What Should a Villainess Noble Girl do Again? – Chapter 24

Labra-chan’s Love Love

“Cardinal, there is something in history that I don’t understand, so please teach me about it later, okay!”
“Of course!! Labra-chan’s lunch box is as delicious as always, ne!!”
“My mother packed this for me! I will give you this tamagoyaki then! A~n.”
“A~n….. Delicious!! Labra-chan mother is truly a good cook!”
I was grinning as I held both of my cheeks with my hand
This is the happiness!
I have become Labra-chan’s best friend.
And right now, I am experiencing a normal high school girl’s lunch time.
“Oi! Cardinal! Why are you keep flirting with that commoner?
“Ha?……A~ stupid Prince.”
“Oh, you already omitted the pervert title, huh.”
“Build pleaded me to stop calling you a pervert…I think it is better for you to show some gratitude to him.”
As if it was a matter of course, the Prince sat on the chair next to me.
“Why had you never acted those [A~n] whenever you are around me?”
“Why do I have to act like that and share my lunch with you? Please look over here!!Look at how cute Labra-chan is!!That beautiful blonde hair and that sky-blue eyes!! Because of how otherworldy beautiful Labra-chan is, that make it possible for me to share my lunch with her.”
I was hugging Labra-chan when the Prince replied to me in a frustrated manner.
“If that is the reason, I also possessed the similar blonde hair and sky-blue eyes like her!!”

I quickly countered his word.
“The horror of it!! Why don’t you dye your hair?”
“Why do you have to be so shocked over my hair? If you thought about it, isn’t it more natural for the commoner that need to change their appearance so that it will not clash with mine?”
How arrogant!!!
Do you want me to pull out all of your hair?
“Just now, did you look at me with a murderous gaze?”

“Ara~ did you somehow aware of it? Ma~ I did not intend to kill you, but I have been pondering secretly in my heart if I should pluck out all of your hair or not!”
When I turned my head as I chuckled, I saw my older brother took a seat next to Labra-chan.

“Kana, you should not let your inner thought leak out.”
“I am not even aware of it!!”
The Prince clicked his tongue exaggeratedly

You are truly behaving without any manner, stupid Prince.

‘Your highness, please do not sit so closely to Cardinal!!”
“If you wish to continue to annoy Cardinal, I wish that you will choose another place to eat.”

A~ Labra-chan is truly an angel.
“If I am not wrong, you are Labra Astir, right?”

“Yes, I am Cardinal’s best friend.”

A~ Labra-chan admitted that I am her best friend.
“I am so happy that I felt like I am going to have a nose bleed!!”
“Cardinal, are you okay?”
“Yes, for me to become Labra-chan, be-best friend, is it okay if I cried a bit?”
“Don’t!! Won’t that appear as if I have been bullying you?”
“It is impossible for Labra-chan to bully someone like me….”
“That’s right! Because it was impossible for me!!”

Labra-chan who was laughing looked like a goddess.
“If I was a man, I will take you as my bride!”
“To marry Labra-chan!!! How much happiness will that be….”

As I instinctively leered at my own thought, the Prince suddenly knocked my head
That pain cleared up my head.
“You will become my bride!!”
“Please save your sleep talk when you are sleeping.”
Prince, you are scaring me.
“I could not stop you, Kana, if you think that Labra-san is a good choice, however, if possible, I would like for you to at least choose a man as your partner.”
“Even though it was impossible, but it is still good to dream a little bit about it, you know?”
“Labra-san, it was actually a rare thing for Kana to smile so happily, therefore, I will be happy if you will continue to get along with her after this.”
“Of course!! Please leave it to me, I will continue to defend Cardinal from anyone who tried to approach her insolently even if I have to fly-kick that person.”

My older brother was laughing as he replied to her.

“You are really funny. Kana will be able to protect herself, however, I would like to ask you to get away from any danger with all of your effort.”
“If you somehow get caught by the villains, Kana will not be able to retaliate freely, instead, I would like for you to find me so that I can help her.”

“I understand! Then, from today, I will work hard on my dash!!”
Labra-chan is so cute!!
Did my older brother just hold in his breath from laughing?

“Labra-chan is truly an amusing person.”
“I have been laughed at.”

Labra-chan was pouting!!
So cute!
“I am healed.”
“Looking at how cute Labra-chan is, really heal me up. I love you!”
“I-I am also the same!”
Labra-chan’s face was flushed red as she replied to me
Too cute!!
Mo~ I was totally in love with her!
“Cardinal!! You had never told me that you love me before!!”
“I do not have any liking towards you…..”

Labra-chan hugged me as she laughed [ffuffufu] proudly.
There seemed to be a crackling aura between Labra-chan and the Prince.
Labra-chan, fighting!!

“It was your total lost, Jayce. Just give up.”
My older brother started to eat his lunch in a happy mood.
Looking at my brother, Labra-chan seemed to remember what they were supposed to do as she looked at her lunch box.

“Let just leave that stupid Prince alone, should we continue with our lunch?”
“You are right! It will be a waste of time if we continue to mind about him.”
Labra-chan was grinning as she ate from her lunch box.
I also started on my own lunch.

We totally ignored the Prince.

The Prince who sat beside me persistently kept nagging on me, but all of us continued to treat him as if he was nothing but air.

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