I Swear I Won’t Bother You Again! – Chapter 39

If It’s You

The moment Gia voiced that question, Violette felt the air froze for a moment. Claudia and Mirania were surprised to hear their name suddenly mentioned. Even Violette was surprised. Above all, Yulan’s pink atmosphere immediately turned gloomy.

As anyone could see, it would be better if no one touched on that topic. Yet, Gia asked the question as if it was only natural for him to feel curious. Those two people gathered at the same table as Violette, but they didn’t interact with her at all. Not to say, they knew each other unilaterally. Their position, gender, age; they didn’t have many similarities with Violette.

“Rather than acquaintance… Well…”

They were her acquaintances. But from Claudia’s perspective, he classified Violette as someone he didn’t want to interact with.

And Violette understood that well. It was easy for her to nod, considering that it was the truth. Yet, to be honest, she wanted to say that they were strangers. Violette’s eyes wandered, not knowing how to reply.

Before Yulan could open his mouth to help Violette, the person concerned opened his mouth.

“She’s an old friend. Most of the students at this academy have known each other in social circles for a long time.”

Claudia didn’t look at them. He focused on eating his meals as he answered, but his answer wasn’t as harsh as Violette expected. She was a little surprised by his unexpected response.

Gia looked like he was convinced with that explanation. He didn’t dig any further and answered with a weak reaction before he started stuffing his cheeks like a squirrel.

“Rather than that, I’m more surprised that you know each other.”

“My first meeting with Vio-san is just a few days ago. I know Yulan from middle school.”

“…Now that you said it, you came to this academy at middle school, huh?”

Violette wondered if Gia’s easy-going attitude was due to his personality. Or maybe, the environment where he grew up raised him into this kind of person. She didn’t mind since he was Yulan’s good friend, but should he talk like that to the prince, who unmistakably had a special position?

Vio was worried that Claudia might scold or even threaten him. In the end, it was all needless anxiety. Claudia didn’t look reluctant to pardon Gia. He simply accepted his friendly tone. It seemed like not only Violette was surprised with this.

“Claudia, do you know him?”

“A few times in diplomatic gathering. He’s Sina’s prince.”

Sina was Gia’s country of origin. He was the third heir to the throne… in other words, he was a prince.

The island country consisted of varied sizes of islands surrounded by the sea. Even so, the citizens only lived on the island with the largest area. Therefore, there was a lot of untouched nature—a treasure trove of rare flora and fauna.

Sina’s people were known as lively. Long ago, they used to be a small ethnic group who loved hunting. Both men and women had tanned skin, plus silver hair, blue eyes, and green eyes were common there. It was a perfect match for Gia’s appearance. Since he was attending this academy, it was natural that he had a decent social position… but they never thought that he would be a prince.

Violette and Mirania raised their eyebrows in bewilderment. Both of them felt like they could understand Yulan’s feelings. Most likely, he was also surprised when he knew Gia’s identity during middle school.

“Our last meeting is when he decides to study abroad. I never thought that… he’ll interact with Yulan,” Claudia said, his words evasive.

Gia reflexively moved his gaze to Yulan. The said man was eating quietly next to him. Usually, he would smile so blindingly to the point that Gia wanted to avert his eyes from him. He thought that his good friend would never have a bad mood as long as he had Violette on his side.

Gia’s perception was correct but also incorrect. Even if Yulan were in the brink of death, he would be happy with Violette on his side. That foundation was unwavering.

Currently, Yulan was very happy. Even so, he was uncomfortable in another place. Even now, he was full of flowers in front of Violette, but somehow, he would release negative emotions every time he saw Claudia’s expression.

Not minding the reason, Gia was interested in Yulan’s skilful stunt.

“Gia, I don’t care if you want to chat, but we really won’t make it in time if you don’t eat now.”


“Speak after you swallow.”

Yulan didn’t mean that Gia could talk as long as he kept his mouth closed. Seeing his cheeks stuffed up, Yulan at least knew that Gia tried to rush. It was Gia’s own choice to stuff his cheeks to the limit, but Yulan felt troubled that his friend couldn’t bear his capacity in mind.

“…Vio-chan too. If you’re not going to eat anymore, you have to order it soon.”


“It seems like today’s recommendation is fruit tart.”

“Why do you know that…”

“Hmm? I asked the person who served my food just now. She told me that they stocked lots of fresh fruits.”

“That’s not my question…”

Violette wondered how did he know that she wanted to order the dessert… But that question immediately dissolved in a blink of an eye. Just like what she said to Claudia and Mirania, she didn’t hide her love for desserts. She ordered desserts almost in her every lunch, and she did them in front of Yulan. Of course, it would be easy for him to predict that.

Violette felt like Yulan had thoroughly known her. She turned her face away from him, sulking. But in the end, she realized that she would order that sparkling and charming fruit tart, so it didn’t have much meaning for her to sulk like this. As evidence, Yulan was smiling in satisfaction when he heard her order.

“Yulan, you won’t be on time if you don’t eat quickly too.”

“I don’t order that much, plus I’m not eating that slowly. It’ll be fine.”

“That’s if you compare your lunch to Gia, right? Generally speaking, you also eat quite a lot.”

“I don’t want to hear that from someone who eats less than normal people…”

“Shut up.”

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