What Should a Villainess Noble Girl do Again? – Chapter 28

Moonlight Flying Grass

Since this was a dance party, I danced my first dance with the Prince.

“What is it?”
“You are really good at dancing.”
“Well, I could not really afford to embarrass you, you know.”

What’s with this guy, are you saying that you have been working hard for my sake?
I was truly amazed by that.

“I thought that you are only a fool.”
“Shut up.”
“I think that it is a hallucination that I thought this stupid person could finally become a little bit cute after so long.”
“Why don’t you just fall in love with me?”
“Please restrict your dreaming while sleeping….”

I was happy looking at the Prince, who appeared to be dissatisfied with my reply.

Even though this was a dance party, there were also some spaces allocated to anyone who wished to enjoy some light meal.
Labra-chan and I were staring at those dishes together.

“It’s so delicious.”
“Yes! I was even more delicious when I ate it together with Labra-chan!!”

I felt so happy looking at Labra-chan, who had been laughing so cutely.

“Ne~ let’s go to the balcony?”
“That is an excellent idea! Let’s take some dessert with us!!”

After my dance with the Prince, several other men had also come up and offered their hand to me which I ended up responded to all of it. Due of that, my physical strength had nearly reached its limit; however, despite that, some people had been looking my way to invite me for another dance, so I was quite relieved to escape to the balcony.

“Then, let’s have a relaxing girl’s talk.”

Labra-chan put a lot of cake on the plate, before she pulled my hand as we headed towards the balcony.
The balcony was lighted by the moonlight, which also illuminated the nearby forest.

So beautiful~!!

I was entranced by it.

“Naru, Broudo-sama is truly a wonderful person.”
“You’re right about that!! A truly wonderful person!”
“Don’t you like him?”
“I do like him.”
“I mean, in a romantic sense.”

I was stupefied for a moment.

“Since I am an aristocrat, I am supposed to enter a political kind of marriage.”
“If it is you, Naru, I know that you will be able to marry for love.”

I smiled at her bitterly.

“I do not really understand on this matter of love.”
“It has been so long since the last time I fell in love….For a long time, I had been immersing myself doing stuff that I have been interested in….. that I never had someone that I can call as a lover or friend….. That’s why, I am so happy when I became your friend, Labra-chan.”

Labra-chan looked a little troubled before she replied to me.

“I want Naru to always be happy. That’s why I thought that Broudo-sama is truly a wonderful person who will suit Naru best.”
“Broudo-sama is a lovely person, which is so unlike me; therefore, a lovelier person will suit him better.
“…There is no lovelier woman other than you, Naru.”
“Labra-chan is here.”
“………Are you being sarcastic again?”
“I am not!!”
“I do not have such a huge boob, anyway.”

Labra-chan appeared as if she was on an eating binge as she tossed a small piece of cake into her mouth and chomped on it.
She looked like a squirrel and it was so cute.

It was at that moment.
Suddenly, I could see light started to pop up from the direction of the forest.

What was that?

What’s more, several light started to pop up one after another.

“That was….”


I think it was probably something different.
It was then, when….


Tentou spoke to me.


Tentou then, handed me a transparent bottle.

“This is the seed of the moonlight flying grass. It is a rare kind of grass which releases its spore on a moonlit night.”

A rare plant!!
I then told Labra-chan what Tentou had told me when he handed me the bottle.

“I will go and collect it for a while.”
“E~? Are you really going to go there?”
“Yes. I will be back before the end of the dance party.”
“It will be that long?”
“I am not that good in dancing, actually.”
“Don’t run away, then!”

I waved at Labra-chan before I started to run.
Here and there, the moonlight flying grass kept popping a glowing pale light, which made it appear like a dandelion flower.
I was walking through the forest before I came upon an open space.
What’s more, all the moonlight flying grass’s seed seemed to be drifting all over the area.
It seemed that those grasses appeared to be growing en masse at this particular location.
It was at that time, I believed, that I saw something that appeared to be a man emerged from the circle of the moonlight flying grass.

“Naru? Why are you here?”

Now that I looked at him, I could also see the bottle in Broudo-sama’s hand.

“The same reason why you are also here, I guess.”

Broudo-sama grinned as he replied to my question.

“I thought that a fairy had finally appeared upon this fantasy like place.”
“You appeared to be even more beautiful today compared to the usual.”

Broudo-sama who appeared in this magical place was even more attractive than the usual.
I wanted to say so, however, none of those words came out.

“I often came here during the time I attended the school here.”
“I have also gone through this beautiful place before.”
“If that is so, then I will surely meet you again here in the future.”

While the both of us were talking about the characteristics of the moonlight flying grass, the time seemed to quickly fly away.

“…….We need to return back soon.”
“The fun time always seemed to be so short.”
“This is my most favorite place, therefore, if possible, I will be happy, if you do not tell anyone about it.”

Broudo-sama slowly smiled.
I wanted this person to be happy.
I vaguely thought about that.

When I returned to the party, I had the kind of feeling as if I had been dreaming about something, that I, ended up being scolded by the Prince harshly.

Prince, I am really going to put a curse on you.

I do not think that it was such a bad idea to implement it.

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