What Should a Villainess Noble Girl do Again? – Chapter 07


It has been four years since I regained my previous life’s memories.

I have turned 10 years old.

One day my father ,who is the Prime Minister, returned home with a serious look on his face.

“Otou-sama, Welcome ho….. Are you okay?”

“Will you come to the study with me? My angel.”

“Can we also come too?’

“When I heard that she was the little sister of Vertemic, I expect her to be as beautiful as her brother! I do not want to get engaged to this ugly creature!!”

Let’s kill this guy.

Father and big brother! I seconded your previous opinion.

Both the King and Queen began to turn pale.

Father and big brother’s face began to twitch, whereas Yard had started to cry.

Around us there were the important officials of the country who had also brought their sons along.

Everyone looked stunned at the display in front of them.

“If you really want to get engaged to me, please change your unpleasant hair that looked like it had been stained with blood into a color similar to your older brother immediately!”

My patience had already reached its limit.

I smiled at both my father and big brother before turning and slowly raise my right hand high.

“Your Highness, the King. Whatever words that I am going to utter from now on is merely my own will and has nothing to do with my family, so please take that into the consideration.”

“……I understand.”

When I received the permission from the King, I approached the Prince with a smile and said.

“I am also going to tell you. Whatever remarks that I am going to say is from my own will and has nothing to do with my family at all.”

“So what!!”

“You are truly like a stupid Prince and from here on I would like to be excused from my engagement to you!”

I said it so chicly that a heart-mark might as well be attached at the end of the sentence.

The inside of the assembly hall apparently had gone silent.

“If you cannot understand the meaning of political marriage, you are truly an idiotic Prince. You have proven yourself incapable of shouldering the fate of this country. You are Royalty, right?  And you still trying to select your own fiancée according to your own preferences? Your stupidity totally blows me away! Although you declared that you know of your own obligation towards the country, in reality you don’t know anything about it at all! I am not trying to make you understand. And I am not going to talk any longer to an idiot. To have a political marriage to such a person does not make any sense at all so I would like to withdraw from it. That’s all.”

The hall remained silent.

And with that, father and big brother’s shoulder began to shake as they tried to suppress their laughter; Yard nervously looked alternately between me and two of them as he tried to decipher the atmosphere.

“In-insolent fellow!! Arrest and behead that person!”

The Prince began to cry out with a red face as he absorbed the meaning of my words.

Ma, I really did say some rude words, but it just could not be help, right?

The moment I thought that, a person who wore full bodied black clothes appeared and stood in front of me.

His face was also covered with black clothes, but from the silhouette it had to be Kagerou-san.

“If you put your dirty hands on our Hime-sama, then I will break your bastard’s bones first.”

Oioi, that was scary!!

I snuck behind Kagerou-san.

“That  is unnecessary. None of them will be able to do anything.”


Kagerou-san looked at me in silence before quickly disappearing.

My oh my, even though I had said that it did not have any relationship with my family but it seemed to have been ignored.

Furthermore, after the shocking incident just now, the complexions of those who practice martial art had turned for the worse; even the son of the Captain of the Knights had collapsed.

As for the knights who attempted to capture me, their feet seemed to be stuck to the floor.

Hmm, the short sword Kagerou-san uses surely looks like those belonging to ninjas. As expected, the people in the intelligence unit are truly ninjas.

“J- just now…..”

“Do it if you dare.”

Please stop being unreasonable!”

It really is impossible huh~ there is no salvation for his idiosyncrasy.

“Jayce, you are the one who is in the wrong.”

‘Imperial father!”

“Lady Cardinal, my son has been rude to you, so is it possible for us to postpone this engagement?”

E~ postponed.

Isn’t it better to go without it?

“I request that this engagement should not be continue at all!!”

My father also agreed with me.

My big brother also nodded in agreement.

“Don’t say such a thing. I really like Lady Cardinal and I think that she is necessary for the sake of this country.”

“I agree.”

For some reason, the King and the Queen seem to have a favorable impression of me.

The expressions of my father and big brother turned bitter.

“I understand. I will keep postponing  this engagement until his highness the Prince becomes someone who can understand and value this country.”

“Cardinal, you should not force yourself to do the impossible.”

When I heard big brother’s argument, I could not help but smile.

“It is a postponement! If you do not like it next time, we will continue postponing the engagement, so you did not have to be worried about it.”


My father smiled in satisfaction.

Anyway, my engagement had failed.

All well that ends well.

“Prime Minister!”

When I arrived beside my father, a voice calling for my father had come from behind of us.

“Former King. What is it?”

My father make a disgusted expression.

This former King was the current King’s father.

It was the Prince’s Grandfather.

“Don- Don’t make such disgusted expression.”

“What do you want from me?”

“There is nothing that I need from you. Good afternoon, Ojou-chan.”

He- he was calling for me?

“Good afternoon….no, ano, what do you need of me….”

“Your daughter doesn’t seemed to be like you at all.’

“Shut up.”

Otou-sama please watch over your mouth.

“I am Gard, please take care of me!”

“Wa~ yes. Gard-sama. I will also be in your care.”

E~ why should he be in my care?

“This is my son, Broudo.”

A handsome lad with black eyes and hair was standing behind Gard-sama.

His face look familiar to me as he resembled the Japanese.

“I am called Broudo.”

Broudo-sama lower his head as I approached him.

For me to approach him, I wonder why the people surrounding me looked at me in surprised.

“I am known as Cardinal. I have already heard the rumors about you!  Broudo-sama, I would like to sit and have a talk with you.”

“Rumors huh… what would you like to talk about?”

“I have heard that you are a good researcher especially in regards to pharmaceutical, so I definitely want to have a conversation with you.”

As my tension was currently at the max, I forcefully grabbed Broudo-sama hand and swung it around.

“I am sorry. My daughter is currently interested in making medicine; she has read all the research papers that you have written so far. However, you did not have permission to touch my angel.”

“Otou-sama, please stop calling me an angel outside because it’s super embarrassing.”

I made a pouty face as I reached for and held onto father’s arm.

“I did it unconsciously.”

“Please be mindful about it, Otou-sama.”

“Yes, yes.”

I clung to my father’s neck.

“Just who the heck are you!!?”

“Shut up.”

Father… that person is the former King, you know.

“Ano, about your hobby of making medicine…”

“It is okay, everything was carefully formulated according to the measurement and temperature.”

I understand the concern that Broudo-sama tried to voice out.

“I have built a sterile room for my daughter.”

My father, this oya-baka was in a full throttle.

“What kind of medicine have you been making?”

“I make simple medicine such as cold medicine and poultice.”

Broudo-sama who had been keeping his silent for a while began to talk.

“If you do not mind, would you please show me the place where you make those medicine?”

This person was a royalty but why did he use such polite language toward a child like me I wonder?

“Please do come!! I have noted several questions in my notes, could you please answer those for me?”

“That is, of course!!

He is such a nice person.

Broudo-sama is a super nice person!

In this way, I had shared a promise with Broudo-sama.

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