What Should a Villainess Noble Girl do Again? – Chapter 38


It had been half a year since El-san came and stay with us.
The time that I spent with Labra-chan had also decreased as of lately.
In proportion to that, the time that Labra-chan spent with the Prince had increased.
If I were to comment about it, I think this was a good development in order for Labra-chan and the Prince to nurture their love by having them spending their time together.
And because of that, I have been listening to the story of Labra-chan and the Prince from the mouth of the other aristocrats students.

“Is it good for you to leave this matter as it is? Don’t you think that it is better for you to reprimand her about this?

Such complain started to pour in from people around me.

“Prince! Because of your thoughtless behavior, you had brought trouble to Labra-chan, you know? Can’t you find some discreet place whenever you wish to flirt with her?”
“……..Is it really good for me to keep flirting with her?”
“Since Labra-chan did not oppose to it, then it is good.”
“You really mean that?”
“That’s what I said, as long as you did not trouble Labra-chan, then it all is good.”
“………..I see.”

In the afternoon after such interaction happened, Labra-chan ended up with an injury.
Someone had pushed her down from the stairs!
It seemed that Labra-chan had finally been subjected to such event that usually occurred upon a Heroine!
I quickly made my way to confront the Prince since I concluded that this was all due to his behavior that Labra-chan ended up in such way.

However, when I finally reached there, apart from my brother, there were also several other young ladies standing around the Prince.

“I saw it, myself!! A girl with crimson hair in twin-tailed hairstyle ran from that place….”

A crimson hair in twin-tailed hairstyle? It seemed to describe my appearance….
“Are you accusing Cardinal as the perpetrator behind this incident?”

The Prince was muttering with a furrowed brow.

“That is impossible, Kana is not someone who will do something like that.”
“That’s true.”

The lady who talked previously was the daughter of the Marquis’ house and she quickly stepped forward as she said.

“Recently, the Prince had been getting closer to Labra-san, so, for sure she did this because she is unable to forgive such girl for getting along with you!!”

My older brother sighed deeply when he heard the word uttered by her.

“That is even more impossible.”
“For sure Vertemic-sama will never understand about the woman’s grudge, right? It was unthinkable for Cardinal-sama not to be jealous when she witnessed her own fiancé pampering other women apart from her, you know!!”
“Vert……….that is totally impossible, right….”

My brother sighed even deeply at the moment.

“Why are you still refusing to understand this situation? I know that Vertemic-sama wish to defend your own sister!! However, we have a witness here, you know!!”

This time, it was the Prince, who sighed deeply.

“Why did all of you still unable to understand it? There’s no way for anyone to be able to become a witness against Cardinal.”

Immediately, exclamation came from several ladies.

“If Kana really wished to get in the way of Labra-san, she, herself, will be able to kill her off without anyone noticing about it. It was impossible for any witness to come forward. She will even kill others beautifully.”
“There is no need for her to even kill Labra in broad daylight. If Cardinal is really serious about it, there will be a lot of assassins who will do the job even without Cardinal have to appear on the scene! Even if Cardinal were to ask the assassins to kill me, many of them will scramble up to take the task from her, gladly. Towards such Cardinal, do you think that she still needs to do something dirty with her own hand? Only stupid people will do such things.”

Both my older brother and the Prince started to sigh deeply.

“With that being said, which one of you had your hand in hurting my precious Labra-chan?”

I walked towards the circle as I said those words gracefully.
I could hear small shriek coming from the ladies.

“It is better for you to be honest with me now. If I were to be serious later on, even without you opening your mouth, I will be able to pinpoint the person herself.”

Hearing my declaration, the  the young lady from the Baron’s house flinched as she stepped back from the crowd.
Seeing that, I slowly walked towards that person herself.

“Is it you?”
“Hiiiii~….. I am sorry, please forgive me!!”

I started to grin as I speak.

“Are you the only one in this?”
“A, umm, it was under the order of the Marquis’ daughter, Termina-sama….”
“She’s lying!!”

I stood before the Marquis’ daughter before I continued.

“It seemed that you have been quite busy as of lately. Even if I am willing to kill the Prince myself, I will never be able to bring myself to inflict any kind of injury towards Labra-chan. Please be careful from now on. Or I might come and kill you myself. Do you understand that……?”
“Ye- Yes……”

That Marquis’ daughter flopped down to her feet, looking shattered.
Did I go too far with my threat?

“Prince, you should also stop bringing trouble to Labra-chan! There should not be any next time.”
“Ye- Yes.”

I gave my full smile to the Prince before I dashed towards the infirmary where Labra-chan was currently, using my skills as an intelligent personnel.
Thank goodness that Labra-chan’s injury was not that serious.

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