I got a Cheat Ability in a Different World, and became Extraordinary even in the Real World – Volume 1 Chapter 6 – New Life

Chapter 6 – New Life

Part 1

From this sunny day, I will be attending school as a student of “Ousei Gakuen”. I was wondering about the transfer procedure, but apparently, the board chairman had also handled it, so there was almost nothing I could do. I really feel indebted to him.

Be that as it may, I couldn’t help but to excited to think that I could go to that “Ousei Gakuen” from now on. However, although I received my uniform, I don’t have a textbook or P.E uniform yet, so I’m going to receive it tomorrow. Until then, I’ll have to ask the person next to me to show her textbooks and just observe during P.E class.

I was attending school while thinking about such things, and students in uniforms from “Ousei Gakuen” began to come into my sight here and there.

“Hey, hey, that…”

“The person rumored yesterday!”.

“Wait… Isn’t he much more handsome!?”

“Amazing… from which model agency is he?”

“No, I’ve never seen such a handsome model before, you know?”

Hmm… Strangely, their eyes are gathered on me. Is there a problem with my uniform?

I arrived at the school with some anxiety, but, first, I went to greet Tsukasa-san in the chairman’s office. Then, like yesterday, he welcomes me with a gentle smile.

“Oh, it looks good on you.”

“I-is that so? Somehow, there were a lot of eyes on me, so I wonder if it really suits me…”

“Umu… You might have to start with confidence in yourself.”


“No, it’s nothing. Leaving that aside, you’re going to begin your life at this school from today. As I said yesterday, I couldn’t prepare your textbooks and P.E uniform until tomorrow. I’m sorry about that.”

“No, no! It’s okay.”

“It saves me if you say that. I’ll get it ready tomorrow morning.”

“Yes, thank you very much.”

After finishing the necessary conversation, the chairman and I chatted a little bit. And for the last one when it was time to head to the classroom, he told me;

“If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to tell me. However, there might be a case where I’m not in school and tell my daughter, Kaori, at that time. I don’t mind just hearing the story later.”

“Really… thank you very much for everything.”

I bowed my head with a whole lot of gratitude.

“Don’t worry about it. Now, it’s time to go to the classroom. Your new school life is waiting for you from now on.”


I bowed once again and went to the classroom where I am going to spend my time.


“─ Then, Yuuya Tenjou decided to spend another time in this class. It’s been a while, but everyone should get along, okay?”

“Yes!” said everyone in the class.

My class was the same as before, and Ryo and Shingo-kun looked at me, waving their hand with a smile.

…It’s amazing. I can’t believe there’s someone who accepts me properly.

I almost cried because of the difference in treatment I got until now, but I finished a simple greeting and took the same seat as yesterday. And greet Hyoudou-san in the seat next to me again.

“Hyoudou-san, please take care of me again, umm, I’m sorry, but… I didn’t get my textbook yet, it should be ready tomorrow, so can you show me yours again for today?”

“…Hmm, please take care of me, too. Ah yeah, got it, I don’t mind, and you can just call me Yukine, anyway.”

“Thank you!”

Truly, Hyoudou-san… I mean, Yukine is a good person. I will thank her again if there is an opportunity for it. And, that’s how I started taking classes in my new class.



It was in the afternoon class. After finishing lunch with Ryo and the others, it was the time for P.E class. Moreover, it will last for two hours. Since I becomes strangely sleepy after lunch, I’m grateful for this kind of physical activity class. However, I couldn’t participate because I didn’t have the P.E uniform, so, I will only observe for now.

In front of me, there was a scene in which Ryo keeping the soccer ball dribbling it and pulled out many students. By the way, Shingo-kun is in the same team as Ryo and standing in front of the goal. Yep, I’m also not good at sports, so I know why he wants to be in that position.

“Wai-! Somebody, go stop Ryooo!”

“No, wait, he has marked by three people, you know!?”

“If with three people aren’t enough, five will do!”

Then, five students rush to Ryo alone, but Ryo is just broadly grinning, looking at the spectacle as if to ridicule it.

“That’s a bad move, you know? Oops.”

“Geeeeeeee!?” the five students shouted in amazement.

Ryo kicked the ball up with his heels, he let it pass over the heads of five people, and he himself followed the ball and slipped out between them.

“No… Shingo-kun said Ryo was amazing, but… hey, it wasn’t just a joke, he’s really amazing…”

“Right? The boys who on his team might be relieved, but the boys who became his enemy will be desperate.”


When I involuntarily muttered that, I hear a voice that answered my mutter. I turned toward the voice in surprise, and there was a cheerful girl with a ponytail.

“Ah, did I surprise you?”

“Just a little… Uhm…?”

I know the students who are in the same class as me, but I still don’t remember their names. And, it seemed to have transmitted to the other party, and the girl said while making an apologetic face.

“Sorry, sorry, you must be wondered about my name, right? …I’m Kaede Kazama! Nice to meet you, Yuuya-kun.”

“Nice to meet you, too. Kazama-san.”

When I answered so, Kazama-san smiled bitterly.

“You can just call me Kaede, you know! I’ll also call you Yuuya-kun.”

“I-is that so? Alright, then.”

If I think about it, everyone just calls out with a given name… It’s too friendly. When I thought so, the other girls also came near us and supporting the boys.

“Do your best, everyone.”

“Go, go, go!”

“Hey, run even more!”

Although I was a little surprised at the scene, I asked Kaede.

“Are the girls taking a break?”

“Yes. That’s why the girls come to see the boy like this. The boys are different from us in terms of strength, after all!”

“I see…”

I was convinced by Kaede’s words and shifted my gaze to the field again; the boys’ morale exploded because the girl had come to see them, and their movement has improved because of that. You guys are really easy to understand, oi.

“Yooshaaa! Please look at my brilliant footwork…!”

“No, no, you should look at me instead!”

“That’s also good, but more than that…”

“LET’S STOP RYO!” they said in unison.

Then, unlike before, everyone except the goalkeeper went to stop Ryo.

“Whoa!? W-what is it!?”

“Hand me the ball!”

“No, I’d be the one who’s taking it!”

“Get out of my way! You’re just a hindrance!”

Ryo’s face has to twitch, looking at the opponent’s team rushes to him as the same as the scene of carnage.

“A-as expected, I won’t be able to handle this much…”


Ryo laughed as the enemy team shouted out a war-cry as they plunged toward him.

“Oi oi… Football is a team game, you know?”

“HEEEE!?” the enemy’s team shouted in unison.

Ryo passed the ball he was keeping to one of his teammates.

“AAAAAHHHH!?” they were clamoring as if just realized about it.

“You’re all idiots…”

Everyone, except the keeper, was heading to Ryo, so the enemy space was defenseless.

The student who received the ball was a smooth blonde ikemen guy.

“Fufufu… It was me who got the ball. You couldn’t win anymore! Look, this is my special shoot…!”

After he brushed his hair with his hand, he shot the ball with great strength ─ toward here.


“Hey, idiot! Where are you kicking it?”

Ryo said so involuntarily, but he was stunned. However, the ball is approaching here at a terrible speed at such a time. How much power did he put into it?

Leaving that aside, the girls, including Kaede, were close to this unexpected situation, they were unable to move, and some screamed and crouched on the spot.

When I saw it, my body was naturally moving, and when I noticed it…

I stood in front of Kaede, who was on the straight line of the ball and did a jumping volley aiming at the ball that flew here. Despite the flying ball, my kick hit beautifully and went straight to the goal that Ryo and his team were originally aiming for.

And then ──

“N-no way…”

“T-that’s a goal…”

“Are you serious…”

The ball which flew at an astonishing speed made a beautiful goal. I landed without difficulty and called out to Kaede, who had dumbfounded behind me.

“Are you okay?”

“…Eh!? Eh, ah, u…un! I’m fine!”

“Is that so? That’s good, then.”

No, I was delighted. Since I went to the different world, my physical abilities have dramatically improved, and I was able to contain the girls without harming them.

I wonder if I’ve become pretty strong in here too? This is including with the man who once disturbed Miwa-san before. Anyway, it was good; I still had the time to do that. The reason why I was able to move quickly was that I had a lot of experience kicking and knocked its strong-arm away in the battle with the Devil Bear.

I was relieved of that, and when I smiled, Kaede’s face turned beet red, but she immediately shook her face and asked me as if she just remembered something.

“…Ah!? Yu-Yuuya-kun! What’s that movement just now!? I’ve only seen such movement in the manga, you know!?”

“Eh? U-um… No matter what it was… I just could do it.”

Recently, learning how to move my body in the different world, I was able to reproduce the movements I imagined. Well, I had a hard time. My body moves, but my consciousness couldn’t catch up. Nevertheless, what would she think when Kaede sees the movement when I fight against the Devil Bear?

During such a conversation, the other girls also say thanks to me. Then, Ryo came to us.

“I’m sorry, were you all right?”

“Yep, Yuuya-kun protected me.”

“That’s good, then. Or rather, Yuuya, that was really amazing. Isn’t it okay for you to join the club?”

“Eh!? Yuuya-kun, are you in the going home club!?”


Until now, I’ve barely been able to move because of that damn fat, anyway.

“Yuuya-kun, you don’t look so muscular, though.”


When I remember my old days, Kaede touched my arm and stomach.

“Wow, that’s amazing. I couldn’t tell it from the top of your clothes, but when I touch it, you have a great muscle! I was surprised by how stiff it was!”

“I-I wonder if it is right?”

“I’m serious, you know. I’m training in the track and field club, but I really couldn’t get any muscle. Look, it’s soft, isn’t it?”


I was ultimately off guard, and Kaede guided my hand to touch her stomach. It’s soft… No, it’s not what I mean!

“K-Kaede-san? This is… I think it’s not a good idea to let a boy to touch your body.”

“Eh? Ah, s-sorry. I was doing it unconsciously.”

Kaede hurriedly released my arm and pulled her head with her face turning red. No, I don’t think you’re doing it unconsciously! I think you’re just a little defenseless!


Suddenly, we heard a loud voice. I turned my face to the voice and saw a blonde boy who kicked the ball before. Wondering what had happened, he immediately does dogeza with a flowing movement.

“I’m really sorrrryyyyyyyy!”

I was fascinated by a moment looking at the excessively beautiful dogeza, Kaede, immediately told him.

“It’s ok. It’s ok. I didn’t get hurt at all!”

“Oh… Will you forgive me…? I will serve you for my whole life…!”

“Eh… No, I don’t need that…”


He’s kind of funny, isn’t he? He’s a student of the type I had never seen before in high school, but he seemed to be a good boy.

He stood up and said, “Well… You saved me as well. Thank you.” he thanked me, too.

“Yes, well, I’m glad I could handle it, too. Be careful next time.”

“I’ll be handling it carefully next time!”

Replying to that, he introduced himself as he just recalled it.

“Oh, since you don’t remember my name yet, so I’ll do it again. My name is Akira Ichinose. I’m the one who’s called [Young Noble of The Ousei Gakuen]…!”

“No, I’ve never heard of it before.”

Ryo smiled bitterly, hearing my tsukomi.

“As you can see, Akira has some habits, but he’s not a bad guy. Well, it may take some time for you to get used to his joke.”

“What did you say. I’m very normal, you know? Hey, look at me!”

While saying that he brushed his hair, it might be an action that looks pretentious if he did it normally, but it suits Akira’s well. He’s amazing. Indeed, he has a weird habit, but he seems to be a good boy… This school is really interesting. I can’t think of it in my previous high school. That’s what I thought again.

Part 2

After the physical education class, Kaede and the other girls went to the changing room to change their clothes. Also, the girls from the next class had already begun to change their clothes there. There is Kaori in it, too, and Kaede, who acquainted with her, called out to her while changing clothes.

“Ah, Kaori-san! Could it be that your class after this is P.E class?”

“Yeah, how was that?”

Kaede’s eyes shined at the words.

“Listen, listen. The transfer student, Yuuya-kun, is amazing, you know!”

“Eh? Yuuya-san?”

“Yes, yes! Today’s boy’s class was football, but the ball that Akira kicked flew towards us who were watching. More precisely, the ball happened flew towards me! I thought, ah, it will hit me! But, Yuuya-kun kicked the ball back with an amazing movement. Moreover, the ball went straight to the goal! Wasn’t it amazing!?”

“A-amazing movement, you said?”

The confused Kaori asked Kaede, who spoke with excitement. Then, Yukine, who dressed next to Kaede, spoke up while taking off her P.E uniform.

“…Hmm. As Kaede said. It’s like in a manga or an anime… It was like a movement in such a world.”

“Right!? It was really amazing!”

“Is that so…?”

“It was cool, you know!”

“Yup, yup. I mean… Don’t you feel that he’s like a “Prince”?”

“Oh, I know that. I feel like that kind of atmosphere from Yuuya-kun, too.”

Following Kaede and Yukine, other girls began to talk about Yuuya. By looking at the situation, Kaori knew that Yuuya was accustomed to the class and was relieved. And then, Kaede blurted something out of the blue.

“I wonder if Yuuya-kun has a girlfriend.”

“Eh!? Y-Yuuya-san, have a girlfriend…?”

“Ah, no! I also don’t know the truth, you know? It’s just that he’s so cool.”

“Ah… y-you’re right.”

Kaori, who was surprised hearing Kaede’s words, was relieved by the words that followed after, but this time she tilted her head in puzzlement as to why she was relieved after knowing that.

“Ah, if I don’t hurry, the class will start!”

“Really!? Sorry to keep you here.”

“No, don’t worry about it.”

“Do your best in physical education!”

After looking at the clock, Kaede and the others realized that it had been quite a while, rushed to change their clothes, and immediately jumped out of the changing room.

“What is this feeling…?” Kaori murmured after Kaede and the others came out of the room. She was just confused by the emotions she had never experienced before.


“…Lexia-sama has returned safely.”

“… What?”

It was at the royal capital “Montres” located in the center of Alceria Kingdom. A man had received a report in a room at the royal castle located in that royal capital.

“In other words, you have failed?”

“…That’s what it’s all about.”

“…Tell me more about what had happened.”

“Yes… it went well until we could separate Lexia-sama from the knights who escorted her, but the place where she escaped was…”Great Devil’s Nest”.


The man frowned at the words of the person wearing the hood.

“Great Devil’s Nest… Why did she go into that land?”

“It seems Lexia-sama herself didn’t know that she goes to the “Great Devil’s Nest”, and the people who were on the task were also chasing her too far, and as a result… they’re all died.”

“Fool… The monsters of that land are unusually strong. That… Wait, you mean Lexia survived?”

“Yes… It seems that the escort knights who survived from the attacks of my brethren protected Lexia-sama.”

“…I don’t understand. They all set their feet in the “Great Devil’s Nest, but why was only Lexia is safe and my assassins were killed? Didn’t a monster attack them? Or did the knights chase them in time and kill the assassins?”

“My apologies, the information I got is only up to there…”

Sigh… Useless.”

The person wearing the hood told that apologetically. The man looked down on him and closed his eyes, but he immediately opened it up and turned a sharp glance at the hooded figure who was lowered his head in front of him.

“Could it be… Did they tell about my identity?”

“…I can’t say for sure, but I don’t think there’s any concern about that.”

The man then sat on a luxurious chair and poured a glass of liquor that he has on his hand into his mouth. And then, threw the glass to the person wearing the hood in front of him.

“You can’t say, you said? Don’t spit out anything silly. Who you think picked you bastard up and raised you, filthy orphans?”

“… It’s Your Highness.”

“Then don’t ever open your mouth about my information even if you die… Sigh. Considering that there’s still no soldier coming to here, it seems that they didn’t know about this.”

As the man says, the identities of the people who attacked Lexia were still not confirmed. It was also because the goblin general had killed them to the point that they cannot be recognized anymore, but above all, they did not divulge a single word of information about the man, who was their lord, to Lexia.

“But there’s no doubt that this will make them more vigilant. Lexia’s own strength is known, but the knights who follow her are also troublesome. Do you understand?”


“This failure is bigger than you think. If my mistake is known, it will shake my position…”

The person wearing the hood can only be silent, hearing the man’s words.

“…Next. If you screw up your next mission… You won’t be of use anymore.”

“I’ll keep that in mind…”

“Good then, you can leave now.”


Then, the person wearing the hood disappeared from the place as if melting in the darkness. The man leans his back on the chair, then muttering something with a disputing mind.

“Dirty blood… Your presence in the royal family… is a hindrance to me… I’ll definitely kill you next time.”

The muttering had swallowed up in the darkness.


The location has changed, and Lexia is resting in her own bed in the royal castle of Alceria Kingdom. On Lexia’s side, a middle-aged knight ─ Owen, asked her with a worried expression.

“Excuse me, Lexia-sama. How is your condition?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

After a mysterious group attacked Lexia, she returned safely to the royal capital and has reported the matter about the incident. Still, the King couldn’t make a big move because there was not much information about the mysterious group.

“…Are you really sure?”

“…Yes. I don’t want my father to worry about it anymore. I’m safe like this, so that’s enough.”

Owen realizes that there is no use to asking about her condition for more than this and decided to asked Lexia for another matter.

“Lexia-sama. Could you tell me what had happened in that Great Devil’s Nest?”

“I already said it when I woke up, wasn’t I? I had no idea who that group was and who sent them. And, it was the Goblin General who killed them all…”

“That’s strange. When we rushed there, we didn’t see the Goblin General. And considering the situation, it’s hard to believe that only Lexia-sama was being overlooked…”

“Even if you say so…”

While saying that Lexia remembered something, the appearance of a certain young man crossed her mind even though it’s also a bit vague because of the shock and the fatigue that she received after attacked by the Goblin General.

“Come to think of it…! I was saved by a man!”

“A man?” said Owen with a wondered expression on his face.

“Yes, he was about the same age as me.”

“As Lexia-sama!? He beat the Goblin General at an age that seemed to have just come of age…”

Owen was deeply surprised by Lexia’s words. Even for Owen, he could barely subdue a Goblin Elite alone, and it wasn’t very unthinkable to defeat the Goblin General that is above it in terms of rank and power. Moreover, Owen is a talented person so that his name is not only known in this Alceria kingdom but also other countries.

Unlike in Japan, in this country, one’s could be recognized as an adult at the age of fifteen, and it is hard to believe that a young man of that age has a much higher ability than Owen.

However, Lexia herself was aware of how far her words were from common sense, so she immediately tried to deny it.

“B-but, it could be what I saw was only a mistake or illusion due to my despair, yeah, maybe that.”

“No, that’s not true.”


Lexia, who never thought she would also be denied, let out her voice involuntarily.

“Actually, when we perceived Lexia-sama’s presence, there was another presence near you. However, that presence was disappeared cleanly for some reason, so I thought that I misunderstood it.”

“W-well then, that man is real…”

“Yes, I don’t know who it is, but he certainly existed. So, what kind of person was he?”

“Well, let me see… A beautiful black hair and black eyes. I’m kind of feel like he was like a foreign aristocrat.”

“Black hair and black eyes, huh? It’s certainly rare in this Alceria Kingdom… Moreover, if he’s a foreign noble, it might be a little troublesome.”


“…No, we can’t find anything, for now, let’s stop speculating things. It’s not clear why that young man erased his presence, but I think there’s no such thing as hostility or harm from him, and I think thus far, there’s no need to be very vigilant about him.”

Owen couldn’t welcome more people targeting Lexia. However, considering that he didn’t kill Lexia under those circumstances, he thought it would be too early to conclude that he was an adversary, so he decided internally to take the same precautions as the other nobles.

Not knowing about the decision Owen had made, Lexia looked out the window and sighed.

“I wonder who he was… If I could see him again…”

Lexia breathe out a small sigh again.

“He saved me, and I must thank him immediately!”


Owen raised such a voice at Lexia’s words and had a bad feeling at the same time.

And yes, that feeling was right.

“I’ve decided. Let’s go to the “Great Devil’s Nest” once again! We may be able to meet that person again!”

“L-Lexia-sama!? That’s dangerous! And you also just got attacked by assassins…”

“It’s fine. We’re going to “Great Devil’s Nest”, right? So, no one will come after me.”

“The problem is with that “Great Devil’s Nest” itself. You’ve just experienced it with your own hands, right? That’s very dangerous!”

“Yes. But if you come with me, I’ll be fine, right?”

“Even though I’m with you, “Great Devil’s Nest” is a very dangerous place. First of all, what are you going to say to His Majesty!?”

Owen is undoubtedly strong, but the story changes when it comes to whether his strength is acceptable in the “Great Devil’s Nest”. He might be able to deal with it if a Goblin Elite attacked them, but if it were a Goblin General, that would be impossible. Before that, he didn’t think that the King would send out his beloved daughter, who had just attacked.

“It’s okay. I’ll convince father. And it is not good for the royal family to not express their gratitude after being saved… I want to meet him in person and say my gratitude!”


“I’ve already decided. I’ve already decided to do so, and I’ll go to my father right away!”

“P-please wait, Lexia-sama…!”

In the end, Owen couldn’t stop Lexia, and Lexia went to talk directly to her father, the King.

Part 3

While the story progressed with Yuuya’s ignorance, Japanese trends were all about a certain person.

“Hey, did you see this month’s CutieBeauty?”

“I saw it! Who was the boy next to Miwa-chan!?”

“He looks like an ordinary person, but… he’s super cool, isn’t he?”

─Yes, a fashion magazine that uses the photo of the model Miwa and Yuuya has been released.

There were many subscribers in the magazine in which Miwa, a model soaring in popularity, was listed in it. They were mostly young women. But, their eyes were snatched away by Yuuya, who was in a two-shot photo with Miwa in that magazine.

“That photoshoot was probably done in a nearby shopping mall, but… I wonder if he’s a local person!?”

“He’s like at the same age as us… most likely a high school student, too, right?”

“Eh!? If so, I’d be super jealous of the girls in the same school as him!”

“I might become a fan…”

“I mean, that smile is dangerous, right? The photographer’s skill is good, too!”

The subscribers are not only people who don’t know Yuuya but of course, some people know him, too.

“Eh… This is, Yuuya-kun!?”

“No way, are you serious!?”

“Is he the rumored special admittance student?”

“Yes, yes! He’s in the same class as me, but he’s super cool! He’s so amazing at the P.E class the other day!”

“Eh, tell me about that in detail!”

“I can’t believe there’s such a handsome guy exist… Honestly, he looks better than any idol or actor that I’ve seen on TV.”

“Ah, I thought so too!”

“No, you don’t even have to compare it.”

It was well-known to the people of the same “Ousei Gakuen”, but the topic of Yuuya was also in a particular scene ── .

“─ Miwa-chan!”

“Ah, Hikari-san! Good morning.”

“Good morning. The magazine with a photo of you and Yuuya-kun is selling greatly now, and it seems to be inundated with orders.”

“Eh!? I-is that right?”

The topic of Yuuya came out again, even among Miwa and Hikari, who had taken the photoshoot with Yuuya.

“Yes, I’ve been a photographer for quite a long time, but this is the first time that a magazine that has my photo to be sell this well.”

“Amazing, Yuuya-san…”

“What are you talking about? Miwa-chan’s popularity has also risen, right? The director was also laughing a lot when she suddenly got a lot of work to do.”


Miwa smiled bitterly as she imagined the director of the agency they belonged to.

“But Yuuya-kun is really amazing. Only one photoshoot of him has already made a lot of noise in society. How’s it? Miwa-chan. Why don’t you ‘attack’ Yuuya-kun now?”

“Eh!? T-that’s impossible! Yuuya-san is indeed very kind, and he had helped me when that male model harassed me, but… because he’s so cool, he probably already has a girlfriend.”

“Ara, I don’t know that. But, it’s hard to find such a good boy, so if you get a chance, try to ‘attack’ him.”

Miwa tried to react to Hikari’s words, but he had gone away just like that, so she could only mumble.

“Geez, Hikari-san… But if Yuuya-san really doesn’t have a girlfriend ──”

The story was getting bigger and bigger without Yuuya knowing about it. What will happen to him when he goes to school tomorrow… He doesn’t know yet.


It’s been a while since I started attending “Ousei Gakuen”, but I felt a lot more gazes toward me than usual. There were a lot of girls who turned their glances at me, too.

“Wa-wait! Isn’t he that man in the magazine!?

“Eh, no way! Isn’t that Ousei Gakuen’s uniform!?”

“He looks cooler than in the photos!”

“Thank God~, I could see him here.”

Some people have pressed their hands together while looking at me for some reason. Is there someone behind me?! What is that? Scary!? (T/N: Pray posture.)

Then, one of the girls who was looking at me spoke to me.



“Can we shake hands?”


S-shake hands? What? This is. What’s with this situation?

I was confused by this unreasonable situation. Then, the other girls who were looking at me also came to me all at once.

“M-me too, please!”

“Ah, you unfair!”

“Can I take a picture?”

“Please, become my friend…!”

No, wait, I really don’t know why!? Perhaps… they mistook me for someone? Other than that, I couldn’t think of any other reason why strangers would ask me to shake hands, so I hurriedly turned it down.

“S-sorry. Probably you’re mistaking me with someone else! I-I… I have to go now!”


Feeling a little fear in a situation where I was suddenly surrounded by strangers, I went to the school to run away. In the school, When I walked in the corridor, somehow, many students also looked at me while whispering, so the doubt inside me only expanded. What’s really going on here? …Could it be, my zipper is open!? …No, it would be strange to ask such a person to shake hands.

I checked my pants, but there was nothing unusual about it. It would be the end if I were told that it was weird. In the end, I arrived in the classroom without knowing anything and sat down in my seat, but then, Kaede came over to me in excitement.

“Ah, Yuuya-kun, Yuuya-kun! Good morning!”

“Good morning. You’re already in full spirits in the morning huh, anything happened?”

“I’m always like this, aren’t I? Rather than that, look at this!”


Kaede suddenly placed a magazine on my desk.

“Here! This page! It’s Yuuya-kun who’s in the picture with Miwa-chan, right!?

“Ah yeah, it’s me. The book has been released, huh…”

Some time ago, I had a photoshoot with a model, Miwa-san, at a shopping mall.

…But when was this picture taken?

What’s in the magazine was a photo of Miwa-san and I chatting happily on a bench. However, it’s not a pose that instructed by Hikari-san; this scene was…

I wonder if it was taken when I was talking about modeling with Miwa-san… So, that’s why we didn’t take anymore shoot after that, huh? Anyway… I was laughing naturally in this photo, so in the end, I guess it was good, right? Other photos were also used, but the photos on the bench were the biggest; they were used in two facing pages.

Kaede let out a small breath as she was convinced while looking at the magazine alone.

“Haahh~…… So, it’s really Yuuya-kun, huh. This photo is so good.”

“Really? Thank you. But the photographer’s skill was excellent. And Miwa-san is amazing, too.”

“No, no, no! It’s because Yuuya-kun is in the photo with that Miwa-san, that’s why the photo looks amazing!?”

Kaede says so, but if she looked at the scene of the photoshoot, she wouldn’t be able to say so. My face and body were so tense.

Then, Kaede suddenly pointed at one photo while pouting her cheeks.

“But, isn’t this a little too close?”


The photo that Kaede pointed to was the one pose that Miwa-san hugged me.

“I know it’s a job, but… are you two going out?”

“Eeh!? N-no, we’re not!”

“Hmm… I see… You aren’t dating yet, huh…”

I hurriedly denied it, but looking at Kaede, why did she look somewhat relieved? And while I was talking with Kaede, a lot of other students were also talking while looking at me.

“Look, look, it’s Yuuya-kun!”

“The photos are cool, but still, the difference in experience is still visible.”

“Haahh… I thought he was cool, but I never thought that he would do a photoshoot alongside with the popular model Miwa-chan…”

“But Yuuya-kun is so kind. I somehow calm down when I see him talking with Ryo-kun and the others.”

“Tell me more about that!”

“Eh, w-what? You scared me…”

Looking at the classroom, I guess there are a lot of students who saw the magazine other than Kaede. Wait, did the person who asked me for a handshake while I was on my way to school had also look at the magazine?

But, did I really give this much impact in just one shot? I’m not a great model like Miwa-san… If someone wants to shake hands, then they should ask it to Miwa-san instead.

While I had that thought, Ryo and Shingo-kun entered the class, and as soon as they found me, they rushed at me with high speed.

“Hey, Yuuya! I knew that you were amazing!”


“Yeah, you were featured on TV!”


I could only let out a dumb voice hearing Ryo’s words. Me… on TV?

“No, no, stop joking. I don’t remember being on TV.”

“It-it’s true, you know. Who is the man in the photo with Miwa-san, a model whose popularity is skyrocketing…”


“I’m serious. Here, look!”

Ryo showed me some of the news posted on the video site with his smartphone.

(── Anyway, who is the man in the photo with Miwa-chan?)

(He’s just like a supernova that suddenly appears.)

(Yes. His appearance is good, but that aura that can be seen even from the photo is a little different from idols and actors, that elegance isn’t something that everyone can bring out. I can’t believe it’s just an ordinary person, let alone a rookie!)

(It’s strange that there hasn’t been any fuss about him until now.)

(The people in the industries also wish to bring him, don’t they?)

(That’s amazing, isn’t it?)

I was mute in amazement, seeing the video. This is… is it really about me? Not another person?

“…As far as I watched how Yuuya was, I can’t believe it was you…”

“Eh, is that so?”

“B-but, Yuuya-kun, you’re completely frozen…”

I still didn’t understand it, but I remembered what happened this morning.

“…So that’s why I was seen and talked to by so many people this morning…”

As I thought, it was so odd. I don’t believe that one magazine has an influence on it, and yet, it’s hard to imagine that it would make a situation where so many people are calling out to me. However, the story would substantially change if it were featured on a TV like this.

As I watched the video on the smartphone completely dumbfounded, Kaede told me excitedly.

“It’s amazing. Yuuya-kun has become a hot topic among the girls right now!”

“I don’t know why people get excited by the topic of me like that… After all, I am nothing, I’m not an active idol either… in the first place, why me?”

The moment I said so, the three people floated an expression as if the emptiness had pierced them.

“Eh? What’s wrong?”

“U-um, Yuuya? Are you serious about what you just said?”


Hikari-san is really amazing. Other than the photo on the bench, he could make me look cool in the other photos, too.

“Yu-Yuuya-kun… Isn’t your self-confidence too low?”

“I wonder? I think it’s appropriate, however…”

As everyone says, I think my appearance has changed. But I can’t like myself. My previous appearance has etched into my brain and can’t be separated, and I don’t know how many times I wanted to quit that body even if my appearance changed.

Youta and Sora, which should have the same blood as me, were blessed with their appearance, and that just makes me more severed. That’s why I don’t really like myself.

…Well, unlike before, I’ve ranked a little bit from “completely hate” to “I don’t like it that much”. This is also thanks to me leveled-up in the different world. It would be nice if I could build up my confidence little by little, but I can’t believe my inferiority will suddenly disappear, and I can’t like myself right away.

With a slightly dark expression on my face, Ryo said to me with a serious look.

“Yuuya. I don’t know what you had experienced in the past, but what are you going to do without admitting yourself?”


“That’s why you have to be more confident and honest with yourself!”

“…Can I be confident?”

“It’s okay if you decided that yourself, right?”

“I’m not sure… but it’s okay, isn’t it?”

“I’m not sure if you aren’t sure either…”

“Ryo-kun, you don’t have to worry about the details.” said Kaede.

“I-I’ll help you too. I understand that because I don’t have confidence myself.” said Shingo-kun.

…This school is really full of warm people. I felt my heart warmed up, hearing the words of these three people.

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