What Should a Villainess Noble Girl do Again? – Chapter 31

Vacation Villa

On the day that I was supposed to depart for the villa, my father as well as my older brother has been running around the house, making so much racket since early morning.

“Oni-sama, what’s wrong?”
“Kana, I am sorry, but today I am not able to accompany you to the vacation villa. Do you still remember about Ellulia, the one who we used to play with back then? It seemed that something had happened to her house….”

I remembered that Ellulia is the daughter of my father’s friend who was also an Earl. Different from me, she was a gentle lady who loved to sing and had a pair of eyes in the shade of red and a green-colored hair.

“I am quite worried about El. Therefore, I am going to tag along with father to her house.”
“Oni-sama? Did you perhaps like El?”
“…….Have I never mention that to you?”


“Then, you really need to go there as soon as possible in order to provide aid to El! Hurry up and go now!

I pushed my brother’s back so that he can quickly prepare for the trip.

It seemed that my older brother would not be able to attend our trip to the vacation villa.
The people who were going for this trip were Yard, the Princess, the Prince, Labra-chan, I….. And also Broudo-sama.”

“I am sorry for including myself on this trip. The truth is, within the compound of Naru’s vacation villa, there is a magical plant capable of generating fog by its own! That’s why your invitation for this trip had truly saved me a lot of effort since I also wanted to collect that plant.”
“Now that you mentioned about it, the fog truly does appear around that place quite a lot of times.”

I started to have a conversation with Broudo-sama as soon as I arrived at the Villa.

“Ane-sama, I am going out to find those guys around.”

He was talking about those frogs.

“I also going to follow Yard! Is that okay, Onee-sama?”
“Please be careful. Yard, please protect Kokoru Hime-sama, okay?”
“……If you said so, Ane-sama…. Kokoru, let’s go.”

Yard grabbed Kokoru-Hime’s hand before walking away.
So lovey-dovey.
Somehow, I had a feeling that Yard does like Princess Kokoru.

“Naru~!! Let’s go to the sea!!”

For some reason, Labra-chan thrust a bikini to me, that I could not help but said something to her.

“Labra-chan…. I had been thinking about this thing for quite a while. In this world, wearing a skirt above the knee level was considered as immodest, then, should not this bikini also be regarded the same! I mean, realistically, it should be right? The area in which these pieces of clothes could covered is even less than those corset which should be considered as a woman’s underwear, you know!!」
“It is so that you would not end up drowning.”

My words lost on me.
Swimming suit….. I have had an immense dislike of this stuff since long time ago~!!

“You can swim, right?”
“…………..I can.”
“Then, what’s wrong?”
“………..This outfit looked unreliable to me.”
“Are you mocking me again?”
“I am not!!”

I hugged Labra-chan after saying that.

“Labra, Cardinal has a date with my Imperial Uncle, so just let her be. Let’s go!”

I was shocked to hear those words from the Prince.

“I see. Then Broudo-sama! Please look after Naru, okay?!”

Labra-chan pushed me out of the room that I ended up lose my balance before I was caught by Broudo-sama.

“Cardinal and Imperial Uncle wanted to go and gather the plant, right? Labra and I are going to enjoy the sea like those stupid people, so Imperial Uncle and Cardinal should also do stuff that both of you love to do.”
“…………If Jayce is okay with that….”

It seemed that those two were up to something.
Ma~ I will not pursue those matters further as long as I can excused myself from wearing that bikini!!
The Prince and Labra started to walk towards the sea.
Broudo-sama and I could only watch the two of them with a stunned expression on our face.

“…I guess, we should be going now, Naru.”

Broudo-sama looked at me with a frustrated kind of expression before he laughed and extended his hand to me, which I grabbed a bit later due to my puzzlement of the current situation in my hand.

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