I Swear I Won’t Bother You Again! – Chapter 40

(His expression is as clear as day… How rare.)

While chewing and gulping down his bread, Gia thought so.

As he enjoyed the aroma of the bread in his mouth, he watched the rare expression on his good friend’s face… Rather, this was the first time he saw it.

Yulan went back and forth from having a good mood and a bad mood. And now, he had both of them simultaneously. Since Yulan usually always stayed in the same frame of mind, it was quite unusual for him to switch his mood so easily.

Gia still vividly remember the day he first met Yulan.

Because Sina didn’t have a long history since they began to switch to monarchy, it was the royal family’s duty to study abroad in a foreign country’s academy. The other reason was that the level of the learning institutions in Sina wasn’t that high. Not only Gia, but his two older brothers and father attended Tanzanite Academy as well.

Gia entered the dormitory for foreign students when he advanced to the middle school. But at the same time, he just graduated from Sina’s elementary school. He was still twelve years old at that time.

And then, the reality that waited for him right after he entered the middle school was… everyone was treating him with great caution. Probably, that was the most suitable expression to describe it.

His tanned skin was conspicuous in the midst of the numerous fair-skinned students. Not to say, as a crude man mingling in the den of gentlemen, he naturally stuck out like a sore thumb. The only fortunate thing would be how even if Gia noticed it, he cheekily didn’t give a damn. From the start, Sina royalties were the most lively and daring even among Sina’s citizens.

Gia didn’t try talking to others and only looked at his surroundings. His presence was like a rare animal in the zoo. To be honest, he didn’t dislike his school life. Nevertheless, it wasn’t fulfilling for him, so he was apathetic about it.

“You’re eating all of that?”


Looking up to the unfamiliar voice, Gia noticed a boy who was watching him. That boy was asking him a genuine concern on how he surrendered himself to his constant crazy appetite. Rather than surprise, his question came out of interest. Gia could see that the boy wasn’t looking down on him.

That boy’s eyes were flat golden color. He was a peculiar boy who would change the situation surrounding Gia… he was Yulan.

Yulan was one head taller than his surroundings. His smile was kind and gentle. His physique might give a sense of oppression, but his looks were undoubtedly soft. Taking account of his age, physique, and gender, Gia wasn’t sure if he could agree with this, but most people attribute Yulan as cute. With his appearance and amicable manner, many students gathered around him.

Gia was surprised that such Yulan talked to him. Above all, his facial expression was very surprising. Even if it was inappropriate in that situation, he was impressed with how this man had a beautiful face even if he didn’t smile.

At first, their interaction was just those few words. Next, they started to greet each other. Sometimes they would chat, and when he noticed it, they were often together. Gia realized that Yulan was his friend or even close friend because the students around him said so.

“Gia, you’re close with Yulan, eh? It’s surprising.”

With Yulan as the cue, the number of people who started to talk to him increased. He didn’t know if it was the cause, but slowly but surely, the academy had grown accustomed to different Gia.

Of course, only a few people accepted him after they were used to him. But for Gia, there was no big difference either way. As long as he could live comfortably and no one harmed him, he wouldn’t even notice other people.

For Gia, Yulan was a comforting partner. Calling him as his friend or close friend might sound beautiful, but actually, he didn’t think they were that close.

And that must be the same case for Yulan.

Yulan who always had a gentle smile like blooming flowers was often surprised around Gia, and his laugh were unrestrained. His gentle tone became somewhat blunt, and the atmosphere around him were stiff.

They were friends who could stay together without fussing about each other. If you called it as ‘best friend’, then they certainly were.

But that was nothing special.

For Yulan, Gia’s existence were certainly big to some extent, but he probably wouldn’t feel sad after casting him away. Gia knew well that Yulan wouldn’t feel hurt even if they severed their ties, like being pricked with a needle.

The special thing for Yulan in this world was only Violette.

He called her name with gentle voice, as if handling a delicate glasswork. He only smiled with overflowing emotions when he spoke about her. Yulan was always on the same person’s side when he was in the ultimate happiness.

Don’t break her, don’t hurt her, and don’t let anyone hurt her.

Violette was Yulan’s treasure. Yulan was very fond of Violette. Gia could know that even without needing Yulan to say it out loud. Therefore, he knew that he shouldn’t carelessly meddle himself with Violette. And Yulan also knew that Gia understood that.

Yulan, the indifferent man that looked soft, devoted his mind and soul to Violette, pampering her like a princess.

The first time Gia met Violette was when his friendship with Yulan was about to reach the third year.

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