What Should a Villainess Noble Girl do Again? – Chapter 02

 I made a friend

I have a big brother as well as a little brother.

My big brother is called Vertemic Brauz.

Whereas my little brother’s name is Yardral Brauz.

My big brother who is two years older than me,  inherited father’s beautiful silver hair and light emerald green eyes. He was someone who can be considered as a gentle and handsome lad.

Whereas my one-year younger little brother is a handsome boy who inherited mother’s reddish-brown hair and father’s light emerald green eyes.

My big brother had always spoiled and indulged me and my selfishness, while my little brother appeared to be bad at doing so.

And although I did not intend to bully him, I unconsciously had always liked to do the things he disliked to him.

Children are truly cruel creatures!!

Before I was reborn into this world….. I was already quite old… Marriage?…I never did that; well, is there anything wrong with it?

Anyway, back to the story. The current me is no longer the old me!!

Towards my cute little brother, I want to be friends with him.

I also do not want my big brother to continue indulging my own selfishness!

I want to be the kind of person who can do anything on their own!!

The reason being is that the future me will certainly be demoted to a commoner!

Whereas both my big and little brothers will probably become capture targets.

If this is the case, I will most likely be driven out of the the mansion by myself.

Taking all that into consideration, it will be bad if I do not know how to cook or do the laundry.

Moreover, I also do not have any ability to protect myself….

It will be difficult to live without any money or basic knowledge of the world.

Thus, it will be good if I can gather my own allies.

In this case who should I approach?

“Cardinal-sama? Are you okay? If you still are unable to fall asleep, I can send you to the world of dreams.


Ageha-san will sometimes use her power to put a hypnotism on me to help me fall asleep.

And without fail, I will fall asleep after a moment.

Even though Ageha-san is a maid, she holds the high position of the head maid.

Now that I think about it, our butler’s name is Kagerou-san while the gardener who is quite a nice person is called Higurashi-san… Why do their names seem to follow the Japanese-style?

Their names sound like ninjas.

However, there are no real ninjas in this world.

Oh, but did I ever tell you that the intelligence unit here is called Ninja?

“…….Ageha-san should not be a person from the intelligence units, right?”

Hearing my drowsy question, Ageha-san opened her eyes wide.

She could not believe that such a small child would say such things.

“Did you hear it from someone?”

“No, it’s just, Higurashi-san, Kagerou-san and Ageha-san seemed to be the kind of person from the intelligence unit… Is what I had thought.”

Ageha-san looked troubled.

I wonder if I should not have said such things.

“Will I be killed due to the fact I exposed your secret?”

“That kind of thing is impossible. If anyone were to die, it will be from our side.”

I quickly apologized.

“I am sorry. Please act as if this incident had never happened. I will never tell it to other people.”

Ageha-san looked even more surprised at my outburst.

“Oujo-sama, you want to save our lives?”

“Of course.”

Ageha-san wiped her tears away.

Well, I couldn’t possibly ask someone who might killed me to teach me genjutsu.

It’s such a shame.

The next day, I spent the entire day in bed.

I am sleepy, but I could not fall asleep.

Then Ageha-san, Kagerou-san and Higurashi-san, the three of them appeared from the ceiling. Everyone, please use the door, you are giving me a heart attack…

“Hime! The three of us pledged our lives to serve you.”


I was surprised by the three’s unexpected intensity.

Thus, Kagerou-san began to talk.

“Ageha, Higurashi and myself were from the intelligence unit, however the three of us have retired. The three of us had absolute confidence in our own abilities. However we never felt that we were regarded as a human beings while we were working in that unit.”


“At that time, we could not imagine that our concealment could be seen through by Hime-sama who are only 6 years old. Thus we had come to conclude that Hime-sama is certainly not an ordinary person, therefore the three of us wish to be left at your own disposal.”

Isn’t this great if I could make these great people as my allies?

“Hmm, if you want to serve me, I would like you to teach me swordsmanship, martial, and genjutsu. Are all of you okay with that?”

The three of them glanced at each other before they directed their gaze back at me.

“Did Hime-sama mean to say that it is not enough for the three of us to protect you by ourselves?”

“I am aware about the strength that the three of you possess. However, I also would like to get stronger myself. That was my aspiration. I want to know how far I could go by myself. Besides that, I would like to learn cooking and how to do the laundry!!…There are a lot of things that I want to try and I want to be able to do them all, is that not possible?”

The three of them exchanged looks once again.

“Hime-sama, will you allow the three of us to follow you?”

“Let’s do our best.”

This is how my training with the former intelligence personnel began.

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