What Should a Villainess Noble Girl do Again? – Chapter 26

(Broudo POV)

The best friend that girl had brought along with her today was a passionate girl.
Her best friend, Labra-san, seemed intend in pushing me towards that girl.
To be clear, I am happy for that.
However, with the position that I was currently at, I could not even compared to Jayce’s feet.
I really wanted to have that girl.

This feeling of mine seemed similar to the one that Jayce possessed.
Jayce had come often to visit me.

“Previously, I felt that Cardinal is disgusting. However, recently she looks so lovely.”

Jayce had uttered such words while looking so happy about it.
The aura that surrounded him seemed to indicate how much he had come to like that girl.
I really could not forgive that.
The only time that I was allowed to stay by her side was during those times when she requested me to.
That’s why I could not confess my feeling of love towards her.
That’s why I could not feel any kind of happiness hearing Labra-san’s feeling in regards to this matter.
I guess it was inevitable that Labra-san got angry and declared me as an enemy.
I thought that it will be good for me if that girl did not come to visit me anymore.
This thought circulated in my mind as I watched those girls heading back home.
This sentiment was something that had no way of being remedied.
After all, Labra-san was my enemy.

Despite that, from that day on, that girl had continued to visit my house.

“Since I make this sweets with Labra-chan, I decided to share it with you”

Why is that?
Even for such trivial reason, that girl still decided to come all over here.

“Is there something wrong with it?”

I was worried if that girl had been aware that I was staring at her.

“Recently, you had been coming here often, so I am really happy about it.”

That girl seemed surprised when she heard my words

“Labra-chan had told me that, since I had always been indebted to Broudo-sama, I need to give some present to you…..”

Why did she said something like that?

“In that case, I also need to extend my gratitude to Labra-san then.”
“Then, the next time I come here, I will bring her along.”
“Yes, please.”
I also would like to know the truth.
I talked to Labra-san while that girl went out of the room to prepare the sweets and the tea.

“Why are you here with that girl?”
“I already told you this, right? I am your enemy!”
“Yes. You did declare it previously.”
“Then, why?”

Labra-san was grinning when I tilted my head in confusion over her reasoning.

“I told you, right? I think that you are the one who can bring happiness to Cardinal.”
“And because of that, you are my enemy.”

I really could not understand her reasoning.

“If you plan on killing your feeling for Cardinal, I am going to tell you that you are making a big error in your own judgement. I am not going to let you escape!! Therefore, no matter how many times it will be, I am going to set Cardinal on your way.”

What the hell was this kid?
At that moment, I could not help but laugh.
This might be the first time that I laughed so much.
I could feel my abdominal muscle started to hurt.

“Chi- hey! Stop laughing so much over this!!”

I was sitting on the sofa while laughing [HiHiHi] when that girl returned with a shocked expression.

“Bu- Broudo-sama, are you okay?! Labra-chan, what happened here?!”
“I, I was just laughing over something…..”
“Laugh… So you were laughing?”

That girl looked even more surprise as she uttered that word.

“What kind of funny things that make you ended up laughing like that?”
“……KuKuKu…. It is a secret.”
“What secret?!…… Since when did the both of you get along so well? So sly.”

That girl was pouting.
You’re too cute!!
When I instinctively looked over at Labra-san, she was pressing her mouth with her left hand while her right thumb moved around.
Labra-san’s feeling and mine might be similar to each other.

“…….Both of you are getting along slyly.”
“Both of us are not particularly close with each other.”
“Even though you are sharing some kind of a secret together?”

Labra-san was grinning as she replied to her.

“It was because Naru and I had been getting along so well, that Naru no longer have much free time, so Broudo-sama…..”
“Please stop lying about it.”

Labra-chan continued to laugh while grinning.

“If Broudo-sama call me over, no matter what, I will immediately rush over to you.”
“Even if it is only an invitation for a tea?”
“Between Broudo-sama and I, which one will you give the priority to?”
“…… If Broudo-sama invites me over, I will bring Labra-chan along with me. Between the two of you, I could never put one above the other one.”

Aa~ so cute.
My face unintentionally started to come loose.
When I looked at Labra-san, she also spotted the similar expression.
It was a secret to them that I thought that I might be able to get along with Labra-san after all.

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