What Should a Villainess Noble Girl do Again? – Chapter 05

My angel
(Grammy Otou-sama POV)

When I entered my study, three former personnel of the intelligence unit appeared before me.

“Cardy has been acting strange for some time now. What is going on?”


Even though these three were originally top class intelligence’s personnel, they kept their mouth close despite knowing the cause.

“What the heck have you guys been doing?”

After being silence for a while Kagerou, who usually acted as their leader, began to open his mouth.

“We  have been teaching her some forms of self-defense.”

“The three of you?”

For an intelligence unit’s personnel who specialized in assassination, what kind of thing could have been teaching to his precious daughter?

“Why can’t you just focus on protecting her yourselves?”

“This was the wish of Cardinal-sama.”

“Now I am interested on the reason for this.”

The three of them remained silent.

“I am scared of Cardinal-sama.”

Higurashi who had been standing behind Kagerou mumbled softly.

“That is because Master has managed to erase her presence when approaching us.”

“Higurashi, it’s because recently your senses have dulled.”

“Impossible! I am going to die!”

Anyway, how did Cardinal learn the way to erase her presence?

My daughter is truly brilliant.

“What do you think about….Cardinal?”

“““A genius!”””

These former personnel of investigation’s unit looked incredibly  passionate about it.

Was she that amazing?

“Whether it is martial arts, swordsmanship, or genjutsu, she was quick to learn it when we taught her.”


Isn’t it impossible for someone to master genjutsu unless they have had a considerable amount of training?

To be honest, even I am not very good at it.

Cardinal is actually skilled at using genjutsu when there are only a few intelligence unit personnel capable of doing the same?

“In addition to that, Cardinal-sama is also aware of our identity as intelligence unit personnel.”


Our Princess was not an ordinary person.

“Can you call Cardinal for me?”

With my command, the three of them disappeared.

After a while, a knock could be heard from the other side of the door.

“You have come, My Princess.”

After she opened the door and promptly come inside the room, Cardinal held her skirt like a lady as she gave me a curtsey.

My cute daughter just gave her father a little heart attack.

“Have you been calling for me, Otou-sama?”

“ I heard that you have been learning a lot from those three.”

Cardinal turned pale after she heard my words.

“ Uhm…. It was because of my own selfishness…Please do not do something horrible to the three of them.”

Cardinal seemed to be worried about those three as tears began to pool in her eyes.

“I am not angry, you know.”

I hugged Cardinal who was clinging onto me tightly.

Do you really care so much for those three?

A slight feeling of jealousy began to brittle inside.

“Do you know how to use genjutsu? Could you please show it to me?”


Cardinal was grinning as she moved away a little bit from me.

Somehow, I got a feeling like I was watching a school festival when I looked at Cardinal. It was not before long when a beautiful spectacle began to burst forth inside the room.

Sparkling and small lights began to gather as it formed images of fluttering butterflies.

The butterflies flew around the room as its numbers began to increase.

My daughter really looked like an angel.

I marveled at the sight.

“What do you think Otou-sama?!” !”

“It was wonderful. I always thought that Cardinal was my princess, but the truth is you are an angel, right?”

“I am just your daughter!”

When those illusion-like butterflies finally vanished into the ceiling one by one, Cardinal quickly hugged me back.

“Otou-sama, I still have many things that I want to learn from those three. Can I go and asked them?”

A~ don’t you have any things to asked me?

I am lonely, my daughter.

“It is okay with me,”

Even though I feel lonely, I don’t want my most treasured daughter to hate me. I had no choice but to give her my permission.

“Later then, Otou-sama.”

“What is it, my Angel?”

“You should not over do it yourself.”


“Otou-sama is an important Prime Minister of this country however before that you are my important father. That is why I wanted to bake some sweets for you!! I wish to relieve your fatigue even for just a little bit. For that reason, I would like to have a tea party with Otou-sama! Whether you want to complaint or anything, it is okay. I wish to take a little bit of your time!! Am I being too selfish?”

What is this cute being?!!

I could die from this level of cuteness!

For Cardinal, I can do anything!

Let’s work hard so that I don’t bring shame to Cardinal!

As long as this child is here, I can do my best for the rest of my life!!

“You are not being selfish… Cardinal, my Angel. For you, father is able to work hard.”

“You should not push yourself too much!”

At that time I thought, as long as it was for my daughter, I am willing to forfeit this life of mine.

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