I Swear I Won’t Bother You Again! – Chapter 19

Those Who Inherit The Gold

At the end of sight, Yuran could see Violette rushing somewhere. It was hard to tell, but Yuran somehow recognizes dark expression on Violette’s face.


Just from noticing slight change in Violette’s expression, Yuran rushes to her without delay. He pays no attention to Claudia who is still with him. He just leaves Claudia out in the cold.


Whether it is standing or walking, somehow it feels slow.
Claudia is concerned of what happened to Violette, but what would he do if he chases after her? The usual Claudia would just ignore his curiosity, and just step down from getting involved.
He didn’t understand it before, and it was not enough. He cannot help but to think what should he do to make things right. He realizes that he did not try to understand what Violette meant that day.
Even it was just a quick measure, it is enough for normal people to reflect on it, but Claudia cannot tolerate his failure or reflect on it. He thinks it is foolish to admitting your failure as well regretting own decisions. Royal family is always correct, if it is failing, they just need to turn those failures into success. Knowing that royal responsibility, he must be more thoughtful than any other else. It is obviously the obligation that Claudia born with as the king’s son.

(Did Yuran know?)

How much responsibility does a king have over his subjects?
Claudia has been standing in the center of people since he was born, but he has not yet understood anything. He only thought he would understand it once he becomes the king.
But, that man(Yuran) is probably more competent than him.


He lets out a sigh meaninglessly.  His head is feverish hot, but his hands are cold.
Compared to Yuran, Claudia is definitely stiff.
These two are just the opposite of each other, from their faces, statures, hair colors, and textures. As if they were created to conflict each other. However, what they share with each other is the same eye color.
As it is a refined gold bar, their eyes are brilliantly shining golden. They said that color is a symbol of royalty. It is a well-known standing fact that those who have the said eyes will take the throne.
Many people put hope in that color. Owning golden eyes is more important than reality. What make the king are not competence, but pure blood and eye color. They believe competence would be passed down through blood, thus they believe Claudia would be as competent as his predecessor.
Thanks to such values, no one even considered to disregard the king. They were just blinded with such ideas and they were not taught to questions or even doubt since they were born.
However, after meeting Yuran, who falls on the odd and is more mature. Claudia could not help but to have questions.

Yuran perhaps is more suitable for the throne than him.

Yuran would laugh if he hears this, or perhaps he would just ignore it. Either way, no one would not accept this part of Claudia’s minds.
It would be better if he just told Claudia unfit for the throne.  These pitiful emotion just keeps welling up inside his heart. He must be feeling inferior to Yuran.
The only differences they have are just 2 years of age difference and blood line’s purity.



Who approaches Claudia is his friend after noticing. He looks like he is in a hurry, but he does not seem to be looking for Claudia. He did not run, but he is panting from walking too fast.
However, instead his usual calm demeanor, he clearly shows the expression that Claudia does not usually see.

“Mira…… What’s wrong? You seem to be in a hurry.”

“Ah…… right, did you see Miss Violette?”


He remembers what happened just now.
Violette looked so impatient while Yuran just went after her. Right now, his friend in front of him has the same expression for seemingly another reason.
It is plain obvious for Yuran knowing it involves Violette, but for Mirania looking for her…… It is know something anyone can imagine as far as Claudia knows.
He knows that they are acquaintances. Claudia often conversed with him when he’s with Violette, but mostly they only talk each other alone. However, if it is asked if those two get along, the answer would be no.
Many knew that Violette only pay attention to Claudia. That’s why he’s confused.
He never shows it, but he is the type who does not want to get involved with that young lady who is intoxicated by Claudia, especially when she does not seem to be giving up anytime soon.
That’s why, it’s true that Mirania is particularly avoiding Violette.

“What a rare name to come out from your lip.”

“Yeah…… I guess.”

“…… Did something happen?”

“…… Actually, I was talking with Miss Violette a while ago……”

Catching his breaths makes him difficult to speak in pace. It took a moment, but Mirania finally manages to explain the situation to Claudia, and Claudia looks determined.

“Let’s go, no time to waste.”

“Ah…… oh, hey……”

He leaves Mirania behind even though he was the one who stopped him in the first place. Mirania could not help but confused.
Claudia somehow manages to predict the situation based from Mirania’s explanation before now he has learned the difference between facts and truth of the other day.
Claudia will continue to extend his hand to offer protection and reliefs. Even after being beaten by what Yuran said, he just cannot change his nature.
That is why he has to go to the right person. To those who are not wrong, not like the answer he came up with like before.
In order to do that, he must see the situation firsthand. He is still too immature to judge from words he heard from others.

He has to make sure.
Even he has to face his own faults.

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