What Should a Villainess Noble Girl do Again? – Chapter 06


I got permission from father to make sweets!!

I did it!

Father will be at home until lunch so I have decided to make a hotcake for him.

The fresh cream has been whipped and the dough is already finished.

Currently the chefs of this mansion are fidgeting and wandering around nervously causing me to loose my concentration!.

Hmm, it should be okay to bake it using low heat.

All the chefs began to raise their hands hopelessly as they try to persuade me to stay away from the fire.

But, I had already been taught how to control the fire from Ageha-san.

So it will be okay, for sure!

“Ane-sama, what are you doing?”

“I am going to make hot-cakes.”

“Hot-cake? A cake?”

“That’s right. It is a simple cake.”

“Will there be one for me to eat?”

“Don’t worry. Please wait for a moment.”

I shape the dough into the form of a cat and baked it before I show it to Yard.

“Do you recognized it?

“Ane-sama. It’s a frog, so cute!Because Ane-sama had told me that its eyes was cute, I have been reading a lot of picture books about it!! Right now I have come to like the frog. I am happy!”

My little brother, this was actually a cat…..

“Th- That is right! It is a frog! Fr-Frog….”


“Should we melt the chocolate and draw the face?”

“Alright! Ane-sama!”

I am sorry, even though it should be a cat, but now it had turned into a frog.


When I finished making the Hotcake, father and big brother finally appeared.

“I smell something good!”

“This smell make me feel hungry.”

I proudly showed them the Hot-cake that have been piled up considerably.

“This is?’

“This is Hotcake! Otou-sama, let’s have a tea party now?

“That was a great idea, my angel.”

I grinned at the chefs

“Since I baked a lot of it, could you please divide the remaining among yourselves?’

“Yes! Ojou-sama!”

I put the slices for father and big brother in different plates.

“Cardy?  Did you bake this by yourself?”


“What should you do if you were to burn yourselves?”

Big brother was such a worrywart

“Vertemic, our angel is fine.”

“But still!!”

“Let’s put that matter aside and start with the tea party.”

Father quickly make a follow up for me!

I am so happy!

The tea party turn out well.

Once big brother ate the hotcake, he no longer made any fuss over the fact that I had used fire previously but I decided not to say anything about it.

In this way, my family finally acknowledged my cooking skill!

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