What Should a Villainess Noble Girl do Again? – Chapter 34


I felt relieved that Broudo-sama injury seemed to be getting better and better.
I placed the refreshment that I brought on the table in front of Labra-chan, the Prince and Broudo-sama.
For today tea’s party, I served the Madeline which I had baked previously.

“Labra-chan. Do you remember that we are going to have a test on etiquette after the school break?”

Labra-chan who had just opened her mouth to stuff a whole Madeline in, suddenly freeze.

“………..You will surely fail.”

At the merciless remarks from the Prince, I put my hand on Labra-chan’s shoulder as I glared intensely at him.

“Let’s do our best starting from today. You will be fine since I will be teaching you everything about it.”
“That is because Naru is a Spartan~.”
“If you have any complaint about it, then, I am not going to help you, you know?”
“I am sorry…. I am really, really sorry.”

I grinned as I thought of something.
I am going to teach her the exact etiquette meant for a Queen.
No one will be able to know about this plan of mine.
Because, apart from these two royalties in front of me, there were no other royalty around.
It was only natural to do such things here since there were only these two people around.
Even if the plan was discovered by others, they will never be able to find any fault to it, because, since, I am a Queen’s candidate myself, it might be unavoidable that I ended up teaching Labra-chan the way that I had been taught about.
From that day on, I had been working hard in instilling the appropriate etiquette meant for Queen whenever I had an etiquette lesson with Labra-chan.

One day, with a slightly pale face, Labra-chan prepared the tea with the perfect etiquette before offering it to us who were sitting in front of her.

“Thank you very much….”
“I am Labra.”
“It’s Labra-san! What a pretty name.”

Right at the moment, Labra-chan was currently facing her opponent, which was a Duchess herself.
Today, we decided to visit the neighbors of our domain, and we ended up meeting this soft-mannered lady in her 40 who possessed a beautiful blonde hair and a deep green eyes!
I had prepared this gentle lady as Labra-chan’s opponent to practice her skills on.

“I am really happy that Miss Cardinal had introduced me to this Labra-san.”
“I am honored to hear that.”
“Please free to address me as Mrs. Fleur.”

Oh my, it seemed that Mrs. Fleur was quite taken in by Labra-chan.
She was not only gentle but also someone who did not care about her position as a Duchess as she freely let others address her as Mrs. Fleur instead.

“Will not that be rude to you?”
“It’s okay, since I insist on that.”

Mrs. Fleur who winked at us lightly, looked so cute to me.
I want to grow up into that kind of an adult.
Before my reincarnation, I think I had the kind of image that everyone will describe as [Scary]……One of my strong point was that, I had the kind of expression and character that was enough to make a large man cried easily whenever I blocked them from the exit. (Towards my subordinate at that time, I am truly sorry)
That’s why, in this world, I aimed to be this kind of a lovely adult!!
The story had suddenly gone astray!!

Mrs. Fleur and Labra-chan seemed to talk about so many things.
I do not understand how Mrs Fleur able to appear so charming to another. Probably, for this kind of lady who had forgone the usual courtesy, Mrs. Fleur’s elegance doesn’t seem to diminish from the start to the end of tea-party;  that she did not even show any kind of a bad expression towards Labra-chan’s blunder and instead seemed pleased with her simplicity.
This was also a result that comes from me turning into an ogre whenever we conducted an etiquette lesson (Even though Labra-chan got scared from that, it was by no mean that I was bullying her)

“Miss Cardinal! Is Labra-san a commoner?”

When I replied to her with a smile, Mrs. Fleur grinned before saying.

“In addition to her perfect etiquette and manner, she also has the same colouring as the Royalties that I thought that she might be one of them!! It will be so easy for Labra-san to work at the Royal Palace if she wish to do so.”
“That… Is it really like that?”

Labra-chan seemed interested with the thought of serving at the Royal Palace.

“Your etiquette and manner are even more perfect than those maids in the Royal Palace! At any rate, you have thoroughly been educated on that!! As long as Labra-chan did not immediately panic and falling apart while working there…. But…..”

When I turned my gaze towards Labra-chan, she seemed to be frightened as she quietly screeched when I started to smile at her.

“Miss Cardinal, you should not bully her too much.”
“I never bully her!! For the sake of Labra-chan’s future, I have been giving my all to teach her all the necessary skills needed for her survival, you know!”
“You will be hated if you did not do it in moderation, you know?…. Labra-san, if there is anything that is troubling you, you can also depend on me, okay.”
“That, I could not possibly bothered Mrs. Fleur with my problem.”
“You did not have to be so worried about it. You resemble my daughter a bit, Labra-san. That’s why I feel some sense of intimacy with you.”

Mrs. Fleur started to laugh happily.
Mrs. Fleur daughter was also someone with the similar colouring as the Royalty, however, due to the epidemic disease, she died when she was small.
Was that the reason why she like Labra-chan that much?

“If she is your daughter, Mrs. Fleur, then she must be someone who is as beautiful as you!”
“Rather than being beautiful……I would like for her to be someone who is always full of energy that she is unable to sit still in one place, a bit reckless, and also dislikes to study on the etiquette.”
“That was totally like Labra-chan! In particular, her reckless trait and dislikes towards learning the etiquette.”
“Naru, I am really going to get angry at you.”

Mrs. Fleur laughed happily at us.
Labra-chan, you were totally out.
I have been holding myself from scolding her.
After that particular tea party, Mrs. Fleur invited us for several other tea parties throughout the long school holiday.

Labra-chan also ended up scoring an S-rank on her etiquette’s test that was held after the break; what’s more, due to a special circumstance I also did not stay at the dormitory and instead I traveled back and forth between school and home….. However, that will be another story.

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