What Should a Villainess Noble Girl do Again? – Chapter 11


“Take this.”

The Prince wanted to give me a present today.

Today’s present is a necklace embedded with a big stone with the same color as his eyes.

The Queen and Vanessa-sama who was nearby looked at us with a smile.

“………..I don’t need this.”


“……….I am not interested in this.”

“Are you still a woman?”

“You’re so annoying.”

Whether I kicked or hit the Prince, he did not seem to have any complain about it; so, sometimes I just could not help but go overboard with it, you know?

“Good afternoon.”

And following the usual routine, Broudo-sama came in.

“Is Royal Uncle going to join the tea party today?”

“No, I do not have much time to spare today. I just wanted to give this to Miss Cardinal.”

Broudo-sama showed me the dry herb in his hand.

“This is the rare item that you did not manage to acquire last time. I just happened to meet a seller and bought it for you, Miss Cardinal.”

When Broudo-sama handed over the herb to me, my tension hit the roof.

“Is it really alright?! I am ecstatic!! I will properly take care of it.”

I started jumping and bouncing around after I received the herb from him.

“Oi, what kind of weird inclination do you have to feel happy receiving Royal Uncle’s herbs over my jewels?”

“It is simply because I am not interested in jewelry; but I do have a deep interest towards magical plants. Thank you so much, Broudo-sama.”

The prince began to get sulky as he sat down in the corner of the room.

You are totally not cute as of right now.

“Then, I going now as I have other things to do.”

“Can we have a tea-time together later on?”

“It will be my pleasure; then, I will be waiting for you to come over.”

Broudo-sama, for this rare herb , I thank you with all my heart.

Once I returned home, I will bake lots of cookies and Madeleines for you.

Broudo-sama is a good person!!

I must reward him properly!

I was grinning as I drank the tea.

“Cardinal….even though it is bad for me to ask of this from you, but could you please consoled Jayce a little bit? He is such an annoyance.”

”A~ I understand.”

“Cardinal-chan, please.”

Due to the request form both the Queen and Vanessa-sama, I headed to the corner where the Prince was currently at.

“Prince, the Queen said that you are an annoyance.”

I said that as I kicked his back lightly.

“Your treatment towards me is too much.”

I sat next to the Prince as I tilted my head to him.

“I am happy that I could finally find someone whom I can have this kind of conversation with… or is it no good with you?”

“It…. It is not that it is not… good.”

You are so cute, Prince.

Ageha-san had always said that the move of “Tilting your head” had a powerful effect.

“Then, let’s go over there and have a tea with me.”

“Un….. Does Cardinal like my Royal Uncle?”

“More than like, I respect him.”

“So it is not a romantic kind of feeling!!”

“Yes… so what’s with that?”

“If so, then it is all good.”

What’s with this stupid Prince.

“Isn’t it impossible for someone to get married if they did not feel some kind of respect towards their partner?”

Vanessa-sama began to giggle before saying.

“That’s right, respect is important.”

Suddenly my shoulder was caught by someone.

“Then, Cardinal really likes my Royal Uncle?”

“If someone were to ask me whether I like the Prince or Broudo-sama, I will without hesitation said that I like Broudo-sama. So is there anything wrong with it?”


The Prince once again, crouched at the corner of the room while hugging his knee.

I let out a deep sigh.

“Because you act this way that you lose to Broudo-sama, you know? The reason why I can’t picture myself married to you is that because, I feel that I could not possibly be able to live with someone whom I did not have a shred of respect for. That’s why I called you stupid Prince.”

The Prince looked at me in resentment.

“By the way, I will respect you if you managed to get on the same level as my big brother.”

“……….I understand. I will make Cardinal fall in love with me!!”

The Prince shouted as he left the room.

Perhaps he was going to where big brother was.

“Cardinal is awesome!”

“That kid is really stupid. It is really thanks to Cardinal, that he had become a little bit cute as of lately.”

Vanessa-sama and the Queen said that in earnest.

Prince, you are already being seen as a foolish person.

I resumed drinking my tea while pretending that I did not hear the surrounding chatters.

With sweets in my hands, I made my way to Broudo-sama; and since Yard also wanted to come along, the two of us were walking hand in hand to our destination.

“Well, you finally decided to show u!! Would you come here for a bit?”

Broudo-sama who greeted us at the door had a bad expression on his face.

Without understanding the reason, I entered the room and saw a girl about same age as us. She had beautiful blue eyes and sparkling golden hair curled into ringlets (T/N Commonly known as Drill hair by Reika-sama).

“Uncle, where have you been?I can’t believe you left me waiting.”

Hearing that voice, I stopped at the door as I confirmed it once again with Broudo-sama before I proceeded in.

“Ane-sama, that  person there is Kokoru Hime-sama.”

“Kokoru Hime-sama?”

“The little sister of that stupid prince.”

A~ it seemed that Yard has also started calling him stupid prince.

“Miss Cardinal, please save me.”

Broudo-sama who had opened the door for us asked me to help him with a loud voice.

I really hate children with such unruly character….

“Who are you?”

Look like Kokoru Hime-sama had noticed my presence.

“I am Cardinal. And this is my little brother, Yard.”

“You are that stupid lady who has been calling my brother an idiot?”

I smiled at Kokoru Hime-sama as I pinched her cheeks.

“Hime-sama, it is not a crime even if I were to call your brother, stupid. The Queen herself gave me permission to do so since he does not know how to be courteous to others.”

I didn’t  actually officially receive permission for it… Queen, I am sorry for using your name.

“It seems that the little sister of that stupid Prince is also stupid, I feel sorry for both the King and the Queen.”

“My check will turn squishy! Stop it.”

I took my hands off and replied.

“Only children can get off by acting willful! Right now, you should put better effort into become a good and mature woman! The only thing waiting for arrogant royalty is a life worse than death.”

The Princess stood there frozen with her eyes wide open. Did I shocked her too much?

“Fo-For example….. What kind of life will it be?”

Words began to tumble down from her trembling lips.

“I will give you a few examples; to start with, your head might fly off from your neck if you anger the citizens. You could be banished from this country. You might also be regarded as a peace offering, only to find out that you will be married off to another country to someone who not only a shorty but also a baldy?”

The Princess trembled as her face turned pale blue.

“No! I do not want that!!”

I slowly patted the Princess’ head.

“Then, from now own, let’s try on becoming a good woman. You can leave it in my hands.”


“Yes. I also aims to become an exquisite woman myself.”

“Wa, yes! Onee-sama.”

As I declared it, Kokoru started to hug me.

At my side, I could see Yard  becoming more and more frustrated.

“Ane-sama is my sister!”

“If she were to marry my big brother, then she will also become my big sister.”

Yard and Kokoru  glared and hissed at each other.     

“I will brew tea for the two of you. My homemade cookies are delicious, you know.”

“Yes! Ane-sama!”

Yard nodded at me while smiling so charmingly.

“As expected of Miss Cardinal. For you to tame that Kokoru in such a short time…..It was a miracle.”

“Broudo-sama, should I consider this as a compliment from you?”

“Of course. You really deserve my respect.”

Even though Broudo-sama said that he respected me, I somehow felt unhappy about it.

Kokoru was clinging onto me while Yard grasped my hand while glaring intensely at Broudo-sama.

These two children might actually become a good duo…..

“Tomorrow, I am going to inform the Queen that we are friend with each other!”


“That’s right.”

“Not as my big sister?”

Kokoru looked at me with sparkling eyes.

“Kokoru Hime-sama , if your brother intends to marry my sister then my big brother would keep him away from her”


“Earlier today, when the Prince invited me to read picture books as friends, time seemed to fly by”


“If you become our friend, then I will also become your friend. How about the three of us study together?”

Yard, you are such an Angel!

“Un! I!  I will become friends with both Ane-sama and Yard!!”

In that way, Yard and I befriended the Princess.

Inside the carriage, on our way home, Yard kept grinning as he said.

“With this, I will be able to stay with Ane-sama for a long, long time.”


“I want to stay with Ane-sama forever. But it was impossible for me to go to the Royal Palace without a reason. However, since I have befriended Kokoru Hime-sama, then this is a good excuse for me to follow you. Ane-sama, I love you.”

My- my little brother.

Isn’t your motivation impure?


“…..Let’s get along with the Princess.”

“Ma~ Yes.”

Could it possibly be that this angelic little brother of mine was actually a black one?

Towards my little brother who was grinning at me, I stroked his head as I smiled bitterly.

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