What Should a Villainess Noble Girl do Again? – Chapter 01

I ended up remembering it after I fall into the pond.

A~ I am pretty sure that I am the villainous lady.

My reasoning for this is due to what happened when I was 6 years old. I had wanted to show my little brother the small frog with cute eyes, so I had placed it on the folding fan before bringing it to him.

“Ane-sama? What are you doing right now?”

“Look over here!”


I fell into the pond with a splash after being struck by my surprised little brother.

I was immediately rescued. However, the high fever caused my consciousness to fade in and out as I began to recall memories of my previous life.

It seems that in my previous life I used to live in a country known as Japan on a planet called Earth.

I would walk around at night while reading a light novel on my Smartphone.

It is dangerous to play with a Smartphone while walking.

E~ and it was because I was reading on my Smartphone while walking that I got into a traffic accident.

It truly is dangerous to play with a Smartphone while walking.

I say this twice since this point is super important!!

You must never do that!

Now, back to the present..…

I have always loved reading light novels and it seems that I have been reincarnated into one.

Currently I am the only daughter of the esteemed Prime Minister of the country Menayuha.

I possess a cute and moe-like appearance with red hair in a twintail hairstyle as well as cat-like eyes that seem to look at others in contempt.

I nearly came down with fever once again when I saw my appearance in the mirror.

A~ this is truly the face of a villainous lady.

This face was usually found in otome games. According to light novels, it was the one the villainous lady had! Same with manga…in my memory this face was used more than once or twice.

It seems that when I died previously, the theme where the villainous lady was actually a reincarnator had become widely popularize!

“Cardinal-sama, you should not be getting up from the bed yet!”

“Cardy! You should not take fevers lightly!!”

Suddenly I was scolded by my big brother and the maid, Masha, who just entered the room. I quickly lied down on my bed.

Currently, I go by the name Cardinal Brauz.

Hmm..then following the usual route would mean that I would be engaged with the country’s prince and then I would have my engagement annulled, huh?

As the Prime Minister’s daughter, this should be the usual plot.

However, there is one problem.

I never read any light novel on a reincarnated villainous lady.

That’s right, I also never played any otome game before!!

Etto~ what should I do as a villainous lady?

I kept thinking about this the whole time I was confined to bed rest.

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