Cinderella Did Not Leave Her Shoe – Chapter 02

Volker: Patience

The lady moved and I noticed there was a scrap of cloth where she had stood, it looked like a handkerchief. The corridor was dimly lit, but I hadn’t seen the handkerchief in her hand when she bumped into me.

‘My Lady?’
I called.

The young lady turned back to me and gasped as though surprised by something, then promptly fainted. I quickly caught her falling body. She was so light, and she looked like a fairy. Her hair was down. It was like liquid sunlight, it fell in loose waves. Her skin was looked soft and white. Although they were now closed, I had noticed long golden lashes over bright eyes that were the green of a forest in summer.

Her face was cute. Her lips were plump and lightly pink and slightly parted. Her neck was slender and delicate. My throat was suddenly dry and I swallowed. Beyond that delicate neck, was her collarbones where a delicate necklace adorned.

She induced such a need within me I was stunned. Why was I feeling this way to such a young girl?

Tonight’s ball was a marriage celebration; the age of most of the attendees would be about 16 to 17 year olds.

If so, then I, who was going to be 35 soon, was lusting after a girl who could be my daughter.


There was a dull ache throbbing in my chest, and I groaned.

What was this?

I lifted her and took a deep breath to shake off the strange thoughts that came over me. I did not forget to pick the handkerchief up, and went in search of the butler to help me find the young Miss’ servant and rooms.

‘Oh no, my Lady!’

The lady’s maid was found before long. She had been running around with teary eyes. When she saw me with the lady, she ran up to me.

‘Oh how unfortunate.’
She said as she took the hand of the girl in my arms and collapsed.

‘Does she have a guest room here?’

If she was a noble daughter, she would have a guest room. Otherwise, it would be best to lay her on a couch for a little while. She was so slender.

‘Oh pardon me, my lord, I will bring you to her room immediately.’
She said as she quickly wiped her tears.

The behaviour looked extreme and overwrought, I raised a brow.

‘Although, it seems dire now, she should be fine with some rest.’
I said trying to calm the maid.

If she needed medical attention, that could be arranged. But he thought, it would be better for the lady to rest till she woke up.

‘My lady has no chronic illness. But Milady’s engagement…she would not want to stay near someone that has treated her this badly.’

It seemed there were complicated circumstances, but the maid did not want to divulge all the information, so she carefully chose her words.

‘Very well, let’s take her to her carriage and send her home.’
I said to her maid and we started walking.

If I thought deeply, I realised that I would only be holding this softness for a short time more.

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