I got a Cheat Ability in a Different World, and became Extraordinary even in the Real World – Volume 1 – Epilogue

── In a room in a certain building…

“I finally found you… Yuuya Tenjou…!”

A woman laughs fearlessly in front of a series of Yuuya’s photos spread out on her desk.

“I can’t let you go with that outstanding talent you have, right?”

Muttering so, the woman stood up and called one of her subordinates.


“Are you calling me, Manager?”

“It’s a job. Please contact this young man.”


The woman smiled deeply when she saw her subordinates leave.

“I’ll be the one who will get him…!”

Looking at the woman, the two people who were invited to this room ─ Hikari and Miwa, looked bewildered. Both of them had tried to hide about Yuuya somehow, but they failed.

“Manager… What are you going to do when you find Yuuya-kun?”

“No matter what it takes, I’m going to bring him to my agency. With Miwa and Yuuya-kun, who is now so popular, we’ll be even bigger!”

“But… We have to think about Yuuya-san’s feelings, too…”

The woman opened her eyes in surprise, looking at Miwa, who told her opinion, despite her modestness.

“Nonsense, It’s a chance to get into the entertainment world. No one would refuse this.”

Not only Miwa but also Hikari couldn’t say anything to this woman who says so with absolute confidence.

“Fufufu… Yuuya Tenjou… I want to see you with my very own eyes as soon as possible…”

* * *

The location has changed, and there was a certain rumor in the Alceria Kingdom when the person who was trying to make contact with Yuuya appeared.

“Hey, did you hear about that?”

“Oh, the thing about Lexia-sama?”

“Yes. It seems that something happened during the last visit, and because of that, she’s going to go to the Great Devil’s Nest.”

“It’s strange, isn’t it? Speaking of the “Great Devil’s Nest”, it’s a place that even adventurers can’t get close. There are strong monsters, and there are also rumors that say that there is material for making elixir in there…”

“It also seems to be a person living in the Great Devil’s Nest, and Lexia-sama is going to meet that person.”

“Huh!? Do people live in such a place!? Or rather, why is she going to meet that person?”

“I don’t know if that’s it, but… If there’s such a person living in there, that person must be eccentric.”

It was a place that Yuuya didn’t know, and there was no doubt that his very existence was rumored.

* * *

“Well, I think I’ll go to the different world today.”

A little after the things with Youta and the others, I decided to go to the different world after a while. I’ve been exploring the forest, but I haven’t met anyone from this world besides the ones from the Goblin General’s battle.

“…Well, I’ll come across them sooner or later.”

Someday, I want to go out of that forest and do some sightseeing in that world, too. I finished eating and went to the different world.

I’m currently fighting against a monster that would’ve killed me if I met them in the past. It’s because I became stronger now, and because I think I could still become stronger, and it’s also training that helps me to spend time in this world.



For that reason, I encountered a Bloody Ogre along the way, and I was actively fighting it now. It’s very different from when I met it before.

Stepping in with all its might and making a big fissure on the ground, the Bloody Ogre shook its strong arms to resist my [Omni-Sword].



However, I cut its arm, jumped up without killing the momentum, and cut the Bloody Ogre from its head. At the same time, when I landed with ease, the Bloody Ogre has became a particle of light and disappeared.

“Phew… Hmm?”

When I was collecting the drop item of the defeated Bloody Ogre, there was a reaction from my [Presence Detection] skill. However, the reaction is not only one, but many.

“What is it?”

I was kind of worried about the identity from those presences, I moved while erased my presence with [Assimilation], and finally reached the target location ──.



“Shit! To think we would meet a group of Goblin Elites…!”

“What’s wrong with this forest? Even if when only one appear, it’s already dangerous…!”

“Don’t just move your mouth. Protect Lexia-sama no matter what!”

Four goblin elites are fighting against the soldiers that I saw in this forest before. Among them, the middle-aged knight was fighting alone against one of the goblin elites, but the other soldiers aren’t doing the same, and although it seems like they are somehow managing to hold them up now, they will soon be defeated. Honestly, I don’t know the affiliation of those soldiers, and I don’t know if they are enemies or allies, but I had no choice but to help them.

With [Assimilation] activated, I approached one of the goblin elite, and then swung my [Omni-Sword] and beheaded it as it is.


“W-what the hell is going on…”

By attacking the goblin elite, the [Assimilation] skill was canceled. Still, I pierced the [Omni-Sword] through the heart of the other goblin elite, I just flowed without worrying about it.


Then, another goblin elite who returned to its senses attacked me, but I just calmly watched its movements, it swung its large sword. I shifted my body to avoid it within a hair’s breadth, I come into its bosom’s as is, right below its swinging arm, and beheaded it with [Omni-Sword].


“What’s going on…?”

“Is that the person that Lexia-sama talked about?”

I turned my eyes to the last one, the middle-aged knight just pierced it to put it an end, it seems like my help was not needed.

Well… What am I going to do now?

It’s nice to have helped them quickly, but I don’t know these people very well… Moreover, the soldiers seem to be somehow wary of me…

It was difficult to speak somehow, and when I was thinking about leaving, the middle-aged knight called out to me.

“I’m sorry, we are safe, thanks to you. Thank you.”

“Eh!? Oh, no, don’t worry about it. I just happened to pass by…”

“I see… Could it be, you’re really…”


The middle-aged knight folded his arms as if pondering something, and the other soldiers began to talk in a whisper.

“S-so he really exists…”

“Then, he?”

“Yes, he actually defeated that number of goblin elites alone…”

“He looks to be about the same age as Lexia-sama…”

“More than that, look at his atmosphere… Is he a noble?”


When I was confused, looking at these soldiers, a girl came out of among them.


A Goblin General previously attacked this girl. At that time she was muddy, but now she has a beautiful appearance. The girl opened her eyes widely when she looked at me, and then──



“──Please marry me.”


She said something outrageous.

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