What Should a Villainess Noble Girl do Again? – Chapter 09


On the day, when I visited Broudo-sama house, I brought a gift along with me as a token of greeting.

“A, Ano…”

“What is it? Ojou-chan?”

“Where is Broudo-sama?”

“He will come later. Rather than that, this is quite tasty~!!”

Gard-sama was currently holding the cookies that I baked for my first visit to their house/home

Gard-sama began to eat the contents of the gift while the maid headed to the laboratory to call Broudo-sama.

“If you like it, I will baked it for you again next time.”

“These were  handmade by Ojou-chan?”

“Compared to making medicine, this is much easier.”

I suspected the woman with black hair and eyes, who was drinking tea beside Gard-sama, should be Broudo-sama’s mother

I felt some affinity towards her since she has an appearance that seems to exemplify a Japanese beauty.

“A~ I have yet to introduce you to her! This is my wife, Vanessa.”

“I am Vanessa. I am in your care.”

“I am called Cardinal. Please take care of me as well.”

Vanessa-san was truly a beauty!

Beauty and a tea party!

I am healed~!!

“Master, it seemed that Broudo –sama was so focused on his research that my voice was unable to reach to him.”

I was disappointed when I heard the maid’s report.

“I am sorry for coming at an inconvenient time.”

When I was about to get up, my hand was caught by Vanessa-san.

“Let’s have a tea party while waiting for that child to come out!!”


“I guess that’s it…. You must not want to chat with this old women”.”

I spontaneously sat back down in my chair.

“You are not an old woman! Vanessa-sama is a lovely young woman.”

“Ma! Thank you!!”

Vanessa-sama was really a candid person.

It’s lovely how frank and easygoing she is.

With this, Vanessa-sama, Gard-sama and I; the three of us enjoyed our tea party with each other’s company.

The time flew by and it was already evening.

“I think that I should head back now or my family might get worried about me.”

“Mou, it is already this late! Ma, this is bad!”

“I will call for the carriage. This way you can head back without any worries.”

“Thank you very much, Gard-sama.”

As I was talking, I could see Broudo-sama walking aimlessly while his mind seemed to wander somewhere else.

“You’re finally here! Broudo! Cardinal-chan is about to go home!!”


When Broudo-sama saw me, his eyes widened.

“….Since when…..”

“The maid already called for you right?”

“…….that one was before noon…..”

Broudo-sama quickly lowered his head as he stood in front of me.

“I am terribly sorry.”

“P-Please raise your head!! I will just come again on another day.”

Broudo-sama eyebrow was knitted as though he tried to recall something.

“Aphrodisiac! That’s right!!  I have made one for you.”

A~ so lately you have been busy producing the aphrodisiac for the sake of helping me develop the medicine to nullify it!

However, Vanessa-sama who was standing behind Broudo-sama suddenly turned stiff.

What’s more she seemed to be seething with murderous intentions.

At the next moment, Vanessa-sama suddenly lifted her right leg up high and swung it down towards Broudo-sama.

Broudo-sama managed to dodges it beautifully while looking puzzled at the current situation.

“Why did you suddenly attack me?”

“Isn’t it obvious? How could you give aphrodisiacs to this cute but still young Cardinal? Are you a lolicon? Isn’t this a crime? Do you want the death penalty?”

“You’ve completely got everything mixed up.”

A~ Vanessa-sama began to talk roughly that I tried to stop her in a hurry.

Her elegant self just now had been totally blown off.

It was super scary!!

She may be a beauty but I am still scared of her!!

I think that my eyes started tearing.

“Vanessa-sama, that aphrodisiac was prepared for my research and not intended to be used.”

“….Is that so?”


What kind of person is Vanessa-sama that she could actually possessed such incredible strength?

“I am sorry for my Mother. I not sure if she is a scatter-brain or an impulsive one?

“It’s okay, I am the same as her!!”

“….You are proficient in martial arts?”

“I have some interest in it!!”

For a while, Broudo-sama looked like he was lost in thought before he speak again.

“I will give you the paper with the material information and recipe.”

“I am grateful for that!! If possible could you also lend me the encyclopedia about magical plants?”

“I understand.”

While waiting for Broudo-sama who had returned to his room to get the book, Kagerou-san came to pick me up.

“Ge! Captain Kagerou.”

“Vanessa…. It has been a while. I came to pick up Hime-sama.”

She was a person from the intelligence unit? Then her earlier display was not unexpected.

“Is Cardinal-chan familiar with Captain Kagerou?”

“Was Kagerou-san your leader?”

“Right now I am no longer a leader. As of now, I exclusively belong to Hime-sama.”

“What? Captain Kagerou is now attaching himself to an individual rather than an organization? What’s more to such young and small girl?”

“You do not need to be concerned; compared to you, Hime-sama is much stronger.”


Vanessa-sama’s eyes zeroed in on me.

For the time being, I kept the smile on my face.

“Please do not lie to me.”

“It is not a lie. Hime-sama’s assassination skill is already top class.”

How did he know about that things?

Kagerou-san was grinning when I turned sharply to look at him.

“It seems that Higurashi taught some unnecessary things to her.”

Hi-Higurashi-san, the secret is now out!

Didn’t you tell me that you might be killed off if this secret were to be exposed to Kagerou-san?

“Higurashi has already been chewed out by master, so he is alright now.”

“Otou-sama, huh…. then, it is fine.”

“Yes. Although his face was ghastly blue and he kept crying when I dragged him to meet Master but he should be okay now.”

Is that really okay?

For the time being, I directed my gaze towards the horizon.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting. Take this. From light pink to dark pink, there are five levels of color which will indicate the strength of the aphrodisiacs, so please take precautions when using it.”

“I understand.”

Similar to the time with Broudo-sama, this time I also received lots of souvenirs called research materials before I headed home.

From now on, I made a firm vow that I will use my off-time to develop an item which will help nullify the effects of aphrodisiac and charm magic.

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