Cinderella Did Not Leave Her Shoe – Chapter 05

Unfortunately Lady

‘Earlier,’ Marie told us, ‘a servant came to tell us that his Master; General Brennan wished to call on Fredericka-sama; would she be at home, receiving guests?’

Oliver quickly replied that I would be at home, but this bothered me a lot. Why did he reply without asking me?! I really have to find a way to be absent. But that General Volker was moving too quickly.

But Oliver responded to the messenger without consulting me or my father. I cannot fault Oliver, he is an amazing butler.  

In some instances I think he even surpasses his master. As peers, no as really rich peers, we have a lot of visitors at our household, so Oliver usually answered calling cards without input from my parents. It was more expedient.

Thus, we have come to this…Was there nothing I could do, ah?!

What should I do?!

I would never have thought he would come to my house. We have never been acquainted in the past. It must because I ran into him while I was disorientated from my foolishness. Fainted when he saw my fallen panties, and he carried me gently to the carriage. He wanted to check my condition; how gentlemanly.

Perhaps, he would impress upon me that military will train me into a wonderful lady from being a disappointing one.

What is this, you fell in love?! Not only is he strong, he is fast and gentle. What kind of woman is your perfect bride?

‘I will prepare for his visit.’ Oliver announced, ‘Marie, dress Miss Fredericka and get her something light to eat. And Miss Fredericka, please tighten your lips and arrange your thoughts so that words like you just said don’t come out of your mouth.

’Eh?! I said all that out loud.I gave a sheepish smile, ‘I will. Thank you.’

Very much.Father and Mother had weird smiles on their faces, I know from experience that it doesn’t bode well for me.

‘Well I will go to the kitchen. Marie,’

I took my shabby disreputable self gracefully to my room with Marie.

‘Let’s make you an omelette with your favourite cheese! And some minced meat.’ She said as she skipped ahead of me.How many times do I need breakfast? And why minced meat?!

‘I was worried about my lady this morning, you didn’t each much earlier. You are hungry now, I feel relieved.’

‘Love you loads but could you change mince meat to steak fillets instead?’

‘Woohoo!’ Marie clapped her hands happily, and my heart grew lighter without noticing there was a dark air in my room.

… ‘A discovery?’

‘Not only seeds but can bear fruit.’

‘Is it not expensive?’

‘It’s a noble. Look at the hands’

‘That is it…’

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