What Should a Villainess Noble Girl do Again? – Chapter 32

(Broudo POV)

I went on a mountain climbing trip with that girl while searching for the fog-oozing plant.
That girl physical strength was truly exceptional.
If she was any normal lady, it was unlikely for her to even step into this kind of place.

“Broudo-sama? This is?….. I wonder if this is the one.”
“This is a different one, but it is still a magical plant, so let’s bring it back. As for that, we can always take it from the house’s garden so it is okay to leave it alone.”

That girl was grinning as she brought new plant that she found to me and asking me [What is this?] or [What is that?].
That girl doesn’t know how dearly I thought of her cute smile.
She was full of grins as if she really enjoys all of this situation.
She looked so lovely that I felt like kissing her if there were only the two of us here.
………..That’s right, we were not alone.
Her intelligence personnel were also here with us.
I could not see them, but we were really not alone.
We were truly not alone!

But, this is still a date as what Jayce had mentioned previously!
Recently, Jayce seemed to be in a close relationship with Labra-san…… No, probably, it should be Labra-san who had tricked him into doing something for her.
Labra-san had given others the kind of impression that she was surrounded with a mysterious aura which seemed to be borne from her peculiar ways of at-my-pace kind of thinking……


I was surprised to find that girl was actually standing right in front of me without me noticing it.

“I am sorry! I was dazed for a moment.”
“………..Do you feel bored?”
“That’s not it.”

That girl smiled as if she felt relieved over something.
This was truly dangerous. I really wanted to kiss her.
My desire for her was overflowing!

“Brodo-sama, I could see a wall of fog over there.”
“Then, the plant might be within the surrounding circumference.”

Without any hesitation, that girl started to walk towards that wall of fog.
At that time, I noticed that there were no longer ground under that girl’s feet.


I tried to stretch my hand to hold onto something, but the only things that I could grasp was the air.
I forcibly change the position of our body as I hugged her close so that I could protect her body from hitting the ground.
As we fell down the cliff, our bodies started to crash upon the trees as it started to break our fall a bit.
My back’s hurting.
Next, come the ground.
That girl’s body was shielded by my own, however, I wonder if she is still injured by the fall?
As I was getting worried about her, the pain started to assault my body.
I felt that it came from one of my rib bones.

“….Urgh……. Broudo-sama? Broudo-sama!”

That girl looked panicked as she called out my name.

“Naru, are you okay?”
“I am okay!!……. How about you Broudo-sama?”

I reached out to her cheek, which were drenched with tears.
I also moved my hand, which had been used to hold her.

“I am okay. The intelligence personnel should be nearby, so they should be able to find us immediately.”

I wanted to reassure that girl who had been crying so hard.

“Is your injury that bad that you cannot even move unless someone is here to help you… This is all my fault.”

That girl kept blaming herself as she used a more informal way of talking with me.

“That’s not it. It’s because I have been quite selfish…. Selfishly did something without anyone permission.”

I wiped her incessant tears with my finger as I slowly tried to sit up.
That girl was in shock as my lips overlapped her, and as I returned back to my position, she looked even more shocked over it.
It hurt so much to the point of dying, but finally that girl had stopped crying.

“It is so painful……..Ha~a………I am sorry. But I do not want to see you crying. I will do it again if you still cry after this.”

That girl’s face was dyed with red colour as she buried her face in my chest.
I’ve done it.
I wonder if I will be hated by her….

“Broudo-sama is a fool!!”
“……….Will it be better if I did not hold out my hand for you at that time?”

That girl was a real asset to intelligence unit and she might not even fall down if I did not hold out my hand to her at that time.

“You’re wrong!Thank you. But I ended up injuring the man that I did not want to hurt the most…. I could not forgive myself for that.”

“……..I am happy, you know, that I am able to help Naru.”

It was at that time.
We could hear voices coming from above the cliff.

“Hime-sama~ My Lord~ Are you okay?”
“Come quickly!! Please save Broudo-sama!!”

With that girl’s voice, the intelligence personnel who worked under me, Noguchi, landed on the ground near us.

“My Lord! Are you okay?……..Should I use healing magic on you?”
“…..You can use healing magic? I leave it to you then.”
“Osu! Then, please breathe in slowly.”

I breathe in slowly while following Noguchi’s word before I started to cry out.

“Hu- gyayayayayayayayaya…….”

The pain was so extraordinary that I wished that I could faint right on the spot.


That girl started to cry again.
Without showing any remorse, Noguchi smiled as he said.

“I can use the healing magic, but I am not that good at it. Normally, it will take around one hour of continuous healing magic for this kind of injury, however, I do not have enough power to do it for such a long time; therefore, I use my magic to heal you in one shot! Sometimes, it will hurt you so much that one wished that they could just die, however, I am glad that you did not die this time, My Lord!”

I am really going to kill this guy later.
My consciousness started to fade away as my killing intent floated out from my body.

When I woke up later on, I was already in a bed.
On my right, a well regulated breath could be heard from her as she slept at the edge of my bed.
It was likely that she had been nursing me all these times.

“Imperial Uncle, are you already coming to your senses?”

Jayce was sitting on a chair on my left side as he held a book in his hand.

“Imperial uncle, you should not make Cardinal so worried about you.”
“……….I am sorry.”
“For the sake of protecting your beloved woman…. It is too cool.”

Looking at the speechless me, Jayce started to smile bitterly.

“Cardinal is a troublesome woman, isn’t she?”
“Don’t speak ill of her.”
“……….If you are already woke up, I am here for you, therefore, please let Cardinal sleep a little bit more. She has been crying for so long that she finally fell asleep just now.”

Jayce left the room as he waved his hand to me.
After seeing him off, I gently moved my eyes to her.
I slowly stretched out my hand towards her twin-tailed red hair and take a bunch of it in my hand.
Such a silky and glossy hair.
My darling.
I have made her sad.
Still, I felt relieved that I am able to protect her.
I slowly held her hair as I kissed it.
What the heck am I doing to this sleeping girl…..? I am no longer able to endure it anymore.
I had a feeling of superiority as I touched her cheek, which had been marked with a trace of tears when her emerald green eyes slowly opened.

“I am sorry that I made you cry.”

I gently stroked her head.
A moment later, tears once again overflowed and fell down from her eyes.


That girl seemed to be flooded with emotion as she clung to me.
I decided to pat her back as I waited for her to stop crying.

“I am sorry. Because of me, you have been injured…..”
“Don’t worry about it.  For me, it is good things as long as Naru is safe.”

I wiped the tears that were flowing down on her cheek.
At that moment, that girl’s face started to turn red.
Looking at her cute response, I instinctively tried to put my lips on her.

Clattered….. “Gah”

A sudden noise came from the ceiling.
Those intelligence personnel were truly an exceptional worker.
I pressed down my desire to kiss her as I slowly caressed her head.

“……..Please do not cry. I am already okay.”

She looked at me worriedly, however, her tears seemed to already stop.
I keep stroking her head with a bitter smile on my face.

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