I Swear I Won’t Bother You Again! – Chapter 20

It should be peaceful if I cover it up as a dark past, right?

Violette knew that it’s not very proper for her to leave in the middle of a conversation. Even though she just wanted to leave, she should be giving a salute with the utmost respect. If she had to say it, nobles tend to strictly follow really troublesome traditions.

Violette already gave Mirania the basic salutation before she left, but she wasn’t sure to what extent Mirania’s standard for etiquette was. Even so, it should most likely be alright since considering Mirania’s calm attitude, he wouldn’t care about such minor details.

Rather than worrying about that, there was something else more important to think about right now.

(To think that I misjudged…)

No matter how much Violette tried to think optimistically, there’s no mistake on what she saw just now.

What Violette saw outside the window at that time was hair a beautiful pearly color, shining bright. A pure white that mirrored the purity of the owner’s heart, completely different from Violette’s dull gray hair.

Violette knew that color. She had seen it before. After all, it’s very similar to the hair color of the person who was laughing next to her this morning.

“Give me a break…”

It might be for the best to pretend that she hadn’t seen and didn’t know anything.  But if those people did something and used Violette as their motive and Maryjun reported it to her father… Even just by imagining it, it’s way too troublesome. 

Considering his love for Maryjun, her father would judge the situation partially. Of course, it’d be even worse than Claudia’s sense of justice.

Even if her father scolded her, Violette wouldn’t let that get her down. However, since she still needed a guardian, she didn’t want to make any unnecessary trouble. That house was already suffocating enough. Any more than this, Violette would surely die.

Violette briskly walked to the scene of the crime.

She just wanted to run without caring about her skirt, but she understood that her social status forbid it. She’s confident in her running since her mother wanted her to be a carbon copy of her father. But she couldn’t show off  her speed anymore. 

Marin praised that the lively Violette was also beautiful, but most nobles, and above all her father, didn’t wish for her to be too active. That’s because she should no more than just be a beautiful noble lady.

The young child, who was forced to dress and act like a boy since she started to be aware of her surroundings, was suddenly forced to live as a girl after her mother finally woke up from her self-centered ego. From there, Violette started to create the perfect facade of a young lady, without thinking about how suffocating it would be for her.

“There’s no need for this school to be this spacious, right…?”

Violette unconsciously voiced out her dissatisfaction at the size of the school . Actually, she had found the size of this place strange many times before when compared with the number of students. However, she never felt this strongly about it until now, caught in a hurry but unable to run. 

Similar to the school building, the garden was also just as giant. She was fed up with this.

“Where did they go…?”

Violette saw Maryjun’s shadow heading towards the courtyard.

However, even Violette was at a loss of words to describe the size of the courtyard. Don’t just mention Maryjun’s; Violette couldn’t hear the voice of anyone.

Considering the current time and how there’s only the sound of flowers swaying in the wind, Violette thought that Maryjun and the other ladies might have already returned to class. Violette would usually smile at how peaceful and calming it was, but currently, her heart was heavy with troubles. 

She paused in her tracks, convinced that she wouldn’t be able to find them if she’s just aimlessly searching for them. 

Violette forced herself to think deeply, opening the door to her previous life’s memories in order to recall the exact location. She wanted to forget those memories if possible, but they were useful in these kind of situations.

Violette remembered what she did to Maryjun in the past. She had scorned and cornered Maryjun with her group,and there were even times when they got violent. It’s no longer a past she could forget, but an permanent stain. 

Violette wanted to erase this past, and even the past actually disappeared by itself. But the memories still lived on, engraved firmly in the back of Violette’s mind.

That’s why she had to think. Where would she choose if she wanted to bully Maryjun? Through this, she could put herself in the shoes of those who were bullying Maryjun right now.

It should be somewhere desolate and inconspicuous. It’d be better if the place was dark, but Violette herself wouldn’t want to be in such a dirty place. And so wouldn’t the bullies. So she dismissed that idea. The best place for these kinds of things should allow the bullies to see others approaching from afar, but there wasn’t such a place in the school.

There were many desolate places,  but from where Violette last saw them, they must have moved to the part of the courtyard that was enveloped by the shadow of the school building.

“…Over there, huh?”

A familiar place suddenly came to Violette’s mind. Basically, it was the place where she once called Maryjun out and bullied her.

Never had she thought she’d get close to this place again. This must be the work of so-called fate.

Violette quieted down as much as she could, erasing her presence to avoid being detected. She cultivated this skill back when she was acting as her father’s replacement. She never thought it would be useful one day. 

Violette sharpened her nerves and strained her ears, so that she wouldn’t even miss the sound of a pin drop.

After awhile, she finally heard it. The voice she was searching for, that she didn’t want to hear ever, if not for this situation.

“To think that a mere mistress gave birth to a child and became the second wife… She’s really a whore, huh?!”

“My mother isn’t that kind of person…!”

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