What Should a Villainess Noble Girl do Again? – Chapter 36

My older brother’s love
(Yard POV)

My elder sister came home!!
I’m happy!!
Apart from that, my elder brother, as well as the daughter of a Count, Ellulia, also stayed in this house.
For me, the only good thing about this arrangement was due to the existence of my older sister, however, since my older sister decided to stay at home because of Ellulia, I guess, I could forgive her for that.

“Ane-sama, why did Onii-sama also stayed at home?”

My older sister was laughing cutely when I whispered that question to her.

“It is because Onii-sama also had been thinking about El-san in his mind.”

My older brother seemed to like Ellulia so much, that he came back home because he was worried about her condition.
Ellulia seemed to fear me whenever I looked at her.
No, it seemed that she hated the sight of any other man except for my older brother and my father
I heard from my father of the terrible occurrences that had happened to her.
It seemed that she was afraid of me since my facial expression and outlook did not match with my father and my brother.
I had never cared that I do not have the similar feature as my father and brother…… I mean, as long as I looked similar to my older sister, then, all is good for me.

The story had gone off the track for a moment.
After a while, Ellulia had been trying her best to approach me, however, soon, her face started to turn pale blue.

“You did not have to approach me, you know.”

I said that to her, since, she appeared so pitiful; but, Ellulia shook her head as tears started to fill her eyes.
………I decided to leave her alone. It was not like because it was too troublesome for me to deal with.
I continued to read my favourite book on the sofa which can  easily accommodate 10 people inside our family’s private room.
The reason being? If I stay here in this room, I will be able to capture my older sister’s attention whenever she passed this place.
The left utmost side of the sofa was my most favourite spots.

One day, Ellulia came inside the room before she sat at the right utmost side of the sofa.
Since my older brother and sister were at school, and the servant was not around, are you going to ask me to take care of you?
However, when I turned my gaze towards her, she quickly runs off from the room.
On the next day, Ellulia once again came in and sat one seat nearer to me than yesterday, however, when I turned to look at her, she, once again, ran away.
Somehow, it gave me a nostalgic feeling of a small animal who tried to open themselves to you?
Do you really want to get along with me so much?
Aren’t you afraid of men?
I might as well start a conversation with Ellulia.
I prepared a paper and a pen for the sake of establishing contact with Ellulia.

[Why Ellulia want to approach me? Yardral.]

I wrote that sentence and left the paper and a pen on the seat that Ellulia was supposed to sit on today.
When Ellulia tried to sit on the sofa, she noticed the pen and the paper on her seat; she alternately looked between the paper and my face before she slowly wrote something on it.
I used my magic to pick up the paper before I read it.

[Isn’t it rude of me to be afraid of Vert-sama and Kana-sama’s younger brother? That’s why I wanted to heal myself.]

This person, didn’t you get scared of men because your father was killed in front of your eyes; and to had that awful man audaciously touched your body after that? You really should not push yourself too much.
It was impossible for me to write that down, since even talking about those stuff in front of Ellulia should be considered terrible~.

[I do not care about anything else except for my Ane-sama and frog, so you do not have to be so worried about me.]

I wrote that down before sending it back to Ellulia using my magical power.
Ellulia looked at it in surprise before she wrote something on it.

[Do you like frogs?]

I was so surprised at her word that I nearly forgot to write and send the paper back to her.
She slowly moved into the next three seats nearer to me.

[I love frogs.]

Looking at my answer, Ellulia move one more seat closer to me as she wrote another sentences on the paper.

[Speaking of frog, previously I also had one myself, however, whenever I brought the frog with me, Kana-sama refused to play with me at all!! She get really angry with me because of that.]

It seemed that Ellulia was a tomboyish girl.
Still, I am lucky that I am able to hear some story about my older sister.
I laughed in spite of myself.
Before I noticed it, Ellulia had moved one seat up and she was peeking at what I had written on the paper.

[I am happy that I am able to hear some story about my Ane-sama.]

Ellulia stretched her hand toward the paper and wrote on it.

[It is not like I was able to quickly get along with Kana-sama at that time. It was because Vert-sama had come between us, that I able to get along well with her.]
[Does Ellulia likes my Onii-sama?]

I impulsively threw a straight ball to her.
Ellulia quickly turned red.
Then I wrote something in a very small letter.

[Then, can I call you El Ane-sama instead?]
[You – you can’t!! It is because I have been harbouring feeling for him without his permission!]
[It’s okay, it is because Onii-sama also like El Ane-sama.]
[He must have viewed me as his sister! For sure!!]

Even Ellulia’s ears had turned red from that.

[Rather than me, did Yardral-sama also has someone that you like?]
[I have.]
[What kind of person is she?]
[A selfish princess.]
[What do you mean by selfish?]
[She is a selfish girl, but, since she did not want to be hated by me, she had been working hard by herself which make her look so cute.]

I had never thought whether it was good to write down my inner thoughts which I had never told to anyone else before.

[She seemed to be a cute person.]
[She is. Though, I would never say it to the person herself.]
[Why is that? She will be absolutely delighted over it.]
[It is so that she will not be carried away, that I will absolutely not going to tell her that.]

Ellulia looked at me intently before writing something down.

[Please say it to her someday.]

It was the first time that Ellulia looked directly into my eyes.

[El Ane-sama’s eyes have the same colour as my Ane-sama’s hair. How great is that!]
[I am jealous that Yardral-sama had the same eyes’ color as Vert-sama.]

Ellulia looked at me as she grinned.

[Ma~ are you no longer afraid of me?]

Ellulia appeared to be shocked before she wrote back on the paper.

[It seemed that I am already okay.]
[El Ane-sama, everyone in this house will never treat El Ane-sama badly. Let’s work slowly and try to get along with everyone here.]

Ellulia patted her face as tears dripping down from her eyes before nodding her head.

“El? Here……”

My older brother who had returned home from the school, opened the door and entered the room where El Ane-sama and I were currently sitting in.

El Ane-sama hurriedly clapped her hand as I quickly burned the paper with my magic in order to hide the communication evidence between the two of us.

“What have you been up to?”
“I have been writing something, Onii-sama.”
“…..Did both of you already got closer to each other?”

Could it be possible that my older brother was getting jealous of me?

“That’s right! We already become a friend. Ni-sama Ni-sama does not have to be worried whether we manage to get along or not.”
“What do you mean by that, Yard?”
“There is no reason for you to be worried about anything!! I think that, it is better for Ni-sama to think of ways to bring happiness towards El Ane-sama instead.”
“El Ane-sama?”
“Yes! I have decided to call her, El Ane-sama! Since she is going to be our family soon, it will be okay to do so, right?”

My older brother was a smart person, so he should realize that I am rooting for him.
Without betraying my expectation, my brother grinned back at me.
My older brother then patted El Ane-sama’s head as he tried to pry the conversation that she had been sharing with me, that I was forced to send a secret gesture of my index finger pressing on my mouth to El Ane-sama, so that my brother will not find out about it.
With a small gesture, El Ane-sama nodded her head.
A~….Thinking about my older brother’s love, I could not help but grin as I imagined how much fun it will be from now on.

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