran, she takes a step forward. Wonder what she is going and planning to. She feels sorry for confusing Yuran for taking actions herself, but this will end soon…… or she hopes.
She understands clearly that she is contradicting from her plan to stay inconspicuous by approaching the source of commotion. However, leaving it alone would be also against Violette’s true feeling.
But, let’s take a look at the situation.
Objectively speaking, those ladies’ opinions have nothing to do with Violette, but…… reality states the otherwise.

(Using my name to pick a fight…… it’s the worst.)

They think they are doing justice for Violette.
However, their method is just bad even if they mean good.
Feelings affect everyone who has them. People are unable to think rationally once they are overtaken by their feelings.
What would happened to those girls influenced by their emotions to act for Violette? How would Violette be seen if they aren’t stopped?
Those answers are rather easy, but Violette cannot pay no mind to them since she understands the dangers.
Something just cannot be helped, and right now what is important is how to handle this quickly and appropriately.
She doesn’t have enough time to think even though her dress is slowing her pace. She wants to rush to the scene, but she is not in the position to do so.

“I wonder what tricks you did to get your hands on the Duke…… Well, I’m sure you’re after the power of Vahan family, we are not going to let you!”

“You’re wrong…… Neither I nor mother did such……!”

“You’re just a daughter of a prostitute, don’t get cheeky……!”

As if she is frightened, Maryjun lowers her head and closes her eyes. She is trying hard to oppose the malice toward her mother even though she is merely a helpless girl.
Right now, it is the same Maryjun I once faced.
She is a kind and beautiful. Regardless how or where she was born, she is the ideal loving person who will be loved. She is the kind of princess that is a polar opposite of Violette.
Surely even God would not allow her to get injured.

“—What is all this commotion?”

A voice can be heard right before the hand aiming toward Maryjun’s face, right before Violette could even say anything to stop it.
The resonating voice is stern like a frozen ice, but it is the appropriate weapon, which is meant not to hurt but to protect.
It is like a shield used by a prince to protect his princess.


“…… I was asking what you were doing.”

The woman who looked angry a moment ago, turned pale just like a different person. She looks like she is going to cry.
Even though those women think they are doing the right thing for Violette’s sake, but their opponent is not something they should not deal with.

“What’s about all of this commotion in the tea party hosted by our royal family…… I demand an explanation for this.”

Claudia Aqulucis.
He is neither a character from a fairy tale or romance fictions, which are aimed toward women.
He is the next king of the kingdom of Julyre, the rightful successor to the throne.

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