Cinderella Did Not Leave Her Shoe – Chapter 01

An Abandoned Woman

There was a pop in my ears.

It wasn’t very loud, but I could hear it clearly over the din of the ball.

Was it the sound of stubbornness?
The sound of blood vessels bursting in anger?

No, it was not.

It was…

‘Very well, I agree to cancel the engagement.’ I said as regally as I could muster in these circumstances.

I made a graceful curtsy to my former fiancé, Eugene, and his new beau whose modest chest was plastered to his arm and turned my back on them. Lifting the hem of my gown modestly, I walk away gaining speed.

‘Isn’t that…?!’
Who said that stupidly?

No. No. It isn’t relevant to me. I must hurry.

Goodness, it was hard to run.

I grit my teeth at the unfamiliar feeling of draft up my skirts and began to run once I was out of the ballroom.

I did not look at the other attendees, who were watching my escape with morbid curiosity. I wanted to reach my temporary room as soon as possible.

Oh no! It is useless. I will not make it!

Why? Why did I choose to wear tie-side briefs? Why?

I had known about Eugene’s change of heart. There had been rumours amongst Society, and there had been many kind acquaintances who had told me of his cheating without me asking. 

My engagement to Eugene had been amusing, but I hadn’t been really interested. 

Although he had been holding my hand, the scarlet woman made her move. Stealing someone else’s man, she wasn’t ashamed about telling others of her achievement.

To be perfectly honest, I hadn’t liked being engaged. I felt that Eugene and I were not suited. Though, his new love seemed to be a commoner but she seemed to have the ability to judge her surroundings.

But that was not important right now, the tie side panties I am wearing are…!

Why had I been so enthusiastic this morning?

“I will go, I can still go.” I had declared without much thought.

Marie, my maid, had goaded me on,
“Yes, you can!”

No, you should have stopped me, Marie!

In my family house, frugality was our motto, but I still had a wealthy stock of undies! Why did we choose this one? It was my favourite pair. I called it up in my imagination and said inwardly, “Thank you for protecting my crotch till now!” It was better to let it go, I decided.

I wasn’t looking where I was going as I raced ahead, I didn’t want to be told I was being mannerless, especially since the knickers were now at my knees.

But I bumped into something hard,

‘Oh my goodness!’ I exclaimed.

I guess I ran into a person. A person with such a firm body I rebounded.

‘Please pardon me, are you alright, my Lady?’
a very masculine voice asked from above my head.

I rubbed my achy nose, and looked up with teary eyes to see, I had run into Gen…General Brennan!

Since the founding of the country, the strongest warrior to be born here was General Volker Brennan. He leaned down to look at me, his hand on one knee. This dignified general; his dark brown hair had been slicked back with pomade and he was well dressed for the ball. But what I found surprising was the gentle hazel eyes he has.

‘My Lady?’

I did not reply for a bit, the general moved closer to me,

‘Oh I am alright, thank you.’
I finally said.

General Brennan sighed in relief and straightened his large frame, for some reason his gaze was drawn away from me.

On no!

My panties had made the final journey downward. I could feel the delicate mass hanging off my ankle. It seemed that it was exhausted now.

I wondered if I should blush. Or throw everything and faint. It is what the fellow maidens of Society would do, it was usually quite amusing.

I’m leaving it to you, General!

I wish our first meeting isn’t as bad as I believe.

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